Our Favorite Email Marketing Agencies in Los Angeles, CA

Melanie Balke
June 21, 2022

Looking for someone to handle your digital marketing is hard! There are so many digital agencies out there, and the sheer variety is just part of the puzzle. Regardless of what you’re looking for, — be it social media marketing or full-service digital marketing — you want to find a digital agency that meets all of your needs.

A photo of a suburban street in downtown Los Angeles, California. Overlaid header text says, “Our Favorite Email Marketing Agencies in LA, California.”

So, how do you do that? How can you possibly sort through every email marketing company that’s available?

You may think that I’m going to tell you how, but I won’t. It’s pretty much impossible to properly comb through every single digital marketing agency, and doing so is a waste of time. Instead, I’m going to make things simple for you. After plenty of searching, I’ve rounded up my top five picks for Los Angeles, CA marketing agencies. All of these digital marketing services have been carefully picked for their mix of service, quality, and ability to increase sales.

Are you ready to see a digital marketing expert’s top picks? Keep scrolling! Let’s learn about these amazing digital marketing services together!

Why You Should Look for Local Digital Marketing Solutions

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If you’ve been following along with our blog for a while, then you’ll know how this goes. I promise I’ll get to the list, but I want to talk a little bit about the behind-the-scenes facts of digital strategy and content marketing first.

First of all, I want to address the elephant in the room. Why am I only focusing on companies that are in Los Angeles, CA? After all, there are plenty of digital marketing companies that aren’t in Los Angeles!

The answer to that question is simple: no matter what kind of advertising services you want, you should always try and find a local company. Obviously, this is a way to feed more money into the local economy, but there’s far more to this choice than a little bit of altruism.

Moreover, thanks to its massive size, Los Angeles (and, by extension, much of America’s West Coast) is stuffed with amazing new business growth. That means a lot of our readers are probably working from either Los Angeles or San Diego. So, my choice is based on statistics. While it’s not exactly a guaranteed fact, there’s a good chance that you’re reading this while in Los Angeles, CA.

(As a current resident and Los Angeles business owner, I’ll also admit that there’s a little bit of favoritism happening here! Besides, Los Angeles rocks!)

A photo of stadium seating. Many of the seats are grey, but two are painted the beautiful Dodgers blue Los Angeles loves.

Reach Your Best Audience

Let’s face it: there are so many companies and small businesses out there. If you want your brand to succeed, then you need a marketing strategist who knows where all of your ideal customers are. For companies that are just starting out, that audience will be the local community.

Let me say that again: your local community is the most important pool of target customers that you’ll ever have! They’ll be the most accessible audience. Moreover, like you, they also want to support local businesses. These amazing folks will give you some of your first client reviews, and they may even be able to give you new ideas.

Boost Your Local Impact

So, how do you reach this locally based target audience? You hire a local marketing company.

Nobody knows the regional market like a local. That’s a fact, and it’s also why you want to use digital services that are part of your immediate community. Unlike other digital marketing groups, these agencies are able to tap into their inherent knowledge of the area to quickly and efficiently optimize your business’ local SEO ranking. This means that search engines will be able to easily direct customers to your brand’s services whenever local customers need them.

However, the hometown advantage is deeper than optimized local SEO services. A truly local marketing agency will have the communication skills that you need. They’ll know local slang and lingo, and they can reference regional in-jokes that other digital marketing agencies will miss.

Together, these factors give your business something that many others will lack. Your brand will be truly relatable, which is a massively underrated part of establishing an amazing digital presence.

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Going Local Broadens Your Horizons

A local agency will also know about nearby opportunities that can give you an edge in business. Local marketing agencies always have a thumb on the pulse of your area’s social media scene. This means that they’ll have connections that can supercharge your ability to reach your target audiences.

This point may be difficult to visualize, so let’s take a hot second to really dig into it.

I’ll give you a quick example. Let’s say that you’re running a company that sells handmade bracelets. Within this highly competitive market, your success won’t come from the impersonal marketing strategies you’ll get from a non-local agency. Instead, you’ll want to focus on local market opportunities.

A local marketing agency will be able to understand where your audience is. They’ll know what social media spaces you should be in, and those spaces will often offer you new ideas for your business.

On its face, this knowledge can give you access to perks such as:

  • Contacts within your local community
  • Effective branding services
  • Efficient media planning that appeals to your community
  • Ins with local markets and vendor events

Beyond these immediate payoffs, you can also expand upon your growing success. Using the connections that your digital marketing company provides, you may be able to further spread your brand’s impact by:

  • Allowing access to a high-quality local production company
  • Boosted local lead generation
  • Collaborative opportunities with influential major brands in your area
  • Helping clients reach highly specialized markets within Los Angeles, CA
  • Partnering with local businesses
  • Social media shout-outs from local Los Angeles influencers
  • Sponsorships with local sports teams

Effective Communication

A photo of three old-fashioned crank phones.

Last on our list of the benefits of using local marketing strategies is communication.

When you hire a locally based company, you ultimately commit yourself to receiving speedy and quality feedback. Your company is, after all, within the same downtown Los Angeles as you are! If there’s a particularly pertinent matter that must be addressed, you know that your marketing team is nearby and within your time zone.

Depending on how long you’ve been in the Los Angeles or San Diego areas, you’ll also know that there’s a fair bit of regional slang. While it isn’t impossible for other digital marketing agencies to understand the lingo, it’s not always on the list of priorities for non-local companies. As insignificant as it may seem, being able to let the Los Angeles slang flow is good for both parties. The casual conversation that can occur between your brand and the marketing agency will hopefully lead to a closer and more effective partnership.

How Do I Spot a Good Marketing Agency?

A photo of a sloping street in Los Angeles, California. Overlaid header text is centered over the image: “How Do I Spot a Good Email Marketing Agency?”

Now that we know why we should shop local, — even when we’re looking for something like digital advertising services — it’s time to explain how I made this list. As a digital marketer, I’ve seen plenty of problems within the industry. I’ve been on both sides of the equation, and I know how to spot the best full-service marketing companies.

I’ve discussed what you want to look for in a digital marketing company before, but I want to reiterate some of the key points again.

Look for Customization Options

My first tip is the most important, so listen closely!

All of the best marketing companies give you the ability to truly customize your plan. If you don’t need web design services, they won’t pressure you to sign up for them. If you already have someone handling your SEO strategies, then they’ll respect that.

Now, when I say “customization”, I mean more than just editing the tone of a message. You should also be able to choose things like:

  • How extensive a web design update will be
  • How frequently content marketing posts are made
  • How often email marketing efforts are run
  • What services are included in your digital strategy
  • When to run social media marketing campaigns
  • Where to post social media updates
  • Where to run social media marketing campaigns
  • Which social media platforms to include

Every business needs to have the right marketing solutions. That’s a given. However, not every digital agency will provide those services. In fact, some large agencies have some unscrupulous habits. These marketing firms will push for your company to include more than it really needs in its contract.

Never settle on a company because they meet a single goal. Always take into account the full picture. Whenever you’re dealing with a full-service digital marketing agency, stick to your plan and your budget.

To avoid these pricing landmines, I always encourage business owners to look for brands that specialize in whatever advertising services they need. As convenient as full-service digital marketing agencies are, they ultimately have one major flaw: a lack of customization. These massive brands may give you what you need, but they’ll also bury those services beneath a whole heap of extraneous digital marketing add-ons.

Good Design is Important

Now that we’ve gotten my most important tip out of the way, I’m going to focus on the details.

Have you found the perfect agency? They offer all of the options you need, and they won’t force you to buy into their custom website design services to access their email marketing services. Now, it’s time to look at their website.

Now, I know you’re probably not looking for a web design agency. How a website looks is, of course, a lot like a book’s cover. An amazing agency may have a terrible, outdated website. Likewise, an awful digital agency can easily design a gorgeous webpage. That being said, it’s important to know what their standards are.

At the end of the day, an agency’s website is generally a reflection of its paid advertising powers. Sites with poor layouts and awful designs often have employees who, for some reason or another, aren’t up to date on the current web development trends. That’s why, for once, I’m telling you to judge a book by its cover.

A photo of a man working at a computer.

Look for Past Clients

Once you’ve sorted through the best of the best, it’s time to dig into their past. Look for past client reviews, and run like the wind if you can’t find any!

A digital marketing agency should be proud to show off its success. If they’re hiding their past, then it’s time to be suspicious. What you want to see is a testimonials or reviews section on their website. For example, at The Email Marketers, we have a fantastic lineup of client testimonials on our home page, and that’s the kind of pride you want to see!

Seek Out the Right Digital Agency for Your Business

Before you finish your deep dive into client testimony, you also want to take a close look at who is reviewing the digital marketing agency of your choice. Most digital marketing services have a specialty. Some agencies work with law firms and consulting. Other marketing firms may work with beauty and fashion brands.

It may seem unimportant, but the types of clients that a digital agency takes on will dictate how they form their marketing strategies. As improbable as it may sound, there is a digital marketing agency for every small business. The hard part is finding the right one.

How Do I Find the Right Email Marketing Agency for My Company?

A photo of a street in Los Angeles, CA. Overlaid header text reads, “How Do I Find the Right Email Marketing Agency?”

Before we dive into our list of the best email marketing agencies in Los Angeles, CA, I want to quickly review another tricky topic. Every successful brand has had to go through the lengthy and tiring process of finding the perfect marketing agency, and it’s never an easy process.

When you’re looking for a new digital agency to work with, you’ll need to do a few things. Many of the steps in this process will revolve around taking a good, long look at your brand, so be prepared to have plenty of team meetings!

As a long-time digital strategist, I’ve seen plenty of people go through this stressful ordeal, so I’ll give you my top four tips on making sure your brand finds its perfect marketing match.

1. Think About Your Digital Strategy

The first thing you’ll want to do as you begin your search is ask yourself a question.

“What kind of digital strategy do I need for my brand to succeed?”

Now, — as much as I wish I could — I can’t tell you the answer to that question. I can only tell you how I’ve seen it answered. Every brand will have its own digital strategy. For some brands, the key to success is social media marketing. Other companies find more success with email marketing. In other cases, a company may need to invest in its web development.

In addition to email marketing, your brand may need:

  • A full digital strategy
  • Advice from a skilled digital marketing agency
  • Assistance from a web design agency
  • Content marketing and creation assistance
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Creative design services
  • Developing one or more mobile apps
  • Media planning support
  • Paid search strategies
  • PPC management services
  • Search engine optimization services
  • Social media marketing

Obviously, very few brands will need all of these services. Your company’s success formula will differ from another’s. What matters is how you’ve answered the question that I’ve posed to you.

2. Think About Your Goals

After you’ve determined which services you need, it’s time to figure out why you need them.

Now, you need to ask yourself the second question on my list of absolute need-to-knows when you’re picking out a new marketing company…

“What results do I hope to see?”

The results of your digital strategy will be as diverse and individualized as the plan. Every brand needs to reach a different audience. That’s why this question is a little more difficult to answer than the first.

Some of the most commonly sought-out results are:

  • Amplifying social media reach
  • Auditing and improving content marketing SEO services
  • Better digital marketing strategies and guidance
  • Better web design and accessibility
  • Boosting open rates on email marketing campaigns
  • Conversion optimization
  • Easing workloads for existing teams, such as web development and customer service
  • Improving overall sales
  • Improved ROI
  • Increased lead generation
  • More effective local marketing within Los Angeles, CA
  • More effective social media marketing
  • Reducing customer service complaints

All of these examples are amazing reasons to start searching for a new digital advertising team. There are also many other reasons to look for a new marketing team.

3. Plan for the Future

As much as every company wants to grow, it must also consider its current limits. Small companies will be able to handle fewer customers and clients than larger and more established brands. That’s why I tell people to ask the third question on this list…

“How much can my company handle?”

A photo of a white truck with many multicolored mattresses stacked in the back bed.

It may seem harsh to ask this of yourself and your brand, but you must know how much growth your brand can take at once. As amazing as it is to experience a sudden and rapid conversion optimization, it won’t mean much if you run out of products before your orders get fulfilled!

While non-tangible companies — such as web development and web design services — will be able to determine the answer to this question on their own, brands that sell physical items will likely have to discuss this with their production company.

Something else to keep in mind about your company’s limit is that a truly amazing digital agency will be able to help you grow alongside your marketing. When a brand is local, it can even help you get in touch with nearby production partners and manufacturers. Add that to the already sizable list of reasons to pick a local Los Angeles agency!

4. Consider Your Budget

Now, this next question may seem obvious, but that doesn’t mean it’s less important. I’ve seen plenty of people try to work with a marketing firm that’s outside of their budget. So, ask yourself our last question…

“What is my company’s maximum budget?”

A photo of a leather wallet on a light brown wooden table. Pennies have fallen out of the wallet, and four different credit cards are visible within its pockets.

Again, I can’t tell you what your budget should be. That’s up to you! Alongside your team, you’ll need to look at the scale of your business. If you’re already running marketing campaigns, then you’ll want to factor the spending from these existing efforts into your total.

Companies with no existing marketing campaigns beyond simple paid search efforts may find this step more difficult. (If you happen to fall into this category, then I encourage you to check out the other posts on this blog!)

Every marketing agency has its own minimum. Some brands are flexible about this, but others are absolutely no-nonsense about it.

As you consider your budget, you also need to remember that every digital strategy has its own cost. For example, a basic web design package will be cheaper than a complete web development overhaul, and both of these options will be more expensive than email marketing.

Our 5 Top Email Marketing Companies

A photo of many awards with overlaid header text: “Our Top Five Email Marketing Companies.”

Now that we’ve gone over everything, it’s time to talk about what you’re all here for!

After extensive digging, I’ve found five amazing email marketing companies, and all of them are local to the Los Angeles, CA area. It’s time for me to stop procrastinating! Read on to see which digital marketing services made my personal list of content marketing experts.


As far as full-service marketing companies go, there aren’t very many with as many services as MuteSix. This Los Angeles, CA-based agency offers email marketing services, but its true specialty is social media marketing. With its amazing team of media planning and content marketing experts, MuteSix is able to cover the vast majority of today’s major social media networks.

An aerial photograph of Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, California.

The Short Version

If you’re in a bit of a rush, don’t worry! I understand how important your time is, which is why I’ve gathered all of the information that you’ll need in this brief summary. Each entry on our list will have a “short” summary of its services, so keep an eye out as you continue to read.

  • Price: High
  • Size: Large
  • Services: Amazon, Content creation, Content editing, CRM, Graphic design, Email marketing, Landing pages, Podcasts, SMS marketing, Social media marketing, and Television advertising
  • Specialties: Ecommerce, Finance, Luxury, Nonprofit, Retail, and Technology
  • Strengths: Content creation, Content marketing, Project management, Reach, Results, and ROI
  • Weaknesses: Complex billing, Customer service, Full-service marketing team, and Pushy marketing teams

What People are Saying

Look at all of those digital advertising services! This full-service digital agency is truly optimized to push out some of the best results possible, and it shows in its many glowing reviews.

Many of the reviewers for MuteSix are particularly enthusiastic about its many services. Its content marketing team gets plenty of praise. Thanks to its vast array of digital strategy offerings, it can easily tackle both social media and email marketing. It is one of the most expansive email marketing companies in Los Angeles, which lends itself to the brand’s — and, by extension, its clients’ — success.

MuteSix is also being praised for its amazing approach to project management. Teams are noted to be both independent and efficient, and the results are fantastic. With the help of MuteSix’s digital marketing strategy, one brand experienced a 400—500% ROI increase!

These fantastic digital strategy results are part of MuteSix’s results-oriented approach to content marketing. When a campaign isn’t working, the team quickly addresses and tackles the issue. Likewise, when a campaign is working, they’ll capitalize on it.

The Drawbacks

Every brand has its pitfalls, though! Even MuteSix is fallible, and there are a few reviewers who are less enthusiastic about its services.

NitroPlug Digital Marketing

Specializing in both B2B and B2C marketing strategies, NitroPlug Digital Marketing has garnered plenty of enthusiastic reviews. As a small business, it’s dedicated to providing the best content marketing that it can.

A photo of a graffitied garage door in Los Angeles, CA. Text within an action cloud reads, “You are going to be fine.”

The Short Version

So, what’s the short version of this? How does NitroPlug compare to its competitors? Here’s a quick overview of this brand’s overall digital advertising impact:

  • Price: Medium–High
  • Size: Small/Medium
  • Services: Email marketing, PPC, SEO, Social media marketing, and Reputation management
  • Specialties: Attorneys, Business, Construction, Ecommerce, Education, and Home Improvement
  • Strengths: Lead generation, Responsiveness, and Results
  • Weaknesses: Full-service marketing team

What Customers are Saying

We know the basics about NitroPlug Digital Marketing, but what are people saying about it?

I’ve combed through plenty of reviews for every marketing agency on this list, and I’ve summarized the results. At NitroPlug, customers love the diversity of their marketing offerings. In addition to its stellar search engine optimization services, NitroPlug has plenty of ways to improve your brand’s digital marketing strategy.

Many satisfied small businesses have also stated that the results delivered by NitroPlug are fantastic. Not only does NitroPlug provide its clients with strategies and other digital services, but they also send clients a constant stream of reliable metrics. This data is crucial to understanding campaign performance, and these same metrics are especially important when running email marketing campaigns.

The Drawbacks

In spite of all of the amazing things that people are saying, there are still a few things to consider before you enlist the services of NitroPlug.

The main thing you should know is that NitroPlug is a full-service digital agency. This means that they offer far more than email marketing. Their services may be vast, but that same variety often leads to increased expenses. Small businesses may find that they’re paying more than they really need to for management services that they don’t use.

For large businesses, utilizing a full-service agency poses a few more issues. Many established businesses already have existing marketing teams. When a full-service agency is hired, its services may end up clashing with existing resources. This can lead to incoherent and messy marketing solutions, which are less than ideal for everyone involved.

SPINX Crafting Digital

Another amazing digital marketing agency based in Los Angeles, CA is SPINX Crafting Digital. This digital agency is a solidly mid-sized firm. In addition to being an email marketing company, SPINX offers additional marketing solutions for its clients.

A photo of a highway running through downtown Los Angeles, CA. Skyscrapers line the street, and a few cars are visible on the road.

The Short Version

Cozily nestled in downtown Los Angeles, SPINX Crafting Digital prides itself in its creative design and web development departments. As its name implies, it does far more than basic social media and email marketing management. They also provide basic keyword research and, importantly, graphic design services.

  • Price: Medium–High
  • Size: Medium
  • Services: App development, Design, Digital advertising, Email marketing, Marketing automation, Market consultation, PPC, UI, and Web development
  • Specialties: Attorneys, Automotive, Beauty, Fashion, and Hospitality
  • Strengths: Customer service, Graphic design, Growth, and Responsiveness
  • Weaknesses: Full-service marketing firm, Limited services, No search engine optimization team

What Customers are Saying

SPINX Crafting Digital is extremely well-regarded.

Its emphasis on visual design is well earned. Across every review, the most consistent point of praise is SPINX’s ability to produce consistently beautiful marketing material. All of this graphic design is backed by exceptional digital marketing strategies. Plenty of brands, many of which are local to Los Angeles, CA, have experienced unprecedented business growth alongside SPINX Crafting Digital.

The Drawbacks

In spite of the amazing reviews and stellar testimonials, there are still plenty of drawbacks to this Los Angeles agency. I’ve already mentioned how full-service marketing agencies can become a liability, so I won’t dig into that point.

Instead, I want to quickly touch on a few complaints about SPINX.

Uniquely, SPINX Crafting Digital lacks a search engine optimization department. This means that you’ll have to look elsewhere for SEO services, and finding a company that only offers search engine optimization may be difficult.

A few customers have also expressed concerns about the brand’s custom website design services. While all of the reviewers were left with an amazing product, they also note that SPINX’s attention to detail slowed the process considerably. As such, if you’re looking for a web design service with rapid turnaround, SPINX may not be your best choice.

Thrive Internet Marketing Agency

For larger brands and companies that need extensive help with their digital strategy, there’s Thrive Internet Marketing Agency. This is a larger company, which means that it can handle plenty of clients. Its size also gives Thrive the ability to offer a wide range of modern marketing services. Thrive falls firmly within the realm of full-service marketing agencies, which means that it also covers email marketing.

A photo of a palm tree. Visible beyond the palm tree and across the horizon is a distant view of Los Angeles.

The Short Version

Though Thrive Internet Marketing Agency is one of many email marketing companies in Los Angeles, CA, it offers plenty of high-quality services. This digital agency is capable of reaching plenty of prospective customers, and clients have praised its content creation abilities.

  • Price: High
  • Size: Large
  • Services: Content creation, CRM, Digital marketing, Graphic design, Marketing automation, Reputation management, SEO, Video production
  • Specialties: Attorneys, Business, Construction, Ecommerce, Finance, Home improvement
  • Strengths: Communication, E-commerce development, Responsiveness, Services, Size
  • Weaknesses: Full-service marketing agency, High prices, Large agency pricing schemes

What Customers are Saying

Founded in 2005, Thrive Internet Marketing Agency is an older company. With over 15 years of experience, this digital marketing agency is a reliable choice for any business. Its content marketing strategies are effective, and clients love how easy it is to get in touch with their outsourced marketing team.

In addition to its digital strategy services, Thrive Internet Marketing Agency has plenty of web design experts on its staff. Its vision may not be strictly limited to design, but the results have pleased many.

The Drawbacks

As tempting as it may be to immediately call up Thrive, remember that every company has its pitfalls. Thanks to its longevity and size, this digital marketing agency is always busy. Thrive Internet Marketing Agency currently serves “thousands” of clients across the globe. As amazing as this is for the staff of Thrive, it’s not exactly great for the startups and small businesses of Los Angeles, CA.

These large marketing solutions also tend to have complex pricing schemes. Initially, these plans make sense, but, as a brand grows, the prices rise.

The larger a brand gets, the easier it is for things to get lost in the shuffle. As amazing as it is, Thrive is still staffed by humans. This means that, in the shuffle of thousands of different brands, your company may be lost or forgotten.

The Email Marketers

To round off the list, I want to share my favorite Los Angeles email marketing agency.

The Email Marketers is an email marketing company, and that’s all we do. Thanks to our narrow focus, we can guarantee that you’ll always get the best results. After all, email marketing is our specialty! It’s all that we do, so it’s going to be the best email marketing campaign that you’ll ever see.

So, what’s up with The Email Marketers?

A daytime photo of downtown Los Angeles from a building’s roof. Skyscrapers are visible in the background.

The Short Version

Let’s start by reviewing The Email Marketers like everyone else.

Locally based in Los Angeles, CA, The Email Marketers offers plenty of room for small businesses to grow. We pride ourselves on our work, and we love helping clients succeed.

  • Price: Low to High
  • Size: Small
  • Services: Copywriting, Creative content design, Email marketing, Marketing automation, SMS marketing
  • Specialties: Any!
  • Strengths: Attention to detail, Creativity, Customer service, Responsiveness
  • Weaknesses: You haven’t joined us!

What We Do Differently

One of the biggest differences between The Email Marketers and our competitors is our results-driven approach. While we offer a few different services, the heart of The Email Marketers is and always will be email marketing.

Our goal is to make sure you have the best everything — conversion optimization, e-commerce development, lead generation, and everything else in between! At The Email Marketers, our amazing content creators work tirelessly to make sure your email marketing campaign perfectly matches your current digital presence.

What Customers are Saying

Here’s a fact: customers love The Email Marketers. Thanks to our attention to detail and responsiveness, our clients know that their campaigns will always be amazing. Every email marketing campaign that we send out is made just for you. We’ll even handle the graphic design for your emails.

In addition to our amazing digital marketing strategy services, we also offer:

  • Campaign management
  • Content marketing automation
  • Conversion optimization
  • Email media planning services
  • Emails that have an optimized and modern web design
  • Graphic design
  • Individualized, customized digital strategy ideas
  • Local presence within Los Angeles, CA
  • Local SEO for San Diego and Los Angeles, CA markets
  • SMS marketing
  • Speedy and quality feedback

At the end of the day, our digital marketing solutions are dedicated to outdoing all of the other email marketing agencies out there. We are the best email marketing company that you’ll find in Los Angeles, and we want you to see the difference that we can make for your business.

We love when our clients are successful. In fact, without your success, we wouldn’t exist! That’s why we’re so dedicated to helping small businesses grow.

While we’re always thrilled to work with local companies in Los Angeles, CA, we’re always eager to take on new clients. No matter where you happen to be, The Email Marketers is here to supercharge your email marketing.

We have plenty of satisfied, enthusiastic clients. Just check out all of our testimonials! We’re here to make sure you succeed, and we can’t wait for you to join us.

If you’re ready to truly excel and grow, then it’s time to get in touch with us! Together, we can come up with an amazing digital strategy to help you grow and nurture your business.