Klaviyo Email Marketing

Melanie Balke
October 22, 2021

Whenever someone asks which platform they should use for their email marketing, we start raving about Klaviyo Email Marketing.

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Most people understand that email marketing is crucial today. Facebook traffic is getting more expensive, and you need to build out a robust email marketing channel to support you in decreasing Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) and increasing Customer Lifetime Value.

But there are a plethora of email marketing platforms available, and many of them are cheaper than Klaviyo (e.g. Mailchimp, MailerLite, etc.). Why choose Klaviyo Email Marketing?

Let's start with the basics.

What Goes Into Good Email Marketing?

Good email marketing is powerful, and the results speak for themselves.

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Sixty-six percent of online shoppers make a purchase because of an email marketing message. Understanding how email & SMS marketing works, and how to make it effective, translates to increased sales.

Seriously, if someone asked me what is the secret sauce to growing your business without throwing hundreds of dollars at ads, this is my answer.

Think about it: when a site visitor comes to your website, browses around, but then decides to leave without purchasing, you just lost a potential customer. A customer you likely spent a lot of money to get to visit your website in the first place (thank you, Facebook).

But — if you have a pop-up and an email service provider (ESP) that has the ability to track your visitor's browsing activities — you can reach out to that customer who left your online store empty-handed.

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Not just with any type of messaging, but with a very tailored offer.

Tailored offers are always better because personalization = better email marketing campaigns = strong relationships with your customers = increased revenue. And that equals success.

Think Bigger in Your Email Marketing Strategy

An especially relevant example of how to level up your marketing automation is the famous abandoned cart flow. A whopping 77% of carts are abandoned before the order is completed. I wonder how many therapists have gotten rich from carts discussing their abandonment issues (is this joke reaching too far?) Anyway...

You can easily boost conversion by setting up a powerful automation email (or SMS messages) that follows up with all abandoned shopping carts and pushes those that hesitated to pull the trigger through your funnel.

Of course, email marketing & SMS marketing can help with significantly more than just converting a first-time customer. I personally believe email marketing & SMS marketing are even more powerful when it comes to creating repeat purchases and increasing customer lifetime value.

Ultimately, your goal should be to build strong relationships with your customers by communicating valuable information to them. This increases your perceived brand value to your customers and helps grow your business organically.

But as I said before, the more data you can use to send relevant messages, the better your email marketing becomes. This is where Klaviyo Email Marketing comes in.

The Right Platform for Your Email Marketing Strategy

The Email Marketers, as a Klaviyo Partner and premium agency specializing in email marketing for eCommerce brands, uses the platform for 90% of the brands we work with. Why?

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Because the majority of eCommerce businesses we work with collect and analyze a great deal of data. The amount of information is too large and labor-intensive to sort and filter manually.

Choosing the right software to segment, integrate, and synchronize customer data is essential to the success of your email marketing campaigns. Klaviyo is the best software to do so.

Klaviyo makes it possible to create numerous segments based on different data: customer on-site behavior (browsed products or abandoned cart), customer historical events (number and type of purchases), and their engagement with your emails (clicks on specific links). Even free version users have this power, which can be used to dramatically increase open rates.

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According to most email marketing experts, segmenting email lists and personalizing email campaign messaging are the two most effective personalization tactics. Both of these approaches are great ways to deliver highly personalized content.

Yes, there are numerous email software options out there, but Klaviyo is by far the most powerful platform. Here's why using Klaviyo email is a great way to increase conversion rates, build customer relationships, and create a perfect messaging strategy for your brand.

Klaviyo's Powerful Features & Tools

When it comes to email marketing, more information means more power. Klaviyo's software collects data from eCommerce platforms as well as POS and other marketing software. From this website browsing and email tracking, it can generate 360-degree customer profiles.

Then, using its powerful segmentation tool, Klaviyo can send the right message to the right shoppers based on what they look at in your store or in your emails.

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Their cutting-edge segmentation combines transactional and behavioral data in real-time, enabling marketers to send relevant and targeted messages while also utilizing existing segments for Facebook Ad campaigns.

The system also integrates easily with eCommerce platforms such as Magento, Shopify, and BigCommerce. The open API enables your developer to easily customize integration.

A shareable graphic with a colorized photo of many tools. Overlaid header text says: “Create Sales With Klaviyo.” Beneath this are three paragraphs of smaller body text. The first paragraph reads, “Few marketing automation tools are as powerful as Klaviyo.” The next paragraph is, “With its rich drag-and-drop interface and optional SMS marketing capabilities, Klaviyo can easily handle any business’ email marketing development needs.” The final paragraph reads, “For even more growth, be sure to utilize Klaviyo’s many integrations!”

In addition, Klaviyo offers custom activity fields, drag-and-drop email templates and designs, ROI-based reporting to help you make better decisions, and 1-click integrations with all of your existing tools and platforms.

This platform enables you to create personalized branded campaigns and flows that will increase customer retention by sending beautifully designed and strategically crafted messages.

To summarize, Klaviyo has the tools you need to boost conversions:

  • Easy integration with other leading eCommerce platforms
  • Sophisticated, flexible AB testing to improve and refine your marketing strategy
  • Effective segmentation to get the right emails to the right customers
  • Simple connection to Facebook to get holistic data
  • User-friendly setup, dashboard, and features
  • Dynamic content capabilities for next-level personalization
  • ROI-based transactional reporting to meaningfully measure marketing effectiveness
  • Autoresponders that are pre-programmed to deliver effective customer service
  • Tracking users’ website activity for accurate segmentation
  • Automatic product recommendations using predictive analytics to increase revenue

It's like having a virtual salesperson following your customer around your online store with their website web-tracking feature. Just a lot less annoying than it would be if that happened in real life. With this information, you can send effective, relevant messages to groups or individuals based on their activities.

How to Expand Your Brand With Klaviyo

Marketing strategies that are highly targeted, monitored, optimized, and relevant will aid in the growth of a company's brand. But having all these amazing Klaviyo tools at your disposal is just the first step towards that growth.

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Our email marketing experts have compiled the best Klaviyo tips to assist you in growing your business and reaping the full benefits of this platform.

Here are five ways to harness the power of Klaviyo in your email marketing development:

Boost Brand Awareness

Sending out welcome series, follow-up, and personalized branded e-mail campaigns will increase brand recognition immediately. Additionally, you can automate your welcome series, or post-purchase email flows to keep customers informed of new product promotions, sales, and upcoming events.

Increase Your Customer Base Through Segmentation

Segmented email campaigns increase open rates and drive conversions, so Smart Send is one of Klaviyo's best features. For example, you can send a flash sale promotion to one group while avoiding upsetting customers who have already purchased at a higher price. You have complete control over your list segmentation; no more "spray and pray" email blasts.

Integrate With Any Ecommerce Platform to Improve Brand Experience

Klaviyo integrates seamlessly with all platforms, including enterprise-level platforms. Pre-built email flows shorten the time it takes to launch new campaigns. Your customers have a consistent experience whether they are using mobile or other devices.

Leverage Customer Data

Use all this amazing data to increase engagement and sales by sending follow-up emails to shoppers based on their actions. Send product recommendations, browse abandonment campaigns, and abandoned cart emails.

Increase Your Reach by Integrating Facebook

Promote your brand on Facebook to reach new audiences that email alone cannot reach. Combine traditional email marketing with Custom and Lookalike Audiences on Facebook. You'd be surprised how many of your "dead leads" will rediscover your brand and convert to new customers.

Improve Your Email Marketing, Increase Your Customer Lifetime Value

Brands that communicate effectively with their clients see a much higher brand loyalty rate.

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Though it is tempting to constantly focus on finding and acquiring new customers, nurturing loyal followers and fans is how the savvy marketer cultivates long-term, sustainable revenue.

This long-term loyalty is encouraged by email marketing, and effectively segmented email marketing is the best way to maintain direct and consistent contact between the customer and your brand. Klaviyo allows you to build relationships by appealing to the specific needs, wants, and desires of everyone on your email list.

Strong Email Marketing Campaigns Build Familiarization

Through familiarization, continuous interaction via targeted email campaigns over many months builds loyalty. But this familiarization takes more than just continually showing up in your email list's inboxes.

In fact, sending emails that aren't relevant or applicable is about the worst thing brands can do to build stronger relationships with their customers and clients.

Customers remain interested and purchase more frequently when personalized campaigns use dynamic data to send the right solution or product at the right time. This sense of being seen and understood by a brand is what turns prospects into purchasers, but more importantly, it can turn one-time buyers into repeat customers who refer your brand to others.

Outsource Your Klaviyo & Email Marketing Needs to the Klaviyo Experts

Klaviyo has the potential to access untapped sources of revenue for your company, but like most platforms, your success with it depends on how well you can utilize its tools and features. If you don't have the time or resources to devote to becoming a Klaviyo expert, outsourcing your email marketing needs is the best investment you can make in increasing your revenue.

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When you work with The Email Marketers, you work with a team specializing in email marketing for the eCommerce industry using Klaviyo.

If you don't yet use Klaviyo, we can guide you through migrating from your current ESP to Klaviyo, take care of your Klaviyo setup, and personalize your Klaviyo platform for your company.

If you already have a Klaviyo account, we craft email marketing campaigns from the ground up with the intention of utilizing every Klaviyo feature to the utmost (whether you're on the free or premium version) for your company. Our strategy, copy, and design augment and enhance Klaviyo email marketing to drive more engagement and revenue.

Whatever your level of experience with Klaviyo, I'm always happy to give a quick consultation on how it can revamp your email marketing channel.

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TLDR: The Email Marketers are ecommerce experts, so we know our way around a Shopify store, pretty much any type of ESP, and are well versed in crafting compelling email campaigns, SMS messages, setting up your marketing automation such as welcome series, and can help with anything from Klaviyo setup to building your email marketing list.

We highly recommend Klaviyo as the best email marketing tool for ecommerce thanks to its superior data analysis capability, which allows you to build targeted segments and create personalized automated flows.