The Importance of Email Marketing for Construction Companies (Plus 2 Fantastic Examples!)

Melanie Balke
January 8, 2024

Email marketing is for everyone.

Whether you’re a financial advisor or a medical professional, your business can benefit from the multifaceted technology that drives today’s email marketing campaigns. This perennial source of income is more than a convenient way to capture leads; it’s an all-in-one package!

So, join me! I’ve collected some of the web’s best examples of construction email marketing. Keep scrolling to get inspired and learn why your construction company needs email.

The Many Benefits of Email Marketing for Construction Companies

I’ll start with the basics.

Construction companies face an uphill battle. Like many other big-ticket purchases, construction services are rarely purchased on a whim. That lead generation is nice, but it can’t compare to the power of nurturing and courting those hard-won potential customers.

And the same can be said of any other long-term investment. Automotive dealerships, IT companies, and legal services face the same challenges as the construction industry. These businesses are long-term commitments with hefty price tags. It’s only natural for consumers to wait before making that final choice. After all, there are no take-backsies in the construction business! What’s done is done.

Fortunately, email marketing efforts can cover your needs — from customer acquisition and lead generation to customer relationship management and website traffic.



Email Marketing Campaigns Serve Many Purposes

One of the biggest perks of email marketing is its unprecedented flexibility. Modern email marketing software comes with built-in tools to manage customer relationships, monitor results, and optimize results. It’s a complete package, and its holistic approach to marketing makes it the preferred tool of modern digital marketing pros.

Don’t believe me? Well, consider this: 63% of marketing professionals would choose email marketing over other content management strategies — including social media! Moreover, many of these pros are using the medium to its fullest by embedding interactive content and eye-catching imagery.

See, unlike other marketing channels, emails cover the full range of your customer journey. I’ll even go so far as to say each of the five stages of your standard funnel is an email marketing specialty:

  1. Awareness: Those welcome email flows are your most important campaigns! With some compelling subject lines and targeted messaging, you can turn an otherwise rote exchange into a relationship-boosting first impression.
  2. Consideration: Construction companies know the pain of waiting. This contemplative stage may span weeks, and it’s the perfect opportunity to send personalized messages. Wow your prospective customers with relevant information and keep them informed with high-quality newsletters.
  3. Conversion: When your prospective clients become paying customers, your sales process must adapt. Grow your business by keeping clients informed. Grease your sales pipeline by delivering valuable information (e.g., plans, schedules, and updates) to your new customers. This might also be a great time to offer a special promotion.
  4. Loyalty: But you’re not done yet! Now, it’s time to turn paying clients into loyal customers. Keep your old business deals in your subscriber list; they’re the key to future leads and potential clients! At this point, you’ll want to send emails that emphasize the continued value of your services. Remind email subscribers of extended warranties or maintenance services to put yourself above and beyond the competition.
  5. Advocacy: Finally, those loyal consumers are your most vocal and supportive customer base. Don’t ignore them! Send them special offers and informative content. Remind past clients of rewards programs and referral perks. You’ll also want to push your services to encourage repeat business.

That list is long, isn’t it? Those are a lot of perks, and I didn’t even mention the possibility of cold emailing! (That’s a topic for another post, though! I’ll keep things moving; I promise.)

Email Marketing Is Affordable

Here’s something else for construction professionals to love: Email marketing is superbly affordable.

Forget — just for a moment — the channel’s ability to build relationships. Put aside its remarkable knack for generating leads and wowing your client base. Look, instead, at the cold, hard numbers.

Email marketing’s potential returns are dwarfed by its outstanding price tag. Full-fledged email service providers — complete with a campaign monitor and advanced automation tools — are dirt cheap. The smallest family-owned construction companies can expect to pay a few hundred dollars for high-quality email marketing software. Comparatively, social media campaigns of the same caliber can cost thousands!

It’s a no-brainer.

Email marketing is the most affordable way to drive traffic and court potential customers. It’s the budget-friendly way to gain traction on transactional landing pages. It’s a clear call for consumers to start creating lasting relationships with your brand.

How many other ways can I say it? Email marketing is for everyone, and much of its appeal comes from its unrivaled price tag.

Reach Your Target Audience Every Time

Finally, I want to emphasize the specificity of email marketing campaigns.

In my industry — email marketing — there are two tools to optimize campaigns. Personalization lets marketers create seemingly unique content for individuals. Supporting this is segmentation, which allows a business to specify an audience by various traits (e.g., demographics, geographic location, project cost, or project type). Together, these tools keep your email marketing campaign out of the spam folder and in front of interested eyes.

Some pros consider these tools the most powerful feature of the medium. After all, few other marketing channels have the eagle-eyed targeting of effective email marketing campaigns. Sure, commercial construction and asphalt companies can rely on old-fashioned direct mailers, but that’s far from efficient. And — if we’re being honest — most of those handouts get tossed, anyhow!

So, stop wasting money! Stop sending your sales team after half-baked leads. It’s time to embrace a targeted email marketing strategy.

Examples to Inspire Your Email Marketing Strategy

The marquee of the Los Angeles Theater. Overlaid text reads, “Examples: Emails to Inspire Your Marketing.”


That was a lot of information, but I’m not done yet! I still have to cover those email marketing examples. So, sit tight! Keep scrolling to see some fantastic examples of email marketing. I’ve even readied some email marketing tips to help you improve your campaigns.

As you work through these examples, think of the following questions:

  • Are there any secondary links? Look for mentions of other forms of the construction company’s marketing. Is there a link to a landing page? What about social media icons?
  • What is the goal? We’re not always looking for metrics. Sometimes, those click-through rates come second!
  • Who is the target audience? Most companies have a goal in mind as they write email marketing materials. Beyond managing contacts, these guidelines increase the efficacy of marketing emails.

1. The Perfect Welcome Email Campaign

The Tree Center may not be your usual construction company, but its landscaping services benefit the construction industry! More importantly, its welcome flow is a splendid example of the must-know basics. It hits all the marks and fulfills consumers’ needs, providing easy-to-access information about their newfound email subscription.

The beginning of the email includes brand information and a discount code.

Like many modern long-form email campaigns, it begins with an overview of the brand. Readers are also treated to a 10% discount code, a staple of modern welcome marketing emails.

So, we already know that this is for new subscribers. A tiny bit more scrolling also shows us a handy link to the brand’s app…

The email encouragers users to buy from the app.

… and showcases the construction website!

Readers are also treated to the in-depth search features. The Tree Center includes handy landing page links for individual styles and landscaping choices, reducing the risk of this campaign triggering spam filters. Individualized links also make it easier for the marketing team to track those key metrics!

Links to various products.

Note, too, the presence of the brand’s informative footer. This section of the email includes links to all relevant legal documents, including privacy statements and unsubscribe actions. Failing to include these links is more than a faux pas; it’s a one-way ticket to costly legal troubles!

2. The Conversion-Boosting Call-to-Action

I know this post is getting long, but I have one more example!

Thumbtack has established itself as a leader in contractor acquisition. Think of it as a dating site for consumers’ around-the-house needs. It’s a hiring portal with plenty of sway, and this conversion-focus drip campaign is equally convincing.

The email begins with a link.

I’ll start with the bold design. “Let’s reset” is a powerful header. Like interesting subject lines, it draws readers in, encouraging further interaction. It makes readers excited to click that call-to-action, “Hire a home painter.” You can use a similar CTA for other similar niches like hauling companies, tree services, etc.

Two columns of images showcase Thumbtack’s services.

Subscribers are also treated to a peek at the brand’s search features. Again, these landing page links are doing double duty. They’re convenient redirects for customers and handy metric trackers for Thumbtack’s marketing team.

It’s a simple campaign, but that may be what customers want! Your business doesn’t always need flashy gimmicks to succeed. Sometimes, you just need the perfect strategy to court more leads.

Supercharge Your Email Marketing With Us

Now… here’s the bad news.

Email marketing is a lot of work. A small company may struggle to find the time to properly manage its email campaigns. Indeed, many larger brands find themselves in the same boat! How can you possibly find enough time to research and create an email when you’re already juggling customer expectations?

Well, like a television infomercial announcer, I’m here to show you the light! And it’s not a sound-activated nightlight. I’m talking about a team of on-demand marketing experts with the know-how to master your marketing emails. I’m talking about a hand-picked group of pros to keep your construction company away from spam filters and in front of consumers’ minds.

This is The Email Marketers, and we’re ready to tackle your email campaigns! We’ll go beyond basic email marketing tips and craft a customized strategy to fit your construction email needs. We’ll keep your email service provider happy and your subscribers up to date on the latest news. And that means potential and existing customers!

So, why wait? Schedule a free strategy session and see the true potential of email marketing. Discover the world of automated emails and high-yielding campaigns. We’ll take your company to the next level and help you generate leads.

Can’t wait to see the results? Browse the rest of the blog to learn more about email marketing. And don’t forget that these email marketing tips are child’s play to my team. We know what it takes to dodge the spam folder and score a slam dunk for your company.