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You know that in order to grow your brand email & SMS marketing are more critical than ever.
But to execute at the quality you expect you need exceptional copywriters, designers, technical experts, and strategists. Not only is hiring a nightmare but employing all those positions full-time might not be feasible.

Freelancers, on the other hand, are usually proficient at one thing but don't provide the full range of email services you need. Beyond that, who has the time to manage another person managing your email marketing?

Agencies are a dime a dozen but good ones are rare. Those that provide full marketing services are rarely exceptional at any of them.

*Dramatic entry* - This is where The Email Marketers come in.

This 100% remote team consists of the most talented email & SMS marketers across the globe. We believe you deserve someone who cares about your brand as much as you do. Often, that’s where agencies fall short, which is why we see ourselves as your outsourced email marketing team.

Email & SMS is where the magic happens: The moment when your customer falls in love with your brand, not just your product. When they find a home in your community. When they delight in your email campaigns and refer friends even when their need has already been met.

Our mission is to support 1,000 purpose-driven brands in touching lives, increasing $, and building lasting customer relationships.

Curious about how good we really are? Schedule a call and let’s review your account together.
Founder & CEO
Melanie Balke

Our email marketing results

case studies

Llama Naturals logo
“We worked with The Email Marketers over a few months to build our email marketing flows and I cannot recommend them highly enough. It’s always hard to find good teams that can think strategically and also execute on the brand in design and implementation. They spent a lot of time getting to know the brand and really executed flawlessly from tone to design. The flows were super thoughtful and we’re already seeing a huge ROI.”
Brad Baum
CEO, Llama Naturals


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Orders from email


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Revenue from flow emails

O-Live Client Logo
"Email Marketing has been fundamental, since the beginning of our digital transformation. Our extra virgin olive oil has so many great features, that it’s impossible to resume everything in just one message.The great work done by Melanie & Team starts by a deep understanding of our needs, the channels and a superior understanding of our customers."
Claudio Lovazzano
Head of Marketing, O-Live & Co.


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Subscribers in 9 weeks


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White Leaf Provisions logo
"The Email Marketers are some of the best-outsourced teams I have had the pleasure of working with. Knowledgeable, organized, and efficient are some of the words that come to mind. If you are in need of an email marketing overhaul, look no further. Within 1 month of launching our new flows, our revenue through email grew over 15%. Well worth the investment."
Meghan Rowe
Co-Founder, White Leaf Provisions




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Revenue from flow emails


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NERD Skincare logo
“Melanie and her team built out our email flows and handled our weekly email campaigns up until the sale of our company. From their creativity and strategic thinking to their care for detail this type of partnership was absolutely unique to any other one I have had in the agency space."
Evelyn Chen
Founder & CEO, NERD Skincare


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Email marketing Services

What we do


We build an email marketing & SMS strategy centered around your customer and their unique position in the life cycle.

Campaign management

Stop panicking about what emails and SMS to send next week. We'll plan out your entire next quarter. Hello, peace of mind!


Our email & SMS marketing automations ensure your customer gets the right message at the right time and drive steady revenue.

List growth & opt-ins

Fell in love with email & want more? We will optimize your on-site opt-ins and run list-growth campaigns to grow your brand.

Creative design & copywriting

Your brand & voice is unique. Our creative designs & copywriting are tailored to your brand while focusing on conversions.

Spam prevention & deliverability

We build an email strategy centered around your customer and their unique position in the life cycle.


With a fully optimized Email Marketing & SMS strategy


Our brands

happy customers


Rove logo
"My team and I were struggling to create the email flows needed for our brand growth. I reached out to The Email Marketers to build out personalized email flows that represent our brand accurately and beautifully, and BAMM! The Email Marketers took the hard work off of my hand, spent more than enough time with me in meetings crafting the touch we needed in our flows, and BAMM, the emails are done on time and exactly as we wanted. Working with The Email Marketers was an absolute pleasure. The flows they implemented are driving conversions for us every day. We simply couldn’t ask for more and I highly recommend working with them."
Andy Patel
Cove logo
The whole team brought a lot of her expertise to help us set up our email marketing strategy. This was a brand new channel for us and we're already seeing additional revenue come in from emails. Not only did they effectively set us up for success, but they also freely shared knowledge with us so that we would be well equipped to continue on our own after they wrapped up work. They even took the initiative to check up on us and provide feedback on our email designs after their work was complete. They clearly care a lot about their clients and are experts in their domain. We highly recommend The Email Marketers to others.
Samanta Chan
Head of Marketing, Cove
Zizzo watches logo
The Email Marketers have had an amazing value on our email marketing. Since email marketing is new to our team, they've helped us with their expertise and advice. They treat our business like their own and are willing to go the extra mile. Working with Email Marketers was one of the best business decisions we’ve made in the last few months.
Ali Manouchehri
Managing Partner, ZIZZOwatches of Switzerland


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