How and Why to Use Email Marketing for Gyms

Melanie Balke
January 3, 2024

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again!

Email marketing is for everyone!

It’s a wildly adaptable medium capable of tackling any challenge. With emails, you can acquire, retain, and nurture your valuable leads. You can track your progress, improve your metrics, and monitor your results without a fuss. It’s every business owner’s dream multitool, and I’m here to show you how fitness business owners can use it to its full extent!

So, keep scrolling! It’s time to learn how email marketing campaigns can amplify your gym or fitness studio. You’ll also find examples of amazing email marketing campaigns to take your fitness brand to the next level.

Why Gym Email Marketing Works

An empty gym. “The Benefits: Why You Need Email Marketing.”

I’ll keep this section brief. After all, I’m constantly blabbering about the perks of email marketing!

Nonetheless, it would be foolish of me to continue this blog post without mentioning the many benefits of well-devised email marketing campaigns. So, dear gym owners, I’ve pared this marketing channel’s many boons to four must-know parts:

  • Its immediate effects — namely, customer acquisition
  • Its long-term effects through customer retention
  • Its perennial utility — more precisely, its ability to raise awareness
  • The undeniable affordability of the marketing channel

How Email Marketing for Gyms Boosts Customer Acquisition

The most obvious benefit of a fitness email marketing strategy (and, as a whole, any digital marketing strategy) is customer acquisition. Whether you’re a gym or fitness studio, you’ll find a way to bring customers into your fold.

And the real kicker is the medium’s widespread appeal. Unlike social media, email marketing reaches its audience directly. You don’t have to worry about finicky audiences and guesstimations. Once you’ve got your segmentation running, you’re ready to tackle any target audience! You can even use those email campaigns to herd dedicated recipients to your social media pages, further growing your audience.

Use Customer Relationship Management Tools to Maintain Relationships

But the fun doesn’t stop there!

Email marketing also improves your customer retention abilities.

Now, there are many parts to this perk. Frankly, I don’t have enough space to cover everything! For now, just know that email marketing can take your fitness business to the next level. Of the many ways to boost your customer relationship management skills, email marketing offers…

  • Constant contact through drip emails
  • Informative, timely content (e.g., class schedules, special events, and trainer availability)
  • Lead nurturing — an absolute must for new members — to satisfy everyone’s needs
  • Personalization capabilities for delivering personalized email messages
  • Targeted and relevant content (e.g., limited offers, loyalty rewards, and targeted discounts)
  • Trust-building content delivery (e.g., the latest fitness articles, regular newsletters, and tips from fitness professionals)

Raise Awareness With Delightful Email Marketing Efforts

Pay close attention to those last two points.

Targeted and relevant content often facilitates trust, so you can argue they’re saying the same thing. Regardless of the semantics of my blog post, the bottom line remains the same. Much like a good fitness challenge, a top-notch email marketing strategy generates endless growth. That welcome email becomes a seed, and all subsequent email campaigns act as water. Eventually, that seed grows and spreads.

Yes, you can keep customers informed and connect them to your social media accounts. You can cross-pollinate your marketing channels. But — more importantly — email marketing gives you a solid base to begin raising awareness of your fitness business!

Moreover, unlike every other digital marketing channel, email marketing is a one-stop shop. Your entire audience is always watching, waiting for that next hit of useful fitness tips. Your advertising campaigns always reach their mark, and your fitness center benefits from that goodwill.

Take Advantage of the Most Cost-Effective Marketing Strategy

Finally, I must mention the unparalleled affordability of email marketing.

This ultra-scalable marketing strategy grows with you rather than against you. Its affordable entry-level prices slowly yield to higher tiers as your audience expands, giving your marketing team plenty of time to plan for the future. Think of it as a good workout routine. You’re not looking to sprint to the finish. You want to grow organically, allowing your body to rest and acclimate to newfound strength.

Likewise, a cost-effective email marketing strategy offers your fitness business the ability to explode in popularity, but there’s no undue pressure to do so.

You can spend all your time wooing your existing customers or focus on amplifying the spread of your fitness brand. Unlike social media marketing, the choice is yours!

At the end of the day, a well-planned email marketing strategy has the potential to rake in an impressive 4,400% ROI, so why are you still “considering” it? Jump on the email marketing bus!

3 Amazing Examples of Email Marketing for Gyms

Of course, you can’t just send random messages.

Your email marketing campaigns must align with your goals and send the right message. Everything from your welcome message to your membership reminders should further your goals. You can’t grow your audience without some good ideas, and where will you find those ideas?

Well, that’s where I come in! It’s time for some group training! I’ve rounded up x of the best examples of fitness email marketing campaigns. I’ve dissected each and broken it into its essential parts, so get ready to see how the most successful fitness brands in the world grow and nurture their email lists!

Now, as a quick aside, these emails aren’t limited to gyms and fitness studios. I’ve curated examples from across the span of today’s fitness industry! However, you’ll quickly see how these emails can work their way into your marketing strategy.

1. The Incentivized Welcome Email

I’ll start where every customer begins their journey with your fitness business.

A welcome email is your first chance to make a positive impact. It’s the basis of every email marketing strategy, and it must meet your customers’ cumulative expectations. Otherwise, you’re starting off on shaky ground!

Fortunately, modern email marketing automation makes it easier than ever to reach those new members. More importantly, those same convenience features give you the power to deliver targeted, personalized emails.

So, what should your customers see after those sign-up pages?

The beginning of an email from Disco Country Club. The header offers a 10% discount code.

Let Your Fitness Business Shine

The first thing you’ll notice about this pickleball-themed email marketing campaign is its discount code. 10% off is a big deal, and you can bet the Disco Country Club webpage advertised that benefit to newcomers.

This isn’t for current members; it’s for new subscribers!

The conclusion of the Disco Pickleball Club email includes a second call-to-action link.

The second thing you’ll notice is the line of links at the bottom of this email. Those are the brand’s social media platforms, and they’re an essential inclusion for any burgeoning fitness business.

How else will you get your message to the world?

Yes, the welcome email is about forming connections and — particularly for gym owners — securing that gym membership. However, it’s also one of the most successful email marketing campaigns you’ll ever send! These emails have a whopping 30% average open rate and an even better conversion rate of 52%!

Summarily, it’s downright silly to ignore the power of a well-designed welcome email series. That’s like reading nutrition tips and deciding to consult an optometrist instead.

2. The Top-Notch Email Newsletter

My next example may be one of the most iconic uses of modern fitness email marketing.

Peloton is a household name, but it hasn’t always been that way! It’s taken years of hard work and reputation-building to establish this legacy. And — much like your gym email marketing campaigns — its strategy reflects its lofty aspirations.

Forget about the sleek design and gorgeous font choices. Focus, instead, on the high-impact headlines and built-in fitness challenges.

There’s no way to deny this email’s purpose. You’re looking at one of Peloton’s many targeted emails to support its virtual training programs. Moreover, its inclusion of existing members’ stats encourages subscribers to tackle ever-greater fitness challenges, further amplifying the effectiveness of this marketing automation.

The  Importance of Relevant Content

But how does this relate to your gym members? You (probably) don’t have a virtual training email series. You may not have even started the process of implementing email marketing!

None of that matters, though!

What’s really important is this email campaign’s ability to inform members of relevant news. In doing so, Peloton (and, by extension, your fitness business) encourages members to grow and thrive! It’s a win-win tactic. The business earns respect and adoration; the customer gains personal training tips and motivation.

You can take the impact even further by partnering with local fitness professionals. Like podcast guests, these respected minds add credibility to your information. They’re a way to say to your gym members, “Yes! We care about your health, and we have the personal training tools you need to succeed.”

3. The Seasonal Personalized Campaign

Finally, I have the fitness industry version of a yearly review!

Now, these campaigns won’t be for new members. Moreover, you probably won’t start with the information you need to push out truly responsive email templates like this Fitbit campaign. However, you have plenty of room to work some magic for owners of a gym membership.

Instead of thinking of hyper-individualized information, consider looking at the big picture. Ask questions like…

  • How many social media followers do you have? Did you gain more followers? Use that newfound community as a call to action!
  • How often were personal trainers tutoring your gym members? Your fitness center is always abuzz with activity! Let members know how much they’ve improved by showing them their dedication to their health.
  • What fitness classes did you offer? Did you add anything new? Maybe you gained more new members from those extra spin classes. Or, perhaps, switching up class schedules improved turnout.

Don’t Forget to Upsell

Of course, you can’t leave a good opportunity behind. Seasonal campaigns are a great place for upselling or promoting upcoming discounts.

The Fitbit email promotes additional perks and premium membership plans.

Spin that information in a way that appeals to your target audience. This makes even the most generic content seem like targeted emails. And — in turn — this increases the value of each gym membership.

Take Your Gym Email Marketing to the Next Level

It’s a lot of work, but the right email marketing software can amplify any fitness business. However, few business owners have the time to manage such a task! That’s why I founded The Email Marketers. My team of marketing pros knows the ins and outs of digital marketing, and we’ll make your brand shine.

Think of us as your personal trainers!

We’re an on-demand team of experts ready to tackle any challenge.

All you have to do is schedule a free strategy session!

I’ll show you how we’ll take your fitness email marketing strategy to its limit and push it even further. We’re here to supercharge your fitness business!