What Are Dedicated Emails?

Melanie Balke
March 7, 2023

Have you ever wondered what dedicated emails are? Generally, a dedicated email (also called a custom email) is used to welcome your target audience to an industry event you are holding. This can also inform your customers about a new product you have just released.

If you're not using dedicated email in your marketing funnel, you could miss out on many sales. Indeed, dedicated emails are created for a reason, which we will tackle today in this blog.

What Is a Dedicated Email?

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Dedicated emails are "stand-alone" emails sent to a publisher's subscribers. It enables you to reach a specific target audience by utilizing the website subscriber base.

For further understanding, here's an example.

Suppose you want to welcome your email recipients to an event you're holding, or you simply want to announce the release of a new product. You can do so by sending them a dedicated email.

Maybe you're wondering why use dedicated email when you can use regular email in your email marketing. In that case, here's the tea.

Dedicated emails get better pricing and more interaction. For companies looking to get direct results from their campaign, it’s advised to use dedicated emails. Generally, they perform well in advertising a particular initiative or announcement.

Advantages of Dedicated Emails

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Nowadays, most advertisers use separate dedicated emails since it gives them access to their email placement. It's unsurprising since it can give you a unique opportunity following its many advantages.

Call to Action

A dedicated email provides advertising context and a call to action button to push sales on a specific deal. It might, for instance, direct readers to press the "buy" button to finish a transaction or promote to the audience to buy the products and services of your business.

When you have high click-through rates in your CTA, it means that your business's dedicated email marketing strategy is effective.

One Goal Focus

Dedicated emails tell your target market about new promotions, events, and diverse content like your own products. However, you only present one of these in a single email.

You should look at your list and develop a custom email based on your data, for instance, if you launch a new range of products with different prices and purposes. Then send them to your subscribers, who will probably be intrigued.

This is advantageous because you won't be overwhelming your contact with unrelated offers, resulting in fewer unsubscribes.

Easy to Create

Unlike email newsletters, dedicated emails are simple to create because they have only one focus. Generally, you'll only need to create an email template you can reuse anytime.

Also, they are much simpler to design. You don't need to set up separate blocks or include too many graphical elements. Instead, you should concentrate on the subject line and offer. Ensure it's recognizable, responsive, and visually appealing, and you're done.

Here's an example of a simple yet effective dedicated email:

Dedicated email from Revue. The text says "Finalize your issue."

You can send this to your email lists or devoted subscribers only. Use dedicated send when you only need a few customers to receive your message.


Dedicated email can last in your digital space for a long period. Many advertisers use it because of their longevity. Clients can re-read and distribute the message to target audiences with the relevant demographic.

Additionally, since they last longer, they easily maintain a substantial share of voice across the publisher's list.

Easy to Track

One significant advantage of dedicated email is that you can readily measure its effectiveness. With one message and one CTA, you can easily monitor engagement, the progress of the click-through rate, the conversion rate, and the number of leads generated by dedicated sends.

Increase revenue

Since dedicated sends are readily measured, it lowers your expense cost. You don't have to purchase other tools that could monitor your campaign's effectiveness, giving you additional revenue.

Aside from that, many publishers who send out dedicated emails earn more money. This is because their format and images are unique, and their email list is extremely valuable.

Disadvantages of Dedicated Emails

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Despite the sales opportunities with a dedicated email, it also poses disadvantages to an organization. The disadvantages are the following:

Less Consistency

Marketers typically follow a timetable when sending emails. You could, for example, design a weekly email format distributed to recipients every Monday morning. Alternatively, your business may send a weekly weekend email with a new offer.

However, with dedicated email, the schedule is less defined and inconsistent. Even if you stick to a timetable, your customers may not be aware of it or anticipate hearing from you because there is no obvious relationship between the separate sends.

Account Suspension

This disadvantage is nothing new to email marketing. Account suspension happens when some email platforms block the use of email addresses that consistently generate spam complaints.

That's why you should ensure that all emails you send to your clients don't contain existing content to avoid suspension.

Limited Content

Since dedicated sends only have one surrounding content, mentioning subject lines that may be equally essential to your company can be challenging. But, this case can be set right by showcasing additional relevant information on the landing page to which your email links.

You should promote additional offers on your thank-you page. As shown in the example below:

A dark blue-themed website page. The text says "Thank you for downloading our eBook."

By doing this, you can add more engagement and relevant information to your page.

How Do Dedicated Emails Work?

The dedicated email is called stand-alone for a reason. They don't just carry a single message; they also have no connection to any display ad and native ads you might be conducting.

A dedicated email is an effective way to inform a particular audience about a relevant offer. However, most people won't be expecting these. If you send them too frequently, they'll probably erase them immediately and possibly unsubscribe.

Remember that you should only send out this kind of advertising email when you have something unique to offer.

How Much Do Websites Charge for Dedicated Emails?

Many publishers charge interesting rates for dedicated email since their format and readership are valuable. The price to hire many email lists is specifically $50 or more for every 1,000 recipients. This implies that for every devoted email sent, a 100,000-person newsletter list could bring in $5,000 in sales or more.

The Role of Dedicated Emails in Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing is a powerful tool for growing your company and maintaining customer relationships. You can easily and swiftly reach your target audiences without spending much money on production, television, radio, or print space.

Email marketing consists of the following:

  • Email newsletter
  • Dedicated Email
  • Sponsored Email
  • Transactional Email

These email strategies have different uses; for instance, dedicated email is used solely when you want to send a specific email to a subscriber.

Is Dedicated Email and Sponsored Email the Same?

Many business owners mistakenly define dedicated email and sponsored email. But, both of them are different from each other.

Sponsored emails are promotional messages or advertisements that appear in addition to regular newsletter content. An example of sponsored email is the display ad and native ads.

In contrast to a dedicated email, the subject matter of a sponsored email isn't entirely dedicated to your content. Yet, you still have complete authority over the subject matter of your email ad.

Why Should You Use Dedicated Emails?

You should use a dedicated email when you have something unique to offer and want your important messages to be heard. Avoid sending it daily, and never send the same email to the same recipient.

Send it if you believe that a certain group in your audience will like what you have to say. However, you should primarily adhere to a long-term campaign strategy to keep customers, educate and nurture leads.

Reach Your Target Audience With Dedicated Emails

When you want your message to reach a specific subscriber's inbox, a dedicated email is a perfect choice. They could easily boost your brand awareness using the right tools. But, of course, you must first have effective email marketers that could create efficient dedicated sends.

You can seek help from The Email Marketers because their marketing services could boost your brand. Indeed, The Email Marketers have the tools and software you need for your trip to success.