How Ecommerce Companies Benefit From Targeted Email Marketing

Melanie Balke
March 9, 2023

Many customers are looking for a personalized experience when shopping on online stores and websites. Customers may also appreciate receiving targeted email marketing campaigns from the brands they follow. 

So, how does targeted email marketing work for ecommerce companies? Why is it considered the most effective email marketing strategy today?

Targeted email marketing is a marketing strategy that many online business owners use to get close and personal with their clients. Having the right data to create specific emails for a group can positively impact your sales since you can market a product that works perfectly for your customers.

Therefore, you must know how to create targeted emails and how you can gather the data needed for this successful marketing strategy. Continue reading because you can learn about targeted email marketing in this article.

What is Targeted Email Marketing?

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Targeted email marketing focuses on specific groups of people who are following your campaigns. This email marketing strategy lets you choose who will see certain campaigns that will push them to buy your products and services.

Targeted email campaigns have dominated the ecommerce business industry, and it's no surprise that many new businesses have adapted to this marketing strategy. If you plan to start targeted emails and want to learn more about how targeted email marketing works, you've come to the right place!

Benefits of Targeted Email Marketing on Ecommerce Companies

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You've heard about email marketing, but targeted email marketing is different. Since targeted email campaigns are gaining more attention because of their effectiveness, you should know the benefits of using this email marketing method.

1. Longer Customer Retention

Every business wants loyal customers, and a targeted email marketing campaign will guarantee you'll keep old and new customers. Personalized emails for certain customer groups make your customers feel noticed and understood, driving them to buy more from you.

Keeping customers means they need to be interested and engaged with your posts. Personalization of emails is great for getting your customers engaged and converting their click-through rates into sales in no time.

2. Increased ROI

Using a targeted email campaign will boost sales because you are delivering a message that resonates with them at that moment. If you stick to relevant messages that capture your customers' attention, they will buy from you, and you'll increase revenue quickly!

3. Improve Your Relevance

Sending the same email to different customers who don't share the same interests won't help grow your business. Instead of driving traffic toward you, you'll drive traffic away.

When you use email personalization, your potential customers will be more inclined to buy from you, encouraging more sales. Therefore, targeted email campaigns will ensure your relevance to existing customers.

4. Create Better Customer Relationships

Your current customers want to feel like they are part of your company, and one way to do so is to send them targeted emails. Don't send irrelevant emails without customer personas, especially if you're building a relationship with them.

Instead, create a more relevant message to encourage customers to purchase from you through personalized emails. This email marketing campaign will customize your emails using consumer data systems to target customers with the right message at just the right time.

Targeted Email Marketing for Ecommerce: How to Use It

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Targeted email marketing campaigns have always been the best marketing tool. This is because when you use your customer's data, like their purchase history, to understand a particular audience better, you'll send targeted emails that are perfect for them.

Once they see your email and purchase your product or service, you'll know you have succeeded in email marketing! So, here are some things you should know before using this email marketing tool.

1. Know What Data You Need

Before you create targeted emails, you need to understand your customers. You should know every customer's details to send different targeted emails to audience segments. The important details you should know and gather are below:

  • Name - You can use your customers' first names when addressing them in your emails. Easily do this when you have the right email marketing tool to personalize each email.
  • Age - The age doesn’t have to be specific. You can ask customers to choose between a certain age group so you can offer specific products to market to each age group.
  • Email Address - Always ensure that the email addresses customers give you are working and can receive your emails. Some customers may give out invalid email addresses that could negatively affect your marketing strategy.
  • Location - When you ask for a location, you can send targeted emails with products and services you offer in that area to boost your sales.
  • Gender - If you have products specific to a gender, asking for your customer's gender will help you get valuable information about what products best fit them.
  • Preferences - Your customers have different preferences, so ensure you know what each customer likes and dislikes.

Once you've gathered this data, you can create targeted emails for a particular segment. Promotional emails the right person receives will create more sales, while a relevant message sent to an uninterested person can lead to spam reports.

Therefore, you must know how to send your email campaign to avoid wasting your email marketing efforts. If you know your target audience, you won't have any difficulties creating sales.

2. Unify Your Data

If you have different platforms where you sell your products and services, it's best to unify the data you've gathered from these platforms. This way, it'll be easier for you to create the perfect targeted email campaign.

Unifying your data will also allow for easier updates on all your platforms. Then, you can create an email marketing campaign without going back and forth to different platforms to gather data.

3. Create Marketing Personas Based on the Data

Creating marketing personas guarantee that your audience segmentation won't go to waste. With each segment, you can create a persona that resonates with your target. For example, if you have an all-female group, your marketing persona must embody a female so you can connect with the people.

Digital marketing companies offer the creation of marketing personas based on the data you've gathered. This way, you can make relevant content for your email marketing platform and use this persona for your targeted email marketing campaigns.

4. Create Personalized Content for Targeted Customers

Creating personalized emails and content guarantees to connect with your targeted customers. Generally, a targeted email marketing campaign allows you to understand what every customer group is interested in.

Creating targeted emails and content will be easier because you've created the personas you need for this email marketing strategy. Also, it would be best if you asked the following questions before you create specific content:

  • What would you tell the customer to make them interested in your products or services?
  • How can you guarantee that a specific customer will buy from you and be interested in future campaigns?
  • What targeted email marketing campaign will interest a specific customer group the most?
  • In what customer lifecycle is a specific targeted group, and how do you properly reach out to them?

One way of telling what a customer is interested in is by looking at their purchase history. Then, you can create content for your targeted email marketing with this information. If you want a more relevant message, you can use other customer data systems to send targeted emails to customers.

5. Use the Right Email Marketing Platform

If you're looking for the right email marketing platform, consider the following:

  • Email segmentation by gathering customer information
  • Purchase frequency
  • Demographic data
  • Uses the best email marketing software
  • Can create a targeted email and subscription form
  • Do not have the same message for different customers
  • Can lead customers to landing pages

You should never settle for a subpar targeted email marketing platform because you need the best email marketing service to boost your sales and improve ROI. So, don't just use the first targeted email marketing platform you see; ensure you research before proceeding.

6. Test the Results of Your Targeted Email Marketing Strategy

When you start your targeted email marketing journey and notice that you are losing customers, you may need to test your email marketing strategy. You may have low click-through rates and your customers might have decreased purchase frequency, so learn why immediately.

If you have new customer information in your CRM database but you are not updating your subject lines, you won't reach desired results. Ensure you always check each targeted email marketing campaign you send out and see the results to know where you can improve.

Start Your Targeted Email Marketing Journey Today!

Indeed, email marketing will be your ladder to a successful business, and learning about targeted email marketing will guarantee you more sales in the near future! So, call The Email Marketers to ensure your overall marketing strategy is superb to generate more sales today!