3 Examples of Email Marketing for Jewelers

Melanie Balke
January 17, 2024

The jewelry business is a high-stakes world. You’re handling high-value products, many of which have plenty of sentimental value. It’s a place where even the tiniest imperfections cannot be ignored. All of which is to say…

“Handling my digital marketing channels” probably isn’t the top entry on your list of daily priorities.

But it should be!

More importantly, email marketing should be at the forefront of your jewelry brand. Like a well-designed website, your emails have the potential to net otherwise unaware customers. A gorgeous email campaign is like a beautiful storefront, captivating potential customers when they need you most.

And if you don’t believe me, join me. Keep scrolling to learn how email marketing can supercharge your jewelry business. I’ve even gathered some sterling examples of top-grade email marketing campaigns.

Why Your Jewelry Business Needs Email Marketing

A woman in 19th century clothing wears a pearl necklace. “The Benefits: Why You Need Email Marketing.”

Okay. First, I want to explain why you need email marketing.

I’m sure you’ve heard of it. You’ve heard of its 4,200% potential ROI and outlandish audience. You’ve heard of its comparisons to other digital marketing channels (e.g., paid ads and social media marketing). You may even know that 63% of marketing professionals would choose emails over social media pages.

And guess what?

It’s all true!

A well-devised email marketing strategy could be your ticket to scoring those coveted repeat customers. Its magnetic pull could increase your daily website visitors and amplify your brand recognition. It truly is a 20-karat concept.

A Comprehensive Email Marketing Strategy Nurtures Customers

Have you ever wanted to guide every step of the customer journey? To greet digital marketing’s potential customers as warmly and whole-heartedly as new customers at your store?

Well, guess what?

Email marketing caters to everyone. You can design a campaign for new subscribers, loyal patrons, and special occasions. Think of it as a multi-tool; a few flips and twists give you a new perspective on your marketing campaigns.

Unlike comparable digital marketing tactics, email marketing meets customers when they most need it. Your email messages can be individually tailored to meet an individual’s mindset, reaching far beyond the generic Valentine’s Day drivel you’d expect from paid ads. Each campaign is the perfect opportunity to make a holistic connection with an individual.

And this specificity is powered by two of the channel’s most powerful and unique tools:

  • Personalization allows individual details (e.g., birthdays, names, and preferences) to influence a campaign’s content.
  • Segmentation — often mistaken for a broader form of personalization — uses groups (e.g., age, demographics, or location) to produce laser-focused content for your target audience.

Together, these forces amplify your strategy. Boosting sales is just one of the perks of these tag-teamed tactics. They’ll also improve the relevance of your campaigns, ensuring they’ll rise to the top of your subscribers’ inboxes.

Automate Your Email Campaigns

It sounds like a lot of work, but automated emails are your new best friend.

In their simplest form, automated campaigns are little more than timed messages. You probably get an influx of automated email campaigns around every holiday, including Saint Patrick’s Day! Newsletters and sales announcements are two more examples of other automations.

But — much like the dreams in a surrealist Leonardo DiCaprio movie — it goes deeper.

With advanced automation capabilities, your business can run multiple concurrent email campaigns. You’ll have those welcome emails flying alongside your latest engagement ring sale. You can push some high-quality imagery to new subscribers and reward loyal consumers.

Dig even deeper, and you’ll find conditional flows, which power many conversational marketing campaigns and abandoned cart emails.

To be frank, most modern email marketing is powered by some level of automation. While not everyone can create and maintain automated email help desks, any business can captivate their email list with clever automated flows.

Create Seamless Experiences

Finally, I must highlight the multi-channel capabilities of email marketing.

Let’s face it. Most social media platforms don’t like it when you redirect away from their site. Like you, they want customers to stay; outbound links sap their ad revenue. Unfortunately, even the best platforms can’t perfectly convey the expertise of your jewelry business. You can’t adequately show off that high-end jewelry brand in a mere 280 characters. And how can you possibly showcase the craftsmanship of that gorgeous emerald green jewelry with a few small photos?

Don’t worry! Email marketing can handle your traffic.

Emails are vessels. They can go beyond announcing sales and reminding consumers that Mother’s Day is around the corner. That initial opt-in is a customer’s ticket to a holistic experience that spans the breadth of your website, SMS campaigns, social media pages, and in-person special events.

3 Examples of Email Marketing for Your Jewelry Business

Gold bars. “Examples: Ideas to Inspire Your Emails.”

So, with that in mind, it’s time for me to introduce the main event!

I promised some examples, and I’ve searched far and wide to find them. These are some of the best emails you’ll ever see. Pay attention! Each is on this email list for a reason. You’ll learn something new with every great example, so don’t just quickly scan the rest of the blog.

Keep reading — and read closely — to learn how your email marketing strategy can spark an inferno of success!

1. The Target Audience Pleaser

I’ll start with a splendid example of targeted email marketing. This Brilliant Earth campaign knows its audience and has mastered the art of segmenting its email list. Somehow, the brand knows its customers are looking for an engagement ring. So, why not show them exactly that?

An email from Brilliant Earth. “Find the One.”

This is the virtual equivalent of a one-on-one in-person consultation. It’s a guided exercise through a remote showroom, wherein the email acts as the salesperson.

Gorgeous presentation aside, I want to zero in on the strategic play behind this marketing campaign.

The Importance of Segmentation

Obviously, the engagement ring audience is somewhat limited. Only a handful of customers will be looking for one, and sending this campaign to the wrong audience is a surefire way to get blacklisted. That’s why Brilliant Earth utilizes segments, ensuring its email marketing targets the most likely customers.

It makes sense, too.

Why waste money showing products to the wrong audience? That’s like a salesperson suggesting you buy a gaudy wedding ring for your best friend’s birthday gift! At best, it’s a social faux pas; it can be a deal-breaker for the wrong customer.

Notice, too, this little blurb at the end:

Don’t forget to add value when you’re sending emails.

Imagine this was a classic mailer. You open the envelope and see a prompt to buy an engagement ring. You may be impressed by the photo, but you’re left wanting more. What makes the brand unique? More importantly, why would you buy from Brilliant Earth instead of jogging down to your local jewelry store?

Brilliant Earth answers these questions, positioning itself at the forefront of customer service. Yes, it wants to close sales. But it’s also informing customers of their options.

2. The Long-Form Purchase-Pusher

What about longer emails?

Brilliant Earth had a wonderful campaign, but it doesn’t cover the exposition many growing brands need to succeed. You must outshine your competition, and you’ll need more than a few flashy photos to do so.

Worry not! This Oura email exemplifies the best practices of longer email marketing strategies.

The first thing you’ll notice is the brand’s sleek, modern design. Like its flagship product, an Oura email is a no-frill experience. This unfiltered simplicity creates a lasting first impression with customers, cementing the brand’s image as one of tasteful minimalism. It also sets it apart from other jewelry emails, which often use grandiose script fonts.

But what else can we learn from Oura?

Get First Dibs With Mobile-Friendly Designs

Oura’s simplicity has a second function. Yes, it emphasizes the brand. However, it also powers mobile-friendly email templates. Think of the practice as a well-planned physical store. The content acts as an aisle, funneling visitors through your message and (hopefully) to that final purchase.

Consider, too, that more customers than ever rely on mobile devices. Failing to accommodate them is just silly!

The Oura email includes photos and tidbits about the ring’s design.

Like Brilliant Earth, Oura emphasizes its one-of-a-kind features. Its bold photos comprise the bulk of this jewelry email, but they don’t eat up bandwidth! They’ve been skillfully compressed, ensuring their visual sharpness doesn’t compromise the user experience.

I also want to take a moment to highlight this three-step layout. While two-column setups are often ignored in mobile marketing, they have their place! The energetic push and pull of these contrasting images creates an eye-catching tension.

The end of the Oura email includes additional links.

3. Story-Driven Marketing

Finally, I want to highlight an emotionally charged email.

Your subject lines are important, but your message keeps customers engaged. Puravida capitalizes on that fact with this email marketing effort, highlighting the brand’s partnership with thyroid cancer research foundations.

It’s the perfect way to create a connection. Consumers know their purchase funds a charitable cause, and the entire email list learns a little more about the brand.

The Puravida email contains a full-width banner. “Looking Good and Giving Back.”

Like the other email examples, this jewelry email includes plenty of splashy imagery. Customers enjoy branded headers and gorgeous banners. There’s even a photo of the bracelet for jewelry customers to ogle. However, the product is not the focus.

How Jewelry Companies Can Use Storytelling

At its core, this email is an exercise in storytelling. It showcases Puravida’s dedication to a cause and invites others to opt in. Here, the jewelry is not the subject line. Instead, customers are invited to browse informative landing pages.

It may seem like a strange strategy, but it’s a tactful and effective way to rapidly build rapport with your customers.

Plugging Your Other Digital Marketing Outlets

And don’t forget your other digital marketing channels!

Puravida adds plenty of social media marketing links to the email, ensuring everyone has a chance to create a bond with the brand.

Remember, jewelry stores need customers.

You can’t build an empire without supporters. Social media may be a completely different rodeo, but it’s one of the most effective ways to keep your thumb on the pulse of your business. Those websites are your ticket to seeing how your customers think and act. They may even be the secret to expanding to an online store!

Don’t ignore those opportunities! Plug your other marketing channels, and your jewelry store will thrive!

Skip the Stress and Hire a Pro


If you’re reading this, you’ve reached the end of today’s blog post. You’ve learned about the digital marketing tips other jewelry stores use to gain the upper hand, but I have some bad news…

You’ve barely scratched the surface!

I never even mentioned the importance of clear CTAs or monitoring KPIs. And don’t get me started on the problematic world of deliverability. There is so much more to learn, yet you must still attend to your in-store customers.

And don’t forget about the upcoming holidays! What’s next? Valentine’s Day? President’s Day?

You’re already overwhelmed. Why purchase an email marketing software plan? It’ll only fester beneath the surface of your daily routine.

Well, I have great news for you.

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