How to Write Spectacular Product Launch Emails (For Any Industry!)

Melanie Balke
June 4, 2024

They’re an essential tool for any business. It doesn’t matter what you sell or who you are. Eventually, everyone has something new! It may be a straightforward product launch. Or, perhaps it’s a new feature or updated service. Whatever the announcement may be, a product launch email campaign should be your go-to method to rile up the crowd!

Moreover, thanks to modern technology, it’s easier than ever to send your own product launch emails. At a minimum, you need only the right subject lines and a remarkable idea! Of course, that bare-bones approach won’t win many hearts.

You need more.

You need something flashier.

You need a way to deliver all the relevant details to your target audience.

So, what does it take to supercharge your product launches with email marketing software?

What Are Product Launch Emails?

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A simple online search yields countless product launch email examples. You’ll see ideas for everything — from CBD online retailers and restaurants to everything in between. However, they all have a common feature.

Product launch emails announce something new.

The Different Types of Product Launch Emails

E-commerce businesses have the most straightforward examples. For these brands, a product launch announcement is exactly what it claims to be. It’s a widespread notification that something new and exciting is on its way.

However, there are additional types of product launch emails, namely:

  • Event Invitations: Are you hosting a public launch party? An event invitation is the perfect way to get subscribers interested in your shindig! Aside from promoting tangible interest, event invites build anticipation among existing and potential customers.
  • Feature Announcements: These email campaigns are commonly used by software-as-a-service (SaaS) brands. In this instance, you’re not promoting an entirely new product. Instead, you’re grabbing the reader’s attention with new functionality and updated services,
  • Future Sales Promotions: Pricing is one of the key selling points in today’s cash-strapped market. Consumers struggle to justify extravagant spending, so highlight the economic value of your idea. A simple sales promo may be little more than a price reveal. However, you can also include special pre-order or launch day prices.
  • Pre-Order Emails: A pre-order email should include a sneak peek of your upcoming releases. Tantalize the crowd and generate buzz by highlighting the best parts of your new product or feature. Aside from the essential details, most pre-order campaigns also include links to reserve a guaranteed launch date item.

The Launch Sequence

An announcement email can extend across multiple campaigns. This sequential approach to marketing forms an email sequence, which can dramatically amplify the scale of your product release.

Think of this approach as the difference between a one-minute television spot and a six-minute theatrical advertisement. The former example is a solo announcement email, while the latter is a fully realized email sequence. You can meet a few goals with a single email, but you’ll hit more buttons with long-form content.

A multi-stage product launch campaign also primes your audience with increased brand awareness. You can take things slow, revealing details in bits and pieces to generate excitement. Depending on your product, you can even cap off the crescendo of commerce with early access deals!

What Is the Purpose of a Product Launch Email Campaign?

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Of course, that still leaves the most important business question: “Why should I care?”

Even the best marketing automation platform has its limits. You must create the content and mold your audience’s expectations. The success of each email depends on your skills. Moreover, you must make and maintain a launch email template. It’s an undeniably arduous task, but it has its perks!

1. Create Anticipation and Generate Excitement

First and foremost, a product launch announcement email is an interest-builder. It informs subscribers of something new and encourages excitement. In some ways, it’s an email marketing beta test. It’s a to-the-point sample of audience engagement, a freestanding social proof.

Tweak Your Announcement Email Until the Launch Date

And let me give you a little insider secret…

Pre-launch content is invaluable. It’s more than a subscriber perk.

Businesses can also take advantage of these email campaigns! Use your pre-launch email template as a free A/B testing ground! Send variations and swap around key details to pinpoint the major pain point. Tweak those email subject lines to find the perfect attention-grabber.

If something fails, don’t sweat it! Use that sequence to your advantage and make amends with a refined follow-up email.

2. Inform Subscribers About Something New

The second function of a product launch email sequence is as apparent as the first. These campaigns must give subscribers a brief overview of what’s to come.

Don’t leave your content as a compelling subject line. Support those email campaigns with meaty body content. Tell your target audience why they should be excited. Read your emails from the perspective of current and potential customers.

Now, I must emphasize that your launch email does not need to include everything. You don’t need to reveal all the details; most campaigns don’t! They rely on natural curiosity, drawing a reader’s attention through the power of suggestion.

3. Drive Traffic to Dedicated Landing Pages

Those first two points were the most apparent functions of product launch emails, but some hidden benefits exist.

Well-written product launch emails can dramatically increase website traffic and interest. To take advantage of this, establish dedicated landing pages before dispatching those emails. Bake that landing page deep into the soul of your product launch email template, too! It will be one of the key features of your campaign.

Most e-commerce companies will use a clear call-to-action link to direct consumers to a pre-launch purchase page. However, you can also direct subscribers to a blog post or informative video. (In the latter case, consider embedding the video into the email body!)

4. Capture Early Social Proof

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Product launch emails can also generate hands-on interest. More specifically, they’re fertile grounds for early access to user-generated content (UGC).

Now, this won’t work for everyone. Physical products and secretive new features won’t be available. Moreover,  you probably won’t have a polished final product for interested parties. Nonetheless, these pre-launch goodies capture eager devotees and offer your brand some time to iron out any wrinkles.

You Can Keep Secrets!

Again, you don’t have to reveal every new feature. (Although such secrecy will be difficult if you’re releasing a new physical entry to any product line!) Likewise, you don’t need to include every brand-new feature in pre-launch exclusives.

You’ll see many wonderful examples of this tactic at play in the gaming industry. (Pun intended!) Both pre-order and pre-launch date campaigns often offer exclusive access to demos. These “first look” trials rarely include the entirety of the final product. Moreover, in many cases, demos lack in-depth features.

Alternatively, you can generate some interest with old-school “product feature” campaigns. Hint at an exciting product feature or detail, publish the video or blog post, and send an email!

What Goes Into a Product Launch Email Campaign?

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Those are the basic must-know facts about your run-of-the-mill product launch email campaign. These facts remain true regardless of the specifics. Even two markedly different launch emails will have the same goals and structure. Those similarities facilitate the proliferation of standardized launch email templates.

The Bare Necessities

Likewise, all product launch email templates will include a few necessities.

Think of these points as your must-know details. They’re essential information for SaaS updates and toy companies. They’re as valuable to e-commerce brands as they are to consulting firms. Every product launch campaign should include these points!

So, what are they? Well, you’ll always need…

  • A compelling subject line. Anything less than the best will deter engagement. Aim for an informative and exciting email subject line. It should be attention-grabbing and to the point.
  • The launch date. How will subscribers know about the product if they don’t know when to look for it? Always include the specific launch day in your email marketing. If it’s nestled in a lengthy email body, use formatting to make it stand out. Be sure to include any dates for events and pre-order acceptance, too!
  • Information about new features. Emphasize the best qualities of your new product or feature to encourage customers’ excitement. Pack every launch email with high-quality peeks at how this upcoming product will revolutionize the world. You can also include this information in post-launch email campaigns, which capture the “late to the bus stop” crowd.
  • High-quality photos. Compliment those email subject lines with plenty of amazing photos. Show real-life examples of your product in use. Tell readers why they need this product. At the same time, ensure your content is mobile-friendly. Use optimized images to guarantee your launch emails reach the largest possible audience.

The Nice-to-Haves

After you’ve found a good subject line, you can determine the specifics.

Do you want something complex? If so, there are many ways to make your product launches more exciting! These add-ons may not be essential, but they’re great ways to promote engagement and interest. Know, too, that this is not an exhaustive list! Email marketing is remarkably flexible. So, take these ideas as inspiration:

  • Alternative Emails: If your product is widely appealing, consider amplifying your impact with segmentation. This tactic will help you hone your target audience and improve your metrics. You can also segment individual items within your product launch email sequence.
  • Interactive Elements: Add spice and flair to your launch email by using interactive elements. Polls, tests, and countdown timers are common examples of engaging additions to any launch email. You may even have easy access to these advanced elements, as many modern marketing automation platforms include built-in content blocks to facilitate such content.
  • Personalization: Personalized content can be as simple as including a user’s name or as complex as individualized campaigns. Specifics aside, personalized email marketing usually earns better results. Even the tiniest touches can dramatically improve your new feature announcement!

Make Your Next Product Launch Email Shine

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I could make things longer by including email examples, but that’s a story for another time! Instead, I’ll keep this post short and to the point.

New product launch emails are essential, but they’re also tricky.

Even the best product launch email template can fall flat without the right body content. Moreover, who has time to tweak email marketing to perfection? You’re busy running a business; you can’t devote hours to micromanaging campaigns!

That’s why I founded The Email Marketers. My team of hand-picked pros understand the ins and outs of product launch emails and more. They’ve mastered the art of the pre-order email and perfected the complexities of compelling call-to-action links. More importantly, they can be your on-demand team of marketing experts!

Schedule a free consultation to see how The Email Marketers can help your business succeed. I’ll show you a personalized plan to turn your launch email template into a gold mine.