Understanding the Perks of Email Marketing for IT Companies

Melanie Balke
January 3, 2024

In the modern world, paying customers are everywhere. You’ll find eager consumers at every corner, yet it often seems like you can’t score that coveted conversion. This is an all-too-familiar conundrum for technology companies, many of which fill increasingly obscure niches.

But worry not!

Email marketing is here to save the day! (Again!) This incomparable marketing channel comes with built-in analytics tools, data analysis, and the ability to both acquire and nurture leads. It’s your one-way ticket to the perfect pool of prospective customers.

So, why haven’t you tried it before?

You may be hesitant to do so. That’s understandable! No tech company wants to invest in useless, outdated tools. Similarly, some tech companies see this marketing strategy as an old-fashioned digital version of direct mail.

I’m here to dispel these myths and show you how the humble marketing email can help you convert customers and spread your IT business’ brand!

The Must-Know Perks of an Email Marketing Strategy

A screen displays various performance metrics. Overlaid text reads, “The Basics: The 3 Must-Know Benefits of Email Marketing.”

I’ll start with the basics.

These “need-to-know” points are your ABCs. Think of them as the building blocks for this marketing channel’s many benefits. They’ll pop up throughout this blog post, but their relevance to today’s post is less important than their impact on your business!

In many ways, I can sum up this digital marketing strategy in a single sentence, saying, “A solid email marketing strategy is any business’ ticket to deeper customer relationships, new customers, new leads, and — more importantly — profit!” But that doesn’t really tell you much, does it?

No, that laconic summary leaves many businesses wanting more. It leaves most business owners scratching their heads and looking for some guidance. So, let me lead you in the right direction.

It’s the Most Cost-Effective Digital Marketing Tactic

I’ll start with the one thing every company wants to know: the numbers.

And I’ll say it straight…

Email marketing is the most cost-effective way to court new clients! As of 2023, Forbes’ conservative estimate of the channel’s ROI sits at a nice, round $36 per dollar spent. However, many other estimates yield more positive results, suggesting that email marketing has a 4,200% potential ROI!

Light filters through tree leaves, mottling the shadows. “The Dollars and Cents of Email Marketing.” Overlaid text describes the potential 4,200% ROI for email marketing campaigns.

Email Marketing Builds Customer Relationships

And that profit gets re-invested into your sales.

It also funnels into your customer journey. So, we’ve reached our second foundational perk! Email marketing builds customer relationships, and that trust comes with plenty of benefits. It’s a tool to amplify awareness, drive conversions, and educate subscribers.

In doing so, you create a generous two-way avenue between your business and your consumers. While customers enjoy a streamlined customer journey, you gain access to more data and effective marketing automation capabilities. Your sales funnel runs smoother, and your leads gain a better understanding of your services.

Measure Your Results as Needed

Finally, I can’t overlook the analytical value of email marketing.

Every good marketing professional knows that sound data analysis forms the basis for growth. However, far too many businesses invest in oversaturated marketing channels and leave with nothing to show for it! Sure, they may gain a handful of leads, but those social media marketing campaigns often fail to report the granular details of your target audience.

Email marketing is different.

Emailed marketing provides real-time updates on your performance, delivering fully customizable insights to your marketing team. And most free plan trials come with that feature! Moreover, combining those numbers leads marketers in the right direction, ensuring you’ll gain more customers for less.

But what do these factors mean for businesses?

Hang on! I’ll break it down further!

How to Control Your Email Marketing Campaigns

A computer circuit board. “Control Your Email Marketing.”

Remember what I said about customization?

Well, control is one the most important parts of an effective email marketing strategy. Your team’s ability to manage your target audience determines your outcomes.

It makes sense, too! How would a fan of the Green Bay Packers feel if they got an allegedly targeted email campaign promoting merchandise for the Chicago Bears? How would an avid Ford buyer like emails about Dodge trucks? In either case, the professional answer would be something like “pretty darn mad!”

Summarily, email marketing is all about knowing and meeting your audience’s expectations. And that goes beyond the obvious points. Yes, it’s poor form to promise x discount but deliver y BOGO deal instead. But delivering irrelevant content is just as bad!

The Wonders of Segmentation

Of the two major tactics, segmentation is the easiest way to control your email marketing strategy.

It’s probably something you’ve used in your online marketing before. In its most basic form, segmentation is little more than algorithmic sorting. Customers with x trait go in one column; customers with y trait go in the other. Simple!

You can get fancier with it, but that’s your need-to-know summary. And that simple process can pay massive dividends, including…

  • Higher website traffic from subscribers.
  • Increased engagement from intrigued potential clients.
  • More interest from prospective customers.
  • Reduced customer service costs thanks to automated informational segments.

The Joys of Personalization

And that second method? That’s personalization, the process of tailoring content to meet an individual’s needs.

Now, I’ll preface this by admitting something: Personalization is much harder to manage than segmentation. Even the greatest tech companies require vast databases to implement in-depth personalized email campaigns. And that’s not even touching the data you’ll need from clients.

Nonetheless, you shouldn’t be afraid of personalization! It’s a popular tactic for a reason, with the potential to boost conversion rates by 10% or more.

Use A/B Testing to Refine Your Email Marketing Strategy

While it can be considered an extension of the control you exert on your marketing automation, I want to dedicate a different section of today’s blog post to the data-driven split testing (also known as “A/B testing”) powering many modern email marketing campaigns.

Like personalization and segmentation, split test email marketing efforts require some technical know-how. (Of course, it should be no problem for a tech company!) Most email marketing services offer basic functionality to all users, including free plan subscribers, though you may have to cough up for premium A/B testing features. Either way, full access to these tools can make your email marketing shine!

Why Digital Marketing Needs Split Testing

As an extension of email marketing automation, split tests require little setup. Email marketing pros set up two slight variations of the same campaign and send them to select audiences. Then, they measure the results.

They’re a bit like grade school science projects, but they’re some of the most valuable email marketing tools you have at your disposal. Everyone benefits from these experiments — and that includes technology companies! Of the many benefits of A/B testing, some of the most relevant are…

  • Increased efficiency as your email marketing team learns the ins and outs of your tools.
  • Increased interest from engaged consumers.
  • Increased open rates from subscribers receiving more timely reminders. This is particularly important for brands covering more than one time zone!
  • Lower spam complaint rates from satisfied consumers. Relevant information is valuable, and happy subscribers are unlikely to retaliate against your marketing emails.
  • More chances to convert customers, many of whom will read deeper into those tried-and-true email messages.

Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

Now, know that an A/B tested marketing email does not guarantee success. Even the best email marketing agency has flops. But that doesn’t make the entire strategy a failure!

Like any other email marketing tactic, a test is little more than a single tool. It works best in conjunction with other marketing automation strategies.

Moreover, these campaigns require planning and a decent dose of skepticism. That’s not to say you should expect failure. You should always strive for success! However, a bad A/B result is a learning experience upon which you can build your sales funnel.

They’re small steps toward better knowing your customers and refining your marketing strategy, and they should not be wasted!

Final Words on the Cost of Email Marketing

Overlapping fern leaves. “The Cost: Spend Less to Make More.”

Finally, I want to round off today’s blog post with a bit more about the outlandishly low cost of this marketing strategy.

Hopefully, we’re on the same page. I’ve shown the power of email marketing as a vector for educational content. I’ve painstakingly illustrated the medium’s ability to attract highly qualified leads. I’ve even touched on the efficiency of automation and how you can send emails with little effort.

But what about the cost? Well…

It Costs More Time Than Money…

Email marketing is cheap. A modestly successful tech company can easily swing the cost of an email marketing platform. However, few can manage the time investment.

Regardless of your industry, the truth is that small businesses require a lot of attention. Few people have the time to manage their company and juggle marketing messages. After all, you’re already juggling your existing marketing channels, which likely include a website and an established presence on several social media platforms. You may even be seeing plenty of success from those sources!

But There’s an Easy Solution!

That’s why I founded The Email Marketers. Unlike other email marketing services, my team of hand-picked experts specializes in email marketing. We’re a dedicated email marketing agency with the availability and knowledge you need to succeed! We’ve designed campaigns for countless brands and are always ready to tackle a new challenge.

And what if you have an existing email platform? Well, we can handle that, too!

We’ve used countless email marketing tools to realize our clients’ dreams. We strive to make your brand a success, and we’ve achieved that goal for many small businesses — from car dealerships and tax professionals to nonprofits and restaurants.

And we can help your tech company, too! Schedule a free strategy session to see how we can make your email tool work for you. I’ll show you the ins and outs of our approach to your needs and outline a plan for your business. And you can read even more email marketing tips and tricks while you wait!

So, let us handle your email automation. Free yourself from the endless struggle of appeasing an ever-changing audience. We’ll handle your email marketing needs and earn you some hard-won paying customers. All you need to do is let us work our magic on your campaigns!