3 Emails That Show Why The Email Marketers Earned the Title of “Klaviyo Partner”

Melanie Balke
January 22, 2024

When you’re looking for someone to craft personalized and targeted campaigns, there’s no better place to look than the Klaviyo® Partner Program. These vetted pros form an enclave of highly skilled email and SMS marketing providers. And — as you may have guessed from the title of today’s blog post — my company, The Email Marketers, is one of them!

That’s why I’m dedicating today’s post to three of the team’s best email marketing samples. I’ll break them down and show you how these seemingly mundane campaigns have amplified our clients’ email marketing revenue. In addition to helping you learn a little more about successful email marketing strategies, I’ll be showcasing the expertise of The Email Marketers’ marketing services.

So, keep scrolling! Learn how The Email Marketers can amplify your email marketing efforts. You’ll probably learn something new, too!

What Is Klaviyo?

A view of the Appomattox River in 1920. “The Basics: What Is Klaviyo Email Marketing?”


I know this is supposed to be about our work, but I want to explain something before we begin. If you haven’t steeped yourself in email marketing lore, you might not know what Klaviyo® is. Thus, you may be wondering why being a so-called “Klaviyo® Partner” is so special.

Allow me to clear the air.

Klaviyo® is a one-of-a-kind email marketing service. It’s a relatively newer service, especially compared to its competitors. While Klaviyo® opened its doors in 2012, many of its counterparts were founded at least a decade prior. MailChimp®, long considered the grandaddy of email marketing services, was founded in 2001. Similarly, Campaign Monitor® began offering its products in 2004.

However, one should never judge a book by its cover. Or, more appropriately, don’t mistake a lack of gray hairs for minimalist functionality.

What’s So Special About Klaviyo?

Now, I’m sure some readers are feeling skeptical. “You’re a Klaviyo® agency partner,” you may be thinking. “Of course, you’ll prop up Klaviyo®!”

And, admittedly, you’re not wrong! The Email Marketers is a Klaviyo® agency. The entire team loves Klaviyo®, but we love it for its functionality and unparalleled services. On the surface, it’s your pedestrian email marketing platform. Klaviyo® customers get all the features you’d expect, such as:

But it doesn’t stop there!

Like its competition, Klaviyo® strives to balance its functionality with its simplicity.

It’s a remarkably powerful platform — almost akin to the email marketing equivalent of a fine-tuned racecar!

In theory, anyone can use Klaviyo®. Its simple drag-and-drop interface carries across every facet of the website, from its email design tools to its segmentation dashboard. Innate integrations with the world’s most popular eCommerce platforms enable simple automated campaigns (e.g., abandoned cart and post-purchase email flows). Klaviyo® subscribers will even find a collegiate-level collection of educational materials to support solo success.

However, you’ll get the most from Klaviyo’s services if you already have an in-depth understanding of email marketing tactics.

What Is the Klaviyo Partner Program?

That’s why Klaviyo® has its partner program.

It’s a stress-free way to help Klaviyo® customers find a highly qualified marketing agency. Think of it as the Klaviyo® equivalent of complementary businesses. Klaviyo® agency partners have track records of proven expertise. These agencies (including The Email Marketers!) have a holistic understanding of Klaviyo® campaigns. More importantly, they understand how to make the most of the platform’s plethora of email marketing tools.

There are a few different types of Klaviyo® partners. However, The Email Marketers focus on catering to your email marketing needs. We’ve earned our spot by proving ourselves as skilled account managers, but we go beyond superficial designs and fun subject lines.

As a full-service email marketing agency, my team and I handle every step of the email marketing journey. We pride ourselves in our expertise and ability to deliver content that meets your business goals. Each of our clients enjoys our full range of Klaviyo® expert experience and services, including (but not limited to):

3 Email Marketing Efforts to Support The Email Marketers’ Extensive Experience

Downtown Los Angeles at night. “Examples: 3 Amazing Email Campaigns.”

By the way… that list is far from comprehensive. As a Klaviyo® Partner agency, we’re always ready to tackle any marketing problems you may have.

My team and I have a proven record of success. We’ve helped countless businesses achieve their goals. Boosting conversion rates is second nature to us! And don’t worry about in-depth automation tools. We can create targeted email campaigns in our sleep. Our broad range of digital marketing know-how will give you a strategic edge.

And I’ve curated three examples of our revenue-boosting power.

1. Serving More Revenue With Melinda’s Foods

I’ll start with one of many The Email Marketers success stories.

A line of Melinda’s Foods brand sauces. The header reads, “Big Flavor, Small Bottle.” The CTA says, “Complete My Order.”

As the chosen agency partners for Melinda’s Foods®, we had our work cut out for us! My team and I worked tirelessly to create a campaign that fit the brand’s fiery personality without compromising its business values. This abandoned cart campaign is just one of many examples.

Like any good abandoned cart strategy, this campaign relies on minimal data. We’re emphasizing a customer’s interest in the product and hoping to score some conversions. Part of that focus relies on our ability to deliver a cohesive, persuasive argument.

Why should the recipient go to Melinda’s® website and finish that order?

A photo of a hot sauce bottle. Bullet points outline reasons to buy the product.

We list the many reasons, focusing on the superior value of this company:

  • You get freebies! “Keep a flavor rotation (buy 4, get 4 free!).”
  • Indecisive customers get plenty of choices!
  • You can travel anywhere with it. “TSA-ready (seriously — you can travel with it!).”

These points are well-researched, hard-hitting ideals. They’re proven revenue snaggers for this particular client, and failing to capitalize on them would be a glaring omission.

The final CTA reads, “Finish Checkout.”

And, of course, we close out with a strong call-to-action, ensuring no customer is left confused or uncertain of where to go. This simple fact is more than an email marketing necessity. It’s a method for boosting customer engagement and amplifying the impact of your digital marketing.

2. The Multi-Channel Business Opportunity

Next, take a look at this STEM Kids® campaign.

The STEM Kids® campaign begins with a call to purchase the brand’s microscope.

It’s a straightforward concept that — like this blog — emphasizes the expertise of this educational toy manufacturer. Yes, you can buy the brand’s popular STEM Scope™, but this email doesn’t really care about the sales.

Scroll a little further, and you’ll see the true purpose of this email marketing effort.

A photo of microscopic samples accompanies a prompt to view user-generated content.

We’re using the platform to its full extent, pushing website visitors to view the brand’s lush collection of user-generated content.

It may seem a strange strategic choice, but informational newsletters like this one help brands gather data and refine the customer experience. For The Email Marketers, these campaigns show us the information we need to determine the best ways to net consistently happy customers.

Three ideas and infographics for parents. The CTA encourages customers to view the website.

We re-emphasize these points by encouraging customers to visit the STEM Kids® website, where they’ll find plenty of information about the brand’s remarkable tech toys. More importantly, they’ll give us — The Email Marketers — a chance to better plan our strategy. After all, all that customer engagement is packed with useful data!

3. The Simple Sales Pitch

Finally, I want to showcase a shining example of sales-driven strategies.

This Necklow® advertisement may seem simple, but it has all the right ingredients.

A United States flag accompanies a prompt to save 50% by shopping the Necklow® Presidents Day sale.

Customers begin with a bold, thematically appropriate design. They’re told what they need to know — that they can save an impressive amount on their next purchase — and directed to “Save Now.”

The end of the email includes a prompt to download the Necklow® app.

We even included a link to the brand’s mobile app, which gives Necklow® the power to send revenue-boosting push notifications.

These tiny touches are the sort of things far too many businesses overlook. Seemingly inconsequential additions make a massive difference! Your email marketing may seem perfect, but there’s always room for improvement.

That’s why I’m proud to showcase The Email Marketers’ status as a Klaviyo® Partner. We’re a team of dedicated pros, and we serve you — not some generic brand.

Our dedication extends beyond the boundaries of the partner program. We’ll deliver the results you need and ensure your customer lifetime value exceeds your expectations. We understand the intricacies of the customer lifecycle and have the expert experience needed to seamlessly handle your Klaviyo® account.

So, are you ready to take advantage of the Klaviyo® Partner Program?

Schedule a free strategy session and see how The Email Marketers can help your brand thrive!