What Email Marketing KPIs Should You Be Tracking?

Melanie Balke
March 7, 2023

Launching a business is exciting and scary, but there are tips and tricks to becoming successful in no time! One tip to becoming a successful entrepreneur is knowing what email marketing KPIs you should track. So, learn the most important email marketing metrics you should check to guarantee your business’s success!

What Are Email Marketing KPIs?

KPIs, also known as key performance indicators, are the measurable performance of your business that will help you see what area you are improving. KPIs help businesses know what marketing strategy most resonates with their buyers.

You can check other email marketing KPIs, but here are the email analytics you should monitor for your business's growth and success.

Top Marketing KPIs For Successful Email Marketing Campaigns

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Suppose you're curious to know how your email marketing campaigns impact your subscriber list and how many sales you generate from them. In that case, these are the important email marketing KPIs you should monitor:

1. Conversion Rate

Did you send a new email marketing campaign and want to know how your subscribers followed through? Then the conversion rate is the one you should check. If you asked your customers to click the link, you could see how many did and only viewed the email.

You'll see the impact your email marketing strategy has on your customers, and you can change your approach if the marketing strategy is not effective. The conversion rate is one of the email marketing analytics to create email campaigns that capture your client's attention.

2. Click through Rate

The click-through rate differs from click to open rate and will show what products you offer your customers are interested in. You can use this with the conversion rate to help improve the overall email campaigns. With this, you'll have higher email marketing metrics to help generate more sales.

The click-through rate is one of the best email marketing KPIs to help new businesses like yours increase sales. You could also add a call to action button for a more engagement click-through rate.

3. Email Forwarding Or Social Share Rate

Another email marketing metric you can use is email forwarding or social share rate. Here you'll have a complete picture of who forwards or shares the link in the emails delivered, and you can also see which products have the most shares and which platform they are mostly shared. This way, you can focus on creating an email marketing strategy to help boost your products' sales.

Email marketers like you can check their business's email forwarding and social share rate to see if this email marketing campaign is effective. If not, you can create more engaging email messages and a good subject line to generate revenue.

4. Unsubscribe Rate

The higher the unsubscribe rate, the worse your business could get. You should note how many have unsubscribed from your email marketing campaigns and ask for feedback. Most subscribers will give you feedback on why they unsubscribed.

You can use this information to email clients and avoid a high unsubscribe rate. This way, your email marketing efforts won't go to waste, and you can elevate your email marketing campaign with this.

5. List Growth Rate

Do you think your subscriber list is growing or declining because of a high unsubscribe rate? By checking the list growth rate, you can see whether your email campaign positively or negatively impacts your business growth.

The list growth rate is one of the email marketing metrics to check if you want to ensure you are using the right email campaigns. You can change your marketing emails if you notice your click-through rate declining and your unsubscribe rate increasing when you check your list growth rate.

6. Open Rate

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Are you curious to know how many of your delivered emails are opened? When you check your open rate, you'll know how many people opened your email and how many responded to your message.

Then, you can adjust your email subject lines to what the customer responds to more. Now, you can understand how to grab your customer's attention and how you can keep your subscribers.

7. Unique Open Rate

A unique open rate is the total number of people who opened your email. With this email marketing metric, one person could open an email multiple times and be counted as a single open.

If you have 100 opened emails today, you'll see that data under the open rate. But you will see the number of people opening your emails under the unique open rate. Even if you have 100 opened emails, there's a high chance around 10 to 30 people opened your email multiple times.

8. Revenue Per Email

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One essential email marketing KPI you can check is your revenue per email. You can see how much you earn when you check your email marketing metrics, which will help with your engagement.

Email marketing is one of the best strategies to promote your ecommerce business, and you can get personal with your customers. So, never overlook your email marketing metrics to guarantee that your business is gaining revenue and a long subscriber list.

9. Bounce Rate

There are two bounce rates in email marketing; hard and soft bounces. Hard bounces happen when you enter invalid email addresses. Your customer might have given you the wrong email address or an email address used for work that no longer exists.

Soft bounces can happen when the client has a full inbox and won't allow new emails to come through. Internet service providers base your reliability on your bounce rate, and your email service provider will attempt resending emails to ensure your clients receive them.

10. Revenue Percentage of Email Recipients

You can calculate the revenue percentage of email recipients with the total revenue divided by the number of emails delivered. Then, you'll see how much you make per email. Don't worry if you're still a beginner; you can learn this method easily! 

The bounce rate could affect the emails delivered, so double-check your email list and ensure that your recipient's inbox can still accept your promotions. Then, you'll have better email campaign metrics.

11. Email Campaign Performance

Aiming for high email marketing performance and learning about your email engagement metrics would be best. So checking the email campaign performance is necessary to see if your emails generate income. You'll learn if a campaign is successful, and you can adjust to what your customers respond to the most.

12. Most and Least Engaged Subscriber list

"Engagement: Who Is Interacting With Your Emails and Why."

You should be familiar with your most and least engaged subscriber list growth rate to focus on reaching out to the least engaged subscribers. You can personalize your emails to these subscribers, so they feel connected to you.

Think of the best marketing strategy to avoid having a long list of least engaged subscribers and bring these email addresses to your most active list. This way, you'll gain more traffic and more future sales.

13. Spam Complaints

Spam complaints can be annoying, and you can't do anything about it. If your subscriber is using an apple product, they may have availed of apple's mail privacy protection, which may put your emails in their spam folder.

There are ways to avoid a high spam complaint rate, so ensure you know how to approach your clients. Also, you should know how many email addresses find your marketing campaigns in the spam folder to address this issue immediately.

14. Overall Email Marketing ROI

Business owners want to know their business's email marketing ROI, so ensure that you check this email marketing KPI. You can calculate the overall ROI of your email marketing by getting the total revenue and dividing it by your total spending.

If you have a high unsubscribe rate, it will most likely affect your ROI. You can use free tools to ensure your future campaigns capture subscribers' interests and avoid hard bounces. This way, you'll generate sales and have a higher ROI once you compute for it.

15. Web Traffic

If you have successful campaigns, you'll have high web traffic. Ensure that the emails provided are correct to avoid soft and hard bounces. You can link a blog post to encourage new subscribers to read about your business and encourage sales.

Web traffic is one of the important metrics in email marketing to guarantee your business's success. So, ensure your email performance is top-notch by having a catchy subject line with each email you send. Use Google Analytics and other sources to help you gain information about your key metrics.

The Marketing KPIs In A Nutshell

You can check the aforementioned KPIs when you want to improve your marketing. Using essential email marketing KPIs will help you curate the perfect email marketing campaigns that align with your business. 

You can use the information you gather with your KPIs to know how many people are subscribing and are interested in your products and services and if your emails are successfully delivered. So, stay smart and quickly adjust your marketing strategy to gain the most leads and sales.

If you are new to the business and need assistance, don't hesitate to call us for the best marketing strategy that will work perfectly with your business. We guarantee you'll be generating sales after sales if you choose us!