Email Basics: How to Print an Email in Gmail

Melanie Balke
March 26, 2024

It’s a simple question with many solutions.

How do you print an email?

While I specialize in email marketing, I love all things email. More importantly, you can’t understand email marketing without knowing the basics of your platform. That’s why I’ve started a series of “email basics” blog posts. These informative blogs are dedicated to the absolute basics of email messages.

I began with a vocabulary lesson. Now, it’s time to look at something more practical!

The Differences Between Email Platforms

First, let me say that there are many different email providers. The most popular are Apple Mail, Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, and Yahoo Mail.

Unfortunately, I can’t cover every platform in a single post. However, I can walk you through the basic process. Know that the specific steps may vary slightly from what you see here, but the process remains the same.

For this particular blog post, I’ll focus on Gmail.

How to Print an Email on Desktop Devices

Printing an email message from your desktop computer is a simple two-step process.

1. Select Your Email Message

The first step is to select the desired email message.

Avoid clicking the checkbox next to the subject lines. These will select multiple messages. Instead, click anywhere on the long bar across the main inbox.

You’ll be directed to the individual message. However, you don’t want to print the entire webpage. Printing from here will waste your expensive ink and spit out multiple pages of inbox clutter.

2. Find and Click Print

Instead, look at the upper right corner of the email. There, you’ll see a printer icon — it literally looks like an office printer!

In the screenshot below, the print icon is next to a small square with an arrow at the top right. It rests on the same plane as the subject line.

A screenshot of an email from Toggl Track.

Click that icon to open the printing window.

How to Print Email Messages on Mobile Devices

If you have a Wi-Fi-enabled printer, you can also print email messages from your phone. Nifty, right?

Most email messages will look the same when printed from a desktop or mobile device. The only exception is exclusive email campaigns, which feature unique layouts for different screen sizes.

Again, you’ll follow a two-step process.

1. Find and Open the Email Message

Begin by scrolling through your email messages. Tap the desired message to open it.

Regardless of your email platform, this opens the desired message. From here, the process is the same across (almost) every email service.

2. Find and Select Print

You’ll find a drop-down menu at the upper corner of your screen. It may be on the left or right; in Gmail, it’s on the right. The menu will likely take one of two forms: three parallel lines (a “hamburger”) menu or three stacked dots.

The mobile Gmail app. The drop-down menu is next to the unsubscribe button. The email advertises handmade frog-themed art from Tibby Bean.

Tapping this drop-down menu reveals more options, including “Print.” Tapping that will open the printing window.

Learn More About Emails

Need more help?

Most email platforms include a user guide. Unlike this blog, that handy built-in manual updates to match a platform’s current version. It also contains more information about additional inbox features.

Otherwise, congratulations! You can now print email messages.

Now, it’s time to master the art of email marketing.

Or you could let the pros handle it. Schedule a free strategy session. I’ll show you how my team of pros can take your emails to the next level.