Top 5 Picks for Email Marketing in California

Melanie Balke
July 24, 2023

It’s more than rolling valleys and beautiful vistas. California is a commercial hub, and it’s packed with locally-based options for your online marketing.

But it’s also a tricky place to be! Unlike other states, Californian businesses must also adhere to something known as the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), which places additional limits on consumer data and tracking.

So, not only do you have to find the right email marketing agency, but you must also find one that’s well-versed in handling California residents’ personal information.

What Is the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)?

A street in California. “Legal Matters: Privacy Laws in California.”

I’ve covered this topic before, and this blog post isn’t long enough to dive deeply into the subject. However, I do have enough time to give you a quick overview of this landmark email marketing legislation.

At its core, the CCPA focuses on protecting California residents. It’s yet another layer of data privacy laws, limiting the scope and depth of your team’s data collection. It may seem like a nuisance, but CCPA compliance protects everyone. Consumers get increased security and higher-quality content, while businesses benefit from reduced competition and spam.

The Five Pillars of the California Consumer Privacy Act

The foundation of the CCPA is simple.

It’s all about five basic rights:

  1. The right to correct information
  2. The right to delete information
  3. The right to know how information is used and where it comes from
  4. The right to non-discrimination
  5. The right to opt out of data collection

You may recognize most of these points as the basis for the United States’ national CAN-SPAM Act. And you’re not wrong! Both laws were enacted to protect consumers and prevent the loss and abuse of personal information. They also aim to inform consumers about the value of their digital fingerprints and prevent data branches.

However, the CCPA is stricter than the CAN-SPAM Act.

The Quick and Easy CCPA Compliance Checklist

Again, I cannot stress enough that this is just a simplified overview of the topic. This blog post is not equivalent to professional legal advice; it’s an educational resource at most. You can take a few basic steps to ensure your business avoids breaking Californian law.

  • Always tell the truth. Avoid misleading subject lines and body text. Don’t promise one thing and give customers something else.
  • Do not share data. This is especially true if you haven’t informed consumers of data-sharing practices.
  • Include contact information. Most laws require businesses to disclose a physical address and phone number. Aside from being a legal matter, this information also helps your customers.
  • Let customers submit an opt-out request. Per both the CCPA and CAN-SPAM Act, your email marketing must have a valid opt-out link. These usually take the form of an unsubscribe link.
  • Limit the amount of data you collect. This step also helps you comply with Europe’s stricter General Data Protection Regulation! If you don’t need the data (e.g., driver’s license number), don’t collect it.
  • Monitor your compliance. Finally, keep an eye on your email marketing. Not knowing your content is no excuse for non-compliance!

Why Does My Business Need an Email Marketing Agency?

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We understand the basics of email marketing laws. But what does that have to do with agencies?

Obviously, a Californian email marketing agency will know the relevant laws more readily than any other option. They serve California consumers daily, and part of their job is to always ensure CCPA compliance. They know what it takes to guarantee your customers their CCPA rights.

But there are many other benefits to hiring an agency.

Third-Party Service Providers Are Easy to Use

One of the number one reasons I strongly recommend consulting a marketing agency is ease of use. Unlike an in-house team, an email marketing agency is always available. These professionals know everything about privacy protection and CCPA email marketing. They’re also well-versed in federal law.

A good email marketing agency can set up an unsubscribe flow in minutes. They’ll even be able to handle your server’s deletion of personal information. They also give you built-in security for your consumer data, helping you avoid data breaches.

Agencies Help You Grow

An email marketing agency is also an invaluable resource.

These teams of experts have all the resources necessary to handle the most outlandish of requests. A full-service email marketing agency can even produce unique interactive marketing emails! They’re the perfect solution for any budding small business, but they’re also equipped to handle well-known brands.

In many cases, these organizations can create campaigns well beyond a brand’s internal capabilities. They’ll also handle the complex needs of A/B testing and similarly involved campaigns.

The Best Email Marketing Agencies in California

With that said, what are the best picks in California?

Which companies give you the best bang for your buck?

Well, California is big. You have dozens of options to choose from, with headquarters in locations such as Los Angeles and San Francisco. You’ll even find companies to directly regulate email marketing in smaller communities. In addition to knowing how to navigate both charity and for-profit business ventures, these agencies will handle your behind-the-scenes needs, too, such as your email service provider.


If you need more control over your marketing, consider Cleverly.

This California-based company understands what it takes to reach California residents (and beyond). It knows when the CCPA applies and how to maintain solid CCPA compliance. Moreover, it has additional lead generation services.

Its email marketing is backed by LinkedIn advertising and SEO services. Thanks to its high-tech features, Cleverly also allows clients to check on their progress through a simple online portal available on their website.

Espresso B2B Marketing

If you’re on the market for third-party vendors of B2B marketing solutions, Espresso B2B Marketing is your new best friend! Satisfied clients of Espresso include IBM and Autodesk.

Like many other digital marketing agencies, Espresso offers a variety of packages. Customers can choose from one or two services or opt into an all-inclusive offer covering everything from email marketing to SEO.

Espresso B2B Marketing is headquartered in San Francisco, California.

Iron Creative

If you want your opt-out requests to have that sleek, modern look, Iron Creative is your choice. This high-quality agency focuses on digital marketing. In addition to B2B brands, Iron Creative has handled B2C and retail ventures.

While most of its staff lives in California, some of Iron Creative’s team lives on the East Coast.

Rock Paper Creative

Looking for creative solutions?

Rock Paper Creative specializes in visually stunning marketing and for-profit businesses. This savvy San Diego brand has modern sensibilities and young humor. It may not be the best fit for a stuffy business-minded brand, but it’s the perfect pick for anything aimed at younger consumers.

Note that Rock Paper Creative is an email marketing agency. Unlike other entries on this list, like Espresso, the group focuses on emails. This limitation may seem odd, but it guarantees you’ll get the best results!

The Best Pick: The Email Marketers

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Finally, we have our favorite email marketing agency in California!

The Email Marketers is my personal team of marketing pros. We can handle your marketing needs and target any audience. We also know international privacy regulations, so your marketing share can extend well beyond California residents.

Give me a call, and we’ll discuss your individual needs. Together, we’ll develop a top-notch plan to increase your annual revenue. We’ll work with any existing email service providers and create gorgeous campaigns that wow the audience. Ready to opt-in on this deal? Save your spot and keep browsing my blog for more email marketing tips and tricks!