The Benefits and Uses of Email Marketing for Contractors

Melanie Balke
April 30, 2024

Email marketing is one of the most lucrative forms of digital advertising. It’s accessible, affordable, and supremely adaptable. More importantly, it’s useful in every industry.

Unfortunately, the most common use seems to be the most “recognizable.” Most people think of email marketing as a retail-only affair. However, that’s far from the truth. In actuality, email marketing is applicable to every niche. Today, you’ll find a diverse array of businesses investing in email marketing — from financial advisors to educational institutions. And, yes, it can nurture your contracting business.

The 5 Biggest Benefits of Email Marketing for Contractors

A 17th century etching of a hospital. "The Benefits: Why Your Construction Business Needs Email Marketing."

I’ll start by mentioning some of this marketing channel’s many benefits.

Emails have come a long way since the first mass email campaign in the 1980s. Today, they’re highly specialized forms of lead generation. Modern email campaigns have the power to engage specific leads on a seemingly individual level. They can engage consumers personally and bring acclaim to your construction business.

1. Email Marketing Is Flexible

Most of email marketing’s power comes from its supreme flexibility.

It shines where other marketing channels fail.

It lacks the length restrictions of conventional SMS marketing but retains the medium’s untouchable reach. It has the targeting abilities of social media campaigns without the limited reach of individualized communities. Thanks to its freeform nature, it also fills multiple functional roles. A skilled digital marketing professional can easily craft automated flows for every step of your customer relationship, prompting further engagement for a fraction of the cost of other channels.

For commercial construction companies, a competent email marketing plan is a one-way ticket to paying customers. As long as you maintain a positive relationship with your consumers and email service providers, you have one-on-one access to your target audience. More importantly, those leads can be easily separated into unique audiences.

2. Email Campaigns Engage Your Target Audience

That targeting power is email marketing’s second greatest strength.

Unlike social media marketing, emails engage everyone, including:

  • Current customers
  • Loyal customers (including those lucrative sources of repeat business)
  • Potential customers
  • Prospective clients

In fact, today’s email marketing is a self-contained way to tackle customer relationship management, even in a busy industry like construction. On the surface, email campaigns generate leads and engage curious browsers. However, its utility runs throughout the sales pipeline. An experienced email marketing specialist can create and run hands-free follow up email flows and regular automated emails. They can also establish a construction email schedule to consistently engage subscribers and direct critical business to appropriate landing pages.

Ultimately, emails are about more than generating leads. They’re an invaluable tool for any business, giving users the ability build relationships with email subscribers.

4. Emails Marketing Is Responsive

Now, take that a step further.

Email communication is a two-way street.

Yes, construction companies can automatically send promotional materials to consumers. However, email contacts can also send inquiries and concerns to those businesses. (This is, of course, assuming you aren’t using a no-reply email address.) Think of it as another layer of email marketing’s role as CRM software support.

An infographic describing the purpose of no-reply email addresses. "No-reply emails are used for managing contacts. Users can send content, but they cannot receive replies."

That interactivity is a must for construction email marketing.

Again, it boils down to the medium’s ability to service every stage of the customer journey. By opening the lines of communication, construction businesses and contractors gain trust with consumers. More practically, these enterprises also smooth out the sales process by giving potential customers access to the sales team.

Even past clients benefit from open email communication. Construction services are always looking for ways to entice repeat investors, and compelling email marketing campaigns are a powerful solution. These email recipients are, after all, re-entering the sales funnel as prospective customers. They’ll be no less entertained and enthralled by compelling subject lines and personalized messages as any other consumer.

5. Email Marketing Pays for Itself

Finally, I’ll answer the question every business owner asks first: Email marketing pays massive returns.

Yes, it takes skill and practice. You probably won’t master those personalized subject lines and gorgeous flows on your first attempt. You may not even perfect your construction company’s marketing on your hundredth attempt! However, once you find the perfect balance, email marketing becomes the most cost-effective digital marketing strategy.

By most estimates, every dollar spent on email marketing earns $32–$42 in return. That’s a massive 3,200–4,200% ROI! And it doesn’t account for any of the other key metrics. Email marketing for contractors also earns businesses more leads, more potential clients, and outstanding click-through rates. When a campaign isn’t earning direct income, it’s still doing plenty of work by raising awareness and directing users to your construction website.

3 Ways Construction Companies Can Use Email Marketing Efforts

A cluttered office. "Examples: How Your Contracting Business Can Use Email Marketing."

Summarily, email marketing for contractors is a big deal — literally and figuratively! It’s a practical solution to lead acquisition in today’s highly competitive construction industry.

However, you can’t send random emails. Nobody wants to get junk, and useless content will trigger spam filters. Eventually, that clutter will come back to haunt you. You’ll get blacklisted by service providers and email marketing software, which lowers your marketing emails’ reach and impact.

So, what should you send?

Honestly, a simple blog post of email marketing tips can’t tell you the answer. Your email marketing strategy depends on your business’ reputation, client base, and location. A massive multinational construction company won’t send the same emails as “Jim & Bobby’s Hometown Fencing.” You probably won’t even use the same key metrics!

Nonetheless, there are specific types of marketing emails everyone can use — including construction companies.

1. Welcome Email Campaigns

Your first priority should be your welcome email flow. These automated emails are sent to new subscribers, and they must reflect the best qualities of your brand. Yes, branding and image are just as important in the construction industry!

Fortunately, most modern email marketing software has built-in welcome flow automation. With a few clicks, you can link your website’s landing page to your email database and nurture your list.

Of course, the content of these campaigns is another matter. While you should strive to strafe spam filters, these introductory email marketing campaigns must showcase your brand’s most spectacular qualities. Use a clear subject line and eye-popping visual elements to earn more business. Balance the tone of your construction email with the expectations of your target audience.

And don’t forget to optimize your emails for mobile devices!

2. Follow-Up Email Marketing Campaigns

Your business relationship doesn’t end after the welcome flow, though!

You need follow-up flows to better court your prospective customer. These can be automated emails or direct mail from a sales worker. Either way, they require laser-focused email subject lines and hard-hitting content. Think of these as your subscribers’ reward for their contact details. At the same time, know that these campaigns are a blend of sales and marketing for construction companies.

Follow-ups should be a careful balance of persistence and information. You want to persuade those prospective investors with your email’s subject line, but you don’t want to intrude. More importantly, you do not want to land in the spam folder!

3. The Update Email Marketing Campaign

Finally, you can showcase your work to prospective and existing customers.

These campaigns will likely focus on visuals and in-depth industry knowledge. Tailor them appropriately.

Your subject lines should be clear and professional, and the content should pair with your stunning visuals. These campaigns are your team’s chance to shine and showcase their expertise, so use the space wisely. You’ll also want to double- and triple-check your mobile compatibility for such a visually rich email marketing campaign.

Let the Professionals Handle Your Email Marketing

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Needless to say, email marketing for construction companies is hard work. It requires research, analytical know-how, and strategic thinking. Then, on top of that, you’ll need skilled writers to craft attention-grabbing subject lines! And don’t forget the design and implementation specialists!

No amount of email marketing tips can save you from monetary bloat and inefficient work. Despite its many boons, email marketing for construction — and any industry, for that matter! — is only as good as its best worker. Unfortunately, it’s tough to find and retain those skilled workers.

That’s why I founded The Email Marketers. I assembled a hand-picked team of email specialists to help every brand conquer its marketing email goals. With countless years of cumulative experience, my team and I are ready to help any construction company achieve its highest goals.

Schedule a free strategy session to learn more. You’ll get a personalized plan for your marketing emails and an in-depth look at how a team of specialists can save your business time and money.