The Email Marketers Scores a 3 Peat of Perfect Reviews on Clutch’s Platform

Melanie Balke
December 17, 2021

The Email Marketers Scores a 3 Peat of Perfect Reviews on Clutch’s Platform

The advent of digital marketing has truly transformed how businesses and companies handle their marketing and advertising efforts. This revolutionized the whole digital landscape! More and more relied on SEO, PPC, SEM, and email marketing to upgrade their brand, improve conversion rates, and increase their sales. All in all, digital marketing is here to stay! If you don’t where to start, The Email Marketers is here to help.

Founded in 2016, The Email Marketers is one of the fastest-growing email marketing agencies in California. We help brands grow through high-level and quality email marketing services. Our team offers a full-service email marketing service where you don’t have to think about the copy you will write, the design, and even the technical aspects of things. From copywriters and strategists to designers, we got them all for you.

Today, one of our clients left an amazing review on Clutch’s platform regarding their collaboration with us. Clutch is a B2B ratings and reviews platform based in Washington, DC. They evaluate technology service and solutions companies based on the quality of work, thought leadership, and client reviews.

5 stars on

This review gained a perfect 5-star rating which continues our consecutive perfect reviews on Clutch! Our client was an ethical fashion company named Adelante Shoe Co. The client hired us to help improve their email marketing services. They wanted to improve the performance of their unpaid marketing to alleviate some of their dependency on their paid search and social efforts.

Our team handled the copywriting, design, and campaign implementations. We create a marketing calendar monthly to make sure that the proper content is handed out to their customers. To optimize the campaigns, we use the A/B testing method to help learn more about the client’s customers and how we can improve our content and strategy further. Today, we are working with the client to improve their post-purchase flow. 

To explain more about the results of the collaboration, here is the Chief Revenue Officer of Adelante Shoe Co., Leah Russel:

“The Email Marketers is a highly creative team — their campaign ideas are incredibly clever, and their copywriting and design work are both exceptional. Since we started working with them, we’ve seen a 70%–75% jump in revenue generated from our email campaigns, which is more than we had expected. Furthermore, our open rate is consistently around 30%–35%.“

Apart from Clutch, we are also on the list of agencies on Top Design Firms this 2021. Top Design Firms compiles and organizes companies offering marketing, design, and development services. It aims to help buyers find the right company for their project.

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