What Is an Email Marketing Automation Agency? (And What Is the Best Automation Agency?)

Melanie Balke
October 16, 2023

Are you looking for a way to amplify your email marketing efforts? Maybe you want to boost your open rate. Or — perhaps — you’re looking for a way to cut costs without sacrificing your overall performance.

You need email automation services, and — like most things in business — they’re all different!

Today, I’ll walk you through the basics of this lucrative marketing strategy. Then, I’ll show you how an email marketing automation agency can supercharge your campaign execution! There’s a lot to cover in today’s blog post, so let’s get started!

What Is Email Marketing Automation?

As always, I’ll start with the basics.

Email automation allows marketers to schedule campaigns. It’s the modern digital marketing expert’s best friend, and most automated email campaigns fall into one of two categories:

  • Behavioral campaigns are the most complex form of modern marketing automation. These emails are sent after a user performs a certain action (e.g., leaving a review, purchasing an item, or subscribing to an email list).
  • Scheduled campaigns are simpler, relying on little more than the calendar. These emails may be mass mailer campaigns sent on specific days — e.g., anniversaries, birthdays, and holidays — or whittled down to cover a smaller audience segment.

The Flexibility of Modern Email Marketing Automation

However, these two categories do not define the entire genre!

An automated email campaign can include many elements and ideas. Think about what’s in your inbox right now; most of those examples are powered by marketing automation! Some of the most common examples of automated email campaigns include…

  • Cart Abandonment Campaigns: If you’re losing sales to abandoned carts, worry no more! The automated email campaign can easily tackle your end-of-the-funnel woes. Note, too, that these campaigns serve as a touch point for future interactions.
  • Post-Purchase Flows: As part of behavioral email marketing, these automated campaigns promote positive customer experiences and net high engagement.
  • Re-Engagement and Win-Back Campaigns: Automated emails create re-engaged customers! Well-timed campaigns can boost the efficacy of your marketing and add to your revenue. So, it’s no surprise that most e-commerce brands have at least one win-back program in place.
  • Reminder Campaigns: Ecommerce stores love these campaigns. A subset of scheduled marketing campaigns, reminder emails inform users that it’s time to stock up on a product.
  • Timed Campaigns: Every sale email you get is the product of basic marketing automation. They’re delivered automatically, ensuring every user receives the message at the perfect time. After all, you’re not getting much attention at 1:00 AM!
  • Welcome Emails: Yes, one of the most ubiquitous facets of modern email marketing is a product of automation! These are considered behavioral campaigns, as they are triggered by an action — namely, a new subscription.

The Perks of Automated Email Campaigns

Scattered postcards. “The Perks: Email Marketing Automation Saves Time and Money.”

You’ve probably noticed that automated marketing is a veritable gold mine of content. Its unprecedented flexibility gives the medium plenty of room to grow alongside your business.

But it’s not all about artistry!

Email automation services also have tangible financial benefits for your business, including:

  • Delivering Personalized Content: It’s no secret that customers enjoy personalized messaging. Even a simple welcome program should have some customization! Fortunately for everyone, automation services offer plenty of ways to include dynamic content.
  • Improving Deliverability: Email service providers love regular schedules, and automation tools love to deliver regularly scheduled campaigns! Now, you may not see an immediate benefit, but this long-term strategy steadily builds your sender reputation.
  • Increasing Lifetime Value: Happy customers spend more! A sound automated email marketing strategy can promote greater customer engagement and — by extension — increased long-term revenue.
  • Optimizing Workflows: Nobody has to monitor your campaigns! An email list and a handful of ideas can spark a marketing movement. Set up your flows, optimize your delivery methods, and enjoy the ride!
  • Raising ROI: An automated email marketing program can be easily managed by a small team. You don’t need constant monitoring, nor do you need an extensive repertoire of content creation. A skilled marketer can easily turn a few rough drafts into weeks — or even months — of fresh content for your subscribers!

What Is an Email Marketing Automation Agency?

Now, let’s broaden our horizons.

I’ve defined the automated email; now, allow me to show you how to amplify its impact!

An email marketing automation agency is — in many ways — what it says on the box. It’s a digital marketing firm dedicated to the intricacies of automated email campaigns.

However, you probably won’t see many agencies flaunting themselves as email marketing automation experts. Aside from being a mouthful, the title is a bit redundant; most full-service agencies include a basic automated marketing strategy. Thus, businesses generally advertise their automation services and skills in their “About Us” sections.

What Will an Email Marketing Automation Agency Do for My Business?

But what does it mean? What — exactly — are these marketing agencies doing, and how can that help your business?

You’ll find dozens of firms advertising their services. Most have dazzling numbers and flashy landing pages plastered throughout their website. However, if you’re new to this side of business, few agencies will explicitly tell you what they’re doing.

I will!

At The Email Marketers, your campaign passes through multiple checks before it’s sent out for final approval. Each step of the process is part of our email marketing services and is overseen by certified experts. When a company hires The Email Marketers, it can expect the following perks and services for every email campaign:

  1. Conception: All email campaigns begin with an idea. Marketers may work with a pre-approved content calendar or create their own. These schedules include campaigns designed to move the sales funnel and enhance the customer experience for your subscribers.
  2. Creation: Copywriters, designers, and coding pros then work together to create each campaign.
  3. Scheduling: Once approved, finished campaigns are added to a brand’s lineup. Scheduled campaigns are set for optimized delivery times, while automated flows are programmed as needed.
  4. Monitoring: Finished campaigns are then monitored by our skilled team members. Aside from tracking sales and stats, marketers keep an eye on reception and feedback. This information is regularly reported to clients, ensuring everyone stays on the same page!

And those points only cover your marketing automation services! So much more happens behind the scenes.

Can a Brand Handle Its Own Automation Services?

These four steps may seem simple, but they’re anything but!

While some brands successfully manage their own campaign execution, many find the process too tedious and time-consuming. Ultimately, many businesses drop email marketing altogether, relinquishing a lucrative source of perennial revenue.

Those neglected email lists are potential sales! Don’t throw away your hard work!

Customers want email marketing; agencies make it a reality.

At The Email Marketers, my team and I deliver high-quality content creation and implementation. You’ll get all the perks of automation without the cost of individual maintenance. After all, we’ll handle your…

  • Coding for unique campaigns — such as interactive marketing, personalized messaging, and behavioral emails.
  • Content and content creation.
  • Data, including any information that can optimize future campaigns.
  • Email service provider and all associated upkeep.
  • Design and necessary email templates.
  • Maintenance, including list hygiene and automation services.
  • Overall email marketing strategy — even the planning and execution!

Advanced Marketing Tools for the Digital Age

Now, of all these services, a dedicated coding expert is one of the biggest boons of hiring an email automation agency.

“Well,” you may be saying, “I could just hire my own coder!”

That’s true. You have every right to hire and maintain an internal team for your marketing efforts. However, you’ll quickly find that these small groups can easily become a massive liability. Aside from the associated costs of an in-house marketing crew, your personal inbox army can easily fall behind.

You’ll need at least two of each team member to ensure a steady, reliable flow of personalized content. (It’s flu season, after all!) And both teams must be on the same page. Those last-minute freelancers may seem like a decent deal, but they have the potential to severely hamper your campaign execution.

You’ll also have to handle your brand identity, content calendar, data maintenance, email services, lead generation, and market research.

It’s a lot to juggle, and small business owners already have enough on their plate!

All of which is to say that hiring an email marketing automation agency makes sense. It’s a long-term investment to amplify your promotional emails.

And it’s more affordable than you’d think!

Choose The Email Marketers

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With our proven track record of success, The Email Marketers can easily cater to your old and new subscribers. We understand the intricacies of this unique digital marketing channel and have the knowledge and experience necessary to minimize repetitive tasks!

Whether you’re looking for higher conversion rates or increased revenue, we’re the right agency for you. Schedule a free strategy session today and learn how we can deliver the right message to your customers. And don’t forget to check the rest of the blog for more tips, tricks, and ideas to supercharge your business!

You’ll get far more than email automation services.

We’re dedicated to our clients’ successes! We want your company to succeed; we want your brand to thrive. Together, we’ll create email marketing that trounces the competition. Every campaign is a stepping stone; every bit of data is a bridge. We’ll handle various aspects of your marketing automation and overall strategy, ensuring your business is poised to grow.