What's A Full-Service Email Marketing Agency?

The Email Marketers
November 19, 2021

Full-Service Email Marketing Agency

ROI of 3800%. Did you just do a double-take and then say, "Whatever that is, give it to me and my company like right now?" Yeah, we thought so. What is this promising revenue enhancer, you ask? None other than email marketing, that humble form of digital marketing--the OG that many marketing professionals actually prefer to the flashier digital newbies social media and SEO.

The numbers speak for themselves. Companies of any kind, brick & mortar or online, need a sound email marketing strategy, and it follows that they probably need email marketing experts, right? Enter the Full-Service Email Marketing Agency. From saving time to building your brand to better results to higher sales, the right full-service email marketing agency will be able to design an effective email marketing program specifically for your unique needs.

Obviously, we at The Email Marketers are fans of full-service email marketing agencies because we ARE a full-service email marketing agency with top-notch email marketing services. All modesty aside, we consider ourselves some of the best email marketing experts. But no matter which full-service marketing agency you go with, this article will help make sure you're picking the one that's the best fit for you (spoiler, it's all about helping companies increase customers, sales, and revenue):

What Is A Full-Service Email Marketing Agency?

As you saw from the ROI percentage above, email marketing is a pretty amazing digital tool, and it deserves a good amount of time and focus devoted to it to craft the best possible email marketing strategy. But, as you may well know, time isn't always a luxury companies have as they keep pace with growth and adapt to the marketplace. Some companies may not actually have a Director Of Marketing, and even if they do, the marketing department may be small and overloaded. It makes sense to outsource some if not all marketing tasks to a marketing firm that provides a proven track record of great marketing service. You can outsource all of your email marketing needs to a full-service email marketing agency. Leave it to the experts: a team that has the experience and resources to take your email marketing campaigns to the next level, and that knows which tactics work and which don't, as well as which marketing industry trends are currently the most successful.

The Nuts And Bolts Of A Full-Service Email Marketing Agency

So what does "a day in the life" of a full-service email marketing agency look like? Come with us on a trip to the land of digital make-believe and let us walk you through. A top email marketing agency begins by assessing the current situation of your brand and its goals. After the assessment, a digital marketing strategy is put into place. Typically, that will include the following steps:

Market Research

Thorough market research and target audience analysis are the first steps in creating effective email programs. Research on the customer base (target audience) includes determining which platforms customers use and what the needs of the customers are. With that research in mind, email marketing agencies devise a strategy to attract and convert people into subscribers and, ultimately, customers.

Lead Generation and Landing Page

In order for an email marketing campaign to do its thing, it needs to have eyes on it, ie: a healthy mailing list. A full-service email marketing agency can help with lead generation. An email marketing agency can help you improve your lead generation strategy by analyzing tactics that you use and implementing new methods (such as incentives or better content) that the agency has seen work.

One way to continue to attract subscribers is a high converting landing page with a compelling web design. In addition to creating a high-converting landing page, an email marketing agency can create an entire lead funnel. In this way, you can provide new members with incentives such as an exclusive trial membership or a limited-time discount after they sign up, and thereby solidifying your email list and turning subscribers into customers and sales. On top of that, they are experts at optimizing your pop-up for conversions.

Automation of Email Flows

One of the most crucial tasks for the full-service email marketing agency is building email flows and implementing marketing automation in your email marketing campaigns. Basically, using an email platform, a series of emails are triggered for subscribers based on actions they take or the stage of their customer journey. These include welcome email series, promotional series, transactional series, follow-up series, or newsletters. Each email is designed to feel like a custom email, even though it is fully automated, with personalization tools such as the use of a prospect's first name or other segmentation tools. Any email marketing company worth its salt boasts a team full of copywriting wizards of strong subject lines and creative content.

The marketing automation of email flows not only saves time and energy, but it offers a chance to turn leads into customers and sales.  For example, the open rate of welcome emails is generally high, so this type of email and email flow can help establish an ongoing relationship with your customers. Follow-up email series created by an email marketing agency and sent to new subscribers at predetermined intervals build a long-term relationship and convert as many first-time subscribers as possible. Newsletters that offer interesting content and value also help nurture the relationship between the clients and the business.

Creative Design

A full-service email marketing agency pays close attention to web design and email design.  Eye-catching design increases conversion rates, unifies brand recognition, and imparts trustworthiness to a business. The design must be in line with your company's image, of course--that's Branding 101-- but it's also must be intuitive and responsive.  An experienced marketing agency can create custom a design for your emails or an email template.


It's ALLLL about the content, right? This is perhaps one of the most powerful services that an email marketing agency offers, and it spans all aspects of the email marketing campaign. Content creation can be tricky, and that's why email marketing companies stack their team with content marketing, experienced copywriters, and design experts.  Content equals value to your customers, and giving value to customers builds loyalty and generates sales down the line.

Analytics and Testing

An email marketing digital campaign requires constant monitoring. Using analytics helps email marketing companies discover what works and what doesn't.  From there adjustments can be made. Low open rates? Maybe a catchier more attention-grabbing subject line or preview text is in order. Low conversion? Maybe better web design or more incentives are called for. Low click-through rates? Time to change CTAs or adjust content. A full-service email marketing agency monitors these markers and makes adjustments based on years of experience. A digital marketing agency often uses A/B testing to full-proof changes.

Choosing A Full-Service Email Marketing Agency For Your Business

As you can see, having the right partner in your email marketing campaigns can be a huge boon for your business. But who to choose? Answer: The Email Marketers. Kidding, not kidding.

But all joking aside, although we do think we offer some of the best email marketing services out there, as you look for an email marketing agency, there are a few items you'll want to add to your checklist. Does the agency have years of experience? Is the manager or director in charge of your email campaigns responsive? Is the overall management sound and does the team seem cohesive? Does the agency have a sense of industry trends? Do they have a history of good relations with their clients? Can they provide examples of email campaigns they have spearheaded? And most importantly, do their values align with those of your business? These are a few questions you can put in your bonnet as you search for email service providers in your quest for email marketing solutions.

If you take anything away, let it be these gems: email marketing is important for your business, and a great marketing firm can give you a solid email marketing strategy and provide services that generate more revenue.  And lastly, you already know of a top email marketing company...you're on the page right now :)