The Fundamentals of Email Marketing for Tax Professionals

Melanie Balke
December 12, 2023

I’ve covered the perks of email marketing for countless professions, but I have a timely update for today’s blog post! (Especially if you’re reading this in April!)

You may have guessed the topic from that parenthetical commentary, but I’ll still say it aloud. Today’s focus is… (Wait for it.) … Email marketing for tax professionals!

Now, now, I know this isn’t the most exciting topic on the planet. But that doesn’t make it any less important! Tax professionals are busy people, especially in April, and promotion is the least of their concerns. But that doesn’t make marketing any less important. Any tax or accounting firm seeking to grow must be aware of its brand value. It must be ready to push those promotional materials.

Unfortunately, managing your email marketing campaign can be overwhelming.

Fortunately, I’m here to help!

Keep scrolling to learn how email marketing works. I’ll even include some handy tips to make your next email marketing campaign shine!

The Benefits of Email Marketing for Tax Professionals

A cup of coffee and various tax forms. “The Benefits: Using Emails as Tax Professionals.”

I’ll start with every business’ most crucial question: Why does email marketing matter?

Well, there are many reasons to love email marketing. I’ve discussed the topic before, but I’m always happy to reiterate this marketing channel’s boundless utility. Email marketing is one of the most lucrative ways to promote a business. And it does more than attract new leads. With the right tools and insights, businesses can use email marketing to promote individual values and woo prospective clients.

Attract More Business to Your Tax or Accounting Firm

That said, customer acquisition and retention are major highlights of this marketing channel.

Much of the medium’s allure comes from its unprecedented versatility. A brilliant marketer can turn a simple newsletter into a value-packed newsletter for your accounting services. And the fun doesn’t end there. Email marketing appeals to everyone — from current clients to potential clients — and great email campaigns have the power to benefit both sender and receiver.

As far as customer acquisition is concerned, some of email marketing’s best features include:

  • Building Relationships: Well-devised email marketing messages are reassuring additions to stressed consumers’ inboxes. More specifically, educational email campaigns are a great way to keep existing clients happy.
  • Communication: The “always on” nature of emails makes  your client’s inbox the perfect venue for customer concerns. Accounting firms can further amplify the impact of conversational marketing by establishing effective automated flows.
  • Easing the Customer Journey: Welcome emails may seem irrelevant to tax professionals, but these onboarding campaigns are the cornerstone of every customer relationship. Build from this base. Offer evidence of your firm’s ability to outshine rival thought leadership. Inform consumers of upcoming promotions. And, of course, be sure to make your emails stand out by distributing irreplaceable educational content.
  • Sharability: Unlike social media channels, email marketing requires little more than a valid address. Consumers can easily share helpful email campaigns by forwarding the content to the rest of their contact list! This ease of access makes email marketing an affordable way to spread valuable content.
Overlapping leaves with informational text describing the benefits of email marketing. “80% of tax professionals agree that email marketing improves customer acquisition!”

The Financial Benefits of Email Marketing for Tax Professionals

Of course, I can’t overlook the fiscal perks of this marketing channel!

Everyone wants more prospective clients, but how effective is the medium? More importantly, does its performance live up to the hype?

The answer to both questions is a resounding “yes!”

At face value, email marketing has a remarkable 4,400% potential ROI, and those numbers are only growing. In 2022, many marketers reported that email marketing’s ROI doubled year-over-year! Even now, decades after the first marketing emails, this digital space reigns supreme against any other marketing channel.

Moreover, there are many reasons for the medium’s remarkable value. For accounting and tax services, an email list is as valuable as a client list. These marketing efforts produce real value and perennial growth. And I’m more than happy to reassure you that an effective email marketing campaign can become a low-cost crowd-pleaser for years to come.

Wooing Prospective Clients With Easy-to-Use Email Marketing Software

Let me take things a step further.

Gone are the days of direct mail and handwritten notes. (Although those marketing channels remain important additions to your portfolio!) Now, automated email marketing makes it easier than ever to  connect with potential clients.

Well-maintained email campaigns can easily become staples of your marketing efforts. Think, for instance, of the many welcome emails and confirmation notices you get every day. Nobody is individually sending those; they’re fully automated! Moreover, even the most personal campaigns can be crafted from clever email templates.

And — as I’ve already noted — email marketing efforts can appease everyone on your client list. That flexibility is one of the medium’s most treasured assets. It allows for near-endless combinations of customer satisfaction, education, and new client onboarding. I certainly don’t have enough space to list every possible use for email marketing, but I can offer a few examples, such as…

  • Announcements: Let customers know when you’re offering new services! These emails are also useful ways to alert your contact list about any sudden scheduling changes.
  • Automated Reminders: Is tax season around the corner? A simple email newsletter template is the perfect base for a timely reminder message.
  • Educational Email Campaigns: Highlight the incomparable value of your service and build trust with your customers.
  • Retention Campaigns: Emailing customers on a regular basis improves your brand’s image. That constant contact can create a lasting bond and cement your firm as someone’s go-to tax services.

Tips & Tricks for Your Future Email Marketing Campaign

The Los Angeles skyline at dusk. “Tips & Tricks: Maximize Your Email Marketing.”

Now, with that in mind, I want to briefly address the practicality of email marketing for tax professionals.

Think beyond the boundaries of your audience — beyond even current and potential clients! Look at the medium as a potential booster for the accounting industry as a whole. What do you see?

Hopefully, you see an accessible, affordable way to establish long-term relationships with your email recipients. You should also see a vessel for informative content and on-demand customer service.

But email marketing is a balancing act. So, I want to close today’s blog post with a few tips to amplify your accounting firm’s email marketing campaigns!

Know Your Target Audience

Above all else, your accounting firm must know its target audience.

Are you appealing to owners of small businesses? If so, you probably won’t be discussing individual deductions. Similarly, you’ll use different language to appeal to families. Even the tiniest details can have a major impact, so start with an audience and build from there!

Keep Your List Clean

That’s not to say you should ignore other potential clients!

You can segment your email marketing campaigns and appeal to multiple audiences. However, this requires planning and organization. Manage your new subscribers carefully. Perhaps more importantly, don’t be afraid to remove individuals from your subscriber list.

Those inactive subscribers hurt, but they’re resource hogs! Every email costs money, and the pennies add up. Eliminating them is beneficial for everyone. They get less unwanted emails; you create more space for new clients.

Hire the Pros

Overlapping leaves. “Get Professionals: On-Demand Quality Content to Delight Your Email List.”

When all else fails — when your firm is drowning in work and you can’t handle your marketing alone — it’s time to hire an expert. And might I suggest The Email Marketers?

My team of hand-picked marketing pros is always ready to tackle any problem! We’re always available, and we pride ourselves in creating a service plan for you — not some generic accounting firm. We’ll keep your email list tidy, manage your email marketing software, and ensure your name stands out from other local businesses.

And the news just gets better! All it takes it a click. Schedule a free marketing strategy session and prepare to be amazed!

I also have many more tips and tricks scattered throughout my blog, so be sure to check there, too!