What Makes Us a Klaviyo Specialized Email Marketing Agency?

Melanie Balke
June 29, 2022

When you’re creating a robust email marketing strategy, one of the first things you need to think about is your software. Like a painter’s palette or an actor’s script, a robust email service provider is something that a digital marketing expert cannot be without.

Now, there are a whole lot of different marketing platforms out there. I doubt that I will ever have time to go through all of them, but I can certainly go through some of the most popular options.

Today, that “popular platform” is Klaviyo!

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What can it do? What is it? Who uses it? Why have we at The Email Marketers spent so much time getting so dang good at using it?

If you’ve been searching for the right software to use as you craft your email marketing campaigns, then you’re in the right place! Today, everything is going to be about Klaviyo’s powerful email and SMS marketing service.

Keep scrolling to learn more about Klaviyo email marketing and how your online store can benefit from it.

What Is Klaviyo?

In the vast sea of marketing platforms, Klaviyo is a gem!

With its many features, the Klaviyo platform does more than just send relevant messages. It can store, execute, and send relevant messages to potential customers in seconds. It can integrate itself seamlessly into over 200 different ecommerce platforms and peripherals. Its complementary SMS marketing service is the cherry on top of this software package!

With Klaviyo, business owners can truly amplify their customer journey.

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Really, the bottom line is that Klaviyo is an ultra-powerful software package for ecommerce businesses.

Klaviyo for Email Marketing

One of Klaviyo’s two flagship services is its email marketing manager.

This is an extremely comprehensive service, and it comes packed with plenty of tools and integrations to make sure your brand is sending relevant and targeted messages.

In addition to those campaign management tools, Klaviyo’s email marketing service includes access to plenty of relevant courses (which I’ll talk more about in a moment) and email templates.

With Klaviyo email marketing, users are able to create and track a wide array of campaigns, including:

  • Abandoned shopping carts
  • Brand loyalty campaigns
  • Branded e-mail campaigns
  • Consistent contact and drip marketing
  • Post-purchase flow and follow-up messaging
  • Shipment tracking
  • Welcome series messaging

Klaviyo for SMS Marketing

Klaviyo’s second major product gives users access to the amazing and exciting world of SMS marketing.

As one of today’s most effective marketing channels, SMS messages are a new frontier for marketers. Ecommerce clients are more likely to read text messages, and skilled marketing experts can boost conversions with all of these additional views.

Like its email marketing platform, Klaviyo’s SMS marketing service is packed with additional features. When a company subscribes to this service, it receives all of the features it needs to succeed, including:

  • An effective and immediate way to manage customer relationships
  • Customer data tracking and integrations
  • Customer engagement tools
  • Customer loyalty tools
  • Effective personalization tactics
  • Predictive analytics
  • The ability to create a welcome series

Combined SMS and Email Marketing

Finally, Klaviyo offers a combined package.

With this option, businesses are given access to Klaviyo’s SMS and email marketing tools. Obviously, this is a more expensive approach, but the convenience is incomparable.

In the ecommerce industry, data is everything. Even with all of its innate integrations, Klaviyo is best used as a single platform. With both marketing management tools, ecommerce brands are able to quickly and easily leverage customer data with a single Klaviyo account. A single account also benefits users by reducing the number of integrations necessary to make the marketing manager software reach its full potential.

It’s an ingenious solution to a complex problem, but there’s something that I haven’t told you about Klaviyo…

You don’t actually get an agency to help you refine your marketing plan when you sign up! In fact, unless you’re willing to create your own in-house marketing team, it will be your job to create and execute all of your email marketing campaigns!

Where Do I Learn How to Use Klaviyo?

Klaviyo, like other software packages, has its own unique layout and functionality. This means that — assuming you don’t already have an email marketing agency or Klaviyo expert on hand — you’ll need to learn how to use Klaviyo’s SMS and email platform.

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On the Klaviyo Website

One of the first places that ecommerce businesses will learn about the functionality of Klaviyo will be its website. As long as a brand has a Klaviyo account, its employees can access an extremely in-depth menu of tutorials and informative content. These lessons are helpfully listed on Klaviyo’s website.

A screenshot of Klaviyo’s “Help” page on its website. There are three highlighted sections: “Getting started”, “Product certification”, and “Community forum.”
Here, you can see some of the different learning options that Klaviyo offers its users.

Here’s the good news: Klaviyo is one of the most user-friendly marketing tools for ecommerce platforms. As the image above demonstrates, Klaviyo offers a variety of ways to learn more about its marketing software. These options include basic introductory lessons, in-depth certifications, and a community forum.

Klaviyo Academy

One of the most basic ways to learn Klaviyo is by jumping onto its in-house training platform. Anyone new to using Klaviyo as an email marketing platform should start here.

Branded as “Klaviyo Academy”, this massive compilation of resources introduces Klaviyo users to the full power of this vast marketing platform. Any business with a Klaviyo account has full access to this resource, which primarily covers how to use the software suite.

Klaviyo Academy courses are assigned one of three difficulty levels — Basics, Intermediate, or Advanced — and further broken down into multiple functional categories. In addition to teaching users how to navigate through its powerful software, Klaviyo Academy has courses that cover topics such as:

  • Building customer relationships
  • Earning more revenue
  • Formatting branded e-mail campaigns
  • Growing a brand’s audience
  • Holiday shopping flash sale promotion
  • Improving deliverability
A screenshot of three courses available through Klaviyo Academy. From left to right, they are: “Getting started with Klaviyo”, “SMS strategy certification”, and “Product certification”.

Now, don’t get me wrong. This is an amazing resource. As of June 2022, there are 26 different courses available on Klaviyo Academy. These are further bolstered by Klaviyo’s live tutoring sessions, which are also free for current subscribers. However, as you may have noticed from the list above, there are still some gaps in Klaviyo’s educational resources.

What Klaviyo Doesn’t Teach You

For all of its amazing email templates and tutorials, Klaviyo’s educational resources remain relatively limited. With many, many hours of testing and learning, a user can become a pro at using Klaviyo email and SMS marketing. However, they will only really learn how to use the software.

Klaviyo does not teach users the art of writing strategically crafted messages!

In fact, when you purchase a plan through Klaviyo, you won’t be getting an email marketing agency. You will gain full access to the platform’s amazing and powerful software, but it’s up to you to either teach yourself about the platform or find experts.

Where Do I Find Klaviyo Experts?

Here’s the good news: if you’re looking for a Klaviyo email marketing agency, then you’re in the right place. There are plenty of email marketing agencies out there, but not all of them will be optimized for Klaviyo.

The Email Marketers is different.

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I’ve searched far and wide to find the best Klaviyo gurus on the planet, and I’ve recruited as many as I can to my team. Together, we’re dedicated to helping ecommerce brands create and execute the email marketing strategy of their dreams.

What Can Klaviyo Experts Do For Me?

Now, this article may be specifically about The Email Marketers, but it’s worth pointing out the services that a Klaviyo email marketing agency can offer you. Regardless of which agency you pick, you can expect to receive these services, and there are plenty of ways to make sure the digital marketing agency that you pick is right for you.

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Klaviyo Pros Can Create Gorgeous Email Marketing Campaigns

Let me address the most obvious point: the experts at a Klaviyo email marketing agency can and will create gorgeous SMS and email campaigns for your brand.

Regardless of what marketing service you use, — whether it’s Klaviyo, MailChimp, or some other marketing software — you want to make sure your email marketing message is consistent, eye-catching, and powerful. Unfortunately, this is something that is much easier said than done!

A shareable graphic with a colorized photo of round typewriter keys. There is left-aligned text overlaid on the image. The header is, “Who They Do: Klaviyo Experts.” Beneath this is smaller body text, which reads, “Experts bring plenty of value to any project. However, when you're dealing with email marketing, a Klaviyo expert can be the difference between a flop and a campaign that gets results.”

Email marketing isn’t like creating Facebook ad campaigns. There are plenty of reasons to hire a marketing team or an email marketing agency, and most of them revolve around the amount of skill required.

Truly amazing email marketing campaigns rely upon a very special mix of ingredients, namely:

  • Amazing email automation
  • Boosting customer retention
  • Catchy headlines and CTAs
  • Creating compelling welcome series email campaigns
  • Delivering relevant messages to customers
  • Effective personalization tactics
  • Efficient funnel creation and maintenance
  • Finding ways to boost conversions
  • Functional integrations with all of the other marketing software that a brand uses
  • Improving customer lifetime value
  • Optimizing post-purchase email flows
  • Understanding how to combine traditional email marketing with modern techniques

That’s a lot of things to consider and juggle. When you’re trying to manage ecommerce brands, it’s simply too much to handle on your own. Even a small team may prove too costly for some business owners.

Keep in mind that this list doesn’t include any of the elements that go into creating a visually appealing email marketing campaign, such as:

  • Accessibility
  • Coding interactive email marketing campaigns
  • Color theory
  • Creating and tweaking email templates
  • Font standards
  • Heading standards
  • Line spacing
  • Typographical standards
  • Visual appeal
  • Welcome series standardization

To avoid all of the hassle and headache involved in learning this information, many ecommerce brands will skip the training and enlist the help of an experienced email marketing agency.

Klaviyo Gurus Set Up Marketing Automation

In addition to creating campaigns, a marketing agency will be able to set up the marketing automation necessary for successful email campaigns.

Now, I’ve actually written an in-depth article about marketing automation, so I won’t waste any more time digging into the specifics. I will, however, point out how important it is to use these tools properly.

A sloppy marketing automation job will yield disappointing and inaccurate results. That’s bad!

The metrics that you receive after a campaign are essential, and ecommerce platforms rely on understanding these metrics in order to boost conversions.

A Marketing Agency Helps Develop a Marketing Strategy

As ecommerce brands expand and grow, they will need more email marketing campaigns running. I’ve already talked about how the staff at a Klaviyo email marketing agency can help create campaigns, but this is a little different.

A shareable graphic with a photo of an email app’s icon. Overlaid header text reads, “Pro Tips: Hire a Marketing Agency.” Beneath this is smaller body text: “If you're looking for somebody to help you create a truly unique and effective marketing strategy, then it's time to hire an email marketing agency.”

Right now, I’m specifically talking about the different types of SMS marketing and email campaigns that exist. One email marketing message will never perfectly match another, and that’s because every email campaign should have a different goal. There are way too many types of messages for me to properly get into here, but I’ll still highlight some of the most important, which include:

Klaviyo Specialists Track and Analyze Data

Finally, when all of the email automation and campaign writing is done, marketers are still left with a final task.

When the sale is over and the messages have been opened, an email marketing team needs to analyze the data that it’s gathered. In order to do this, teams of marketing experts will scour through countless data points.

Without these key performance indicators, digital marketing is a waste of time and money!

You, as an online store, need to have data. You need to understand how your email campaigns were received, and you want to see how customers interacted with your content. In fact, if you’re using Klaviyo, this data is even more important, because Klaviyo has predictive analytics.

How The Email Marketers Can Maximize Your Klaviyo Email Marketing Strategy

As masters of multiple ecommerce platforms, The Email Marketers is always on standby to craft the perfect messaging strategy for any brand. My hand-picked team knows all of the ins and outs of email campaigns.

An aerial photo of West Hollywood, California, as seen through a thicket of palm tree fronds. Overlaid text in the center reads, “How The Email Marketers can maximize your Klaviyo email marketing strategy.”

We Create and Manage Email Marketing Campaigns

I’ll start by getting the elephant out of the room…

The Email Marketers will provide you cover the planning and execution for your email marketing campaigns. While you handle all of the behind-the-scenes work, we’ll cover your campaign strategy.

We’re all about results. We carefully track your brand’s transactional and behavioral data, and we use that information to tweak and improve subsequent email campaign messaging. It’s a tedious business, but we can handle it for you!

The Importance of Experience in Email Marketing

“Great,” you may be saying. “You can create and manage my SMS and email strategy, but how do I know your work will be any good?”

You’re right to be skeptical, and that skepticism is a valuable asset for an ecommerce site owner to have. Fortunately, we have results to back up our claims. Just check out our testimonials, and you’ll see plenty of enthusiastic clients.

I can even explain how my team gets these results.

An aerial photo of a neighborhood in Los Angeles, California, where The Email Marketers is located. Overlaid and centered header text reads, “The Importance of Email Marketing.”

First and foremost, The Email Marketers has the experience necessary to properly implement marketing campaigns. Regardless of what industry you’re in, experience is important. Knowledge is power, and that power gives us an edge when it comes to working with Klaviyo email and SMS marketing.

Experience Is Strategic

If you ask a group of online business owners what they wish they had more of, most of them are going to say they want more time.

There are only 24 hours in a day, and that just doesn’t seem like enough to properly run an online store! Running a business is hard, and it’s even harder when you have limited resources. Between administrative duties, analytics, customer service, logistics, onboarding, and sales, there’s barely any time to sleep!

Now, imagine that you’re a new online store with a fresh Klaviyo subscription.

Without an email marketing agency to help you, you now have two options.

You can hire in-house marketing staff, or you can try to learn all of skills on your own. Regardless of which path you choose to follow, you’ll ultimately end up needing to spend countless hours training someone to use Klaviyo.

Experience Saves Time

If you opt to try and learn Klaviyo on your own, you’ll be faced with two more problems.

The first issue you’ll run into is creating a campaign strategy. Unless you’re a marketer, you probably won’t have a deep knowledge of email marketing. This means you’ll be learning:

  • Best legal, personal, and tonal practices of SMS and email messages
  • Brand loyalty campaign management
  • Campaign types and uses
  • Coding and layout for mobile or other devices
  • Current email marketing trends and standards
  • How to maintain direct and consistent contact without being “spammy”
  • Interactive email implementation
  • Terms like “customer lifetime value” and “customer journey”
  • Writing strategically crafted messages
  • Your brand’s individual tone

All of that is just the background knowledge that you’ll need, by the way! If you actually want to send emails, you’ll need to learn how to use Klaviyo’s marketing manager. While Klaviyo is well known for its ease of use, it’s still a complex platform, and you’ll need to learn even more if you want to create a truly effective digital marketing strategy, including:

  • Creating post-purchase email flows
  • Creation and maintenance of funnels
  • Ecommerce platform integration
  • Implementing email segmentations
  • Interpreting and understanding customer data
  • Interpreting and understanding Klaviyo’s built-in predictive analytics
  • How to run A/B testing
  • How to use the Klaviyo platform
  • Measuring the efficacy of marketing campaigns
  • The Klaviyo email and SMS marketing interface
  • Tracking customer lifetime value
  • Understanding marketing automation
  • Using a website web tracking feature
  • Using marketing automation to create targeted email campaigns

That is, quite frankly, way too much for any one person to learn on their own. Even one of these lessons can easily be the straw that breaks the business owner’s back, much less all of them!

Fortunately, when you team up with The Email Marketers, we handle all of this for you. We already know about ecommerce marketing and email campaign management, and you’ll reap the benefits of that knowledge.

If you’re ready to see the difference that The Email Marketers can make for your online store or brand, then it’s time to contact us! Sign up for a free consultation, and let’s see what we can do to make your ecommerce brand flourish. Before you commit, you can even read testimonials from other ecommerce brands that we’ve helped.