Why Your Business Needs Email Copywriting Services

Melanie Balke
January 23, 2024

Email marketing is a complex machine. It’s an ever-evolving concept, a behemoth made of countless moving parts. Each gear and cog may seem insignificant alone, but removing any of those tiny details brings the entire thing to a standstill.

Nonetheless, one facet stands above the rest. Email copywriting is the heart of the beast. Ignoring its importance is beyond foolish; it’s a one-way ticket to broken promises and dissatisfied customers.

That’s not to say you can ignore any of the auxiliary facets of email marketing.

Rather, I’m saying that your strategy must have reliable email copywriting services. To do otherwise is to invite failure. Even one professional email copywriter makes a huge difference, and I’m tired of pretending otherwise!

Today, I’m dedicating an entire blog post to the importance of email copywriters.

So, take a break from content writing and landing pages. Join me! Keep scrolling to learn how a skilled email copywriter is your brand’s most valuable asset as you climb the email marketing ladder.

What Is Email Copywriting?

Round keys on an Underwood 5 typewriter. “The Basics: What Is Email Copywriting?”

Like email designers, copywriting services support the bulk of your email marketing. While designers work visually, copywriters apply verbal pressure. They’re the backbone of your campaigns, and highly skilled copywriters can easily net and convert high-quality traffic with little more than clever prose.

I often find that many newcomers assume copywriting services end with writing emails. It’s in the job title, after all! What else could a copywriter do?


Copywriting Services Write Emails

Obviously, an email copywriter writes emails.

They work with clients to determine the right tone and cadence. Then, they manage the brand’s email copy. Beyond the body text, the email copy includes call-to-action links (i.e., “Shop Here!” and “Buy Now!”), headers, and subject lines. These individual parts combine to form cohesive email campaigns, but it’s not enough to write whatever you think!

Email Copywriters Plan Your Marketing

Email copywriting services also cover behind-the-scenes brainstorming. Your expert copywriter may work alone or — as is the case at The Email Marketers — alongside an email strategist.

Even a simple sales announcement can take several days to complete. Every campaign begins with a goal, from which the marketing strategy emerges. During this initial planning phase, an email copywriter (or strategist) considers:

  • Your Audience: Who is buying your product? You can’t boost sales without knowing your audience!
  • Your Brand: Every brand has a unique identity. How will your eCommerce copywriting reflect your business’ identity?
  • Your Business Goals: You don’t use the same content marketing to promote your social media accounts and convert customers. The metric goals of your email campaign determine its concept, length, and tone.
  • Your Flow: Is the campaign part of a “larger picture?” Flow emails (i.e., abandoned cart and welcome series messages) must work within their broader context. Moreover, they must be delivered in order.

The Email Copywriter Influences the Design

Many also forget this last bit. Copywriters must also work alongside the designers to create high-quality email marketing. Otherwise, you’ll get lengthy emails with bland visuals or short-form content marketing with too much visual content.

Summarily, copywriters must consider the design of an email when writing emails.

I must also emphasize the importance of cohesive design and writing for eCommerce brands. These businesses often send visually stunning emails, but any variation in a campaign’s verbal length would ruin the content’s layout!

Why Do Internet Businesses Need Email Copywriting Services?

The handwritten note on a postcard, dated October 11, 1918. Overlaid text reads, “The Benefits: Why You Need an Email Copywriter.”

So, with that said, why should you invest in copywriting services?

Surely, you can use slapdash AI and churn out countless campaigns.

Well, hold your metaphorical marketing horses!

The best email copywriting services have the power to dramatically amplify your brand’s marketing efficacy. An experienced team can handle existing customers and newcomers with ease. Moreover, unlike many “fast and easy” options popping up online, the inherent humanity of a marketing agency can turn otherwise skeptical subscribers into happy, paying customers.

Email Copywriting Services Prevent Mistakes

I’ll start with the obvious.

Email copywriting services prevent embarrassing mistakes.

Nobody wants a typo in their email. Similarly, everyone wants their email marketing to be clear and concise. And nobody wants their copywriting to end up looking like…


A yellow billboard reads, “Imagine more snacks than you can imagine.”

I’m not even sure what that billboard wants to say!

And unclear messaging isn’t the only danger of insufficient email copywriting services. You can also face the wrath of errant typos. (And the same goes for SEO copywriting.) In some cases, it’s as innocuous as mistaking “its” and “it’s.”

However, one innocent mistake can turn your otherwise genius marketing strategy into an enduring meme. “Yard sard” style.

(And, in case you didn’t know what “yard sard” is…)

Your marketing emails are precious. That’s a given, a sort of no-brainer statement. But far too many people assume their tiny in-house team will have the time and resources necessary to catch every mistake. They trust their content marketing to people. And, as we all know, people make mistakes! It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but nobody wants to get publicity from unfortunate and avoidable blunders.

While an email marketing agency prevents such embarrassing blunders, it’s the company’s internal email copywriting service that handles the brunt of this Herculean task.

Create Trustworthy Email Campaigns

Speaking of catching typos…

Ask yourself a question and be honest with your answer.

Would you trust an email riddled with copywriting errors?

Ideally, your answer is “heck no!” After all, poor grammar and spelling are the hallmarks of modern scammers. Even the slightest typos can result in blacklisting and — as an extension — wasted advertising. Few exemptions exist, and even fewer businesses make typos and spelling mistakes an intentional part of their email marketing strategy. (Although Age Hams, a prank mail company, is a notable intentional typo-lover.)

All of which is to say your email copywriting matters. It lays the foundation for email marketing’s eCommerce boost and nurtures strong customer relationships.

This is particularly true for high-value items and services. A typo in a simple eCommerce email is embarrassing, but it probably won’t ruin your reputation. It’s a different picture when looking at content marketing from doctors and lawyers. Would you want to trust your teeth to a dentist confusing “they’re” and “there” in their marketing emails? Probably not!

Increase the Impact of Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Trust breeds familiarity, and familiarity begets conversions. A well-written email marketing campaign caters to its target audience without condescension or pretension.

Unfortunately, designing such a campaign takes skill.

Remember what I said about email copywriters working alongside an email conversion strategist?

Well, there’s a reason for that!

In addition to penning fabulous, attention-grabbing content marketing, email copywriters must also align with a brand’s data-driven goals. For example, a conversion-based copywriter will excel within an eCommerce environment. However, their unique skill set may fall short when a brand’s content creation revolves around informative campaigns (i.e., periodicals and newsletters).

Know, too, that the audience matters. Yes, I mean this in a literal sense. The audience controls your content marketing and reach. But, in a more abstract sense, the audience controls your ability to gain more subscribers. An email copywriting service may excel at crafting a lead magnet yet fail to earn more revenue. Similarly, writers specializing in SaaS companies may fare poorly when asked to generate revenue for a B2C eCommerce brand.

3 Different Types of Email Copywriting Services

A 1930s steam engine. “Different Hats: 3 Types of Email Copywriters.”

Now, I want you to extend that concept.

Think of the many types of promotional emails you’ve sent and received. Each of these email campaigns had a purpose — from offering great deals or a free audit to converting customers for a much-needed eCommerce boost. And I’m certain most of these examples had mighty fine copy work. More importantly, they had specialized email copywriting services.

So, how many types of email copywriting services are there? I don’t think anyone can count that high! Similarly, many agencies blend their teams to promote balanced email marketing results. One email copywriter may specialize in B2B and direct sales, while another focuses on brand storytelling and small businesses.

These examples are just some of the many ways an email copywriter can drive sales. So, don’t let this list limit you!

1. The B2B Email Copywriting Service

Unlike more prolific B2C marketing campaigns, a B2B email marketer focuses on gaining and retaining the reader’s attention. The purely revenue-driven B2B email campaign is a rare breed. Thus, a B2B email copywriter must focus on establishing a “starter story” in their welcome email sequences. From there, the copywriter builds relationships with informative content writing and stellar customer support.

While some B2B marketing strategies have an established email list, others utilize the classic cold email technique. This adds another layer of complexity to the puzzle, as the email copywriter must now account for individual personalities.

When seeking the ideal B2B email marketing service, you’ll want a copywriting team ready to…

  • Engage leads on a personal level, going beyond run-of-the-mill personalization.
  • Guarantee customer satisfaction — often through targeted campaigns and automated support.
  • Maintain a professional yet personable tone across all email marketing materials.
  • Work with a lead magnet and create similarly engaging, informative content.
  • Write a cold email for any target audience.

2. The Conversion-Driven Marketing Agency

Flip to the other side of the marketing scale. B2C marketing emails are (generally) more diverse. However, the most common B2C marketing tactic drives sales and boosts business revenue.

These email copywriters have straightforward goals, yet success depends on a varied skill set. For conversion-driven strategies, the best email copywriting services must deliver…

  • Automation expertise to ensure every campaign reaches the correct target audience.
  • Creativity and ingenuity to craft data-driven campaign calendars.
  • Engaging content throughout each campaign. Yes, that includes the subject line!
  • Exciting language to promote daily deals and otherwise mundane sales.

3. Retention-Based Email Marketing

Finally, you can always play the long game. Retention marketing targets loyal customers. However, it also attempts to convert paying consumers to valued repeat customers!

These email marketing services often focus on automation, segmentation, and top-notch targeting. Ideally, these copywriters have the ability to…

  • Cater to multiple audiences and include everyone on your email list.
  • Hype up new features and products — (e.g., paid subscriptions or upcoming features) — with stellar email copy.
  • Increase customer loyalty with rewards and automated email flows.
  • Integrate other marketing channels, such as SMS marketing and social media profiles.

The Email Marketers: Your Perfect Fit

Overlapping leaves. “Less Stress: Let Us Handle Your Email Copy.”

So, how can you possibly find an email marketing service that handles all of that?

Well, I have great news. The Email Marketers is an email marketing agency founded to provide everyone with the benefits of this remarkable marketing channel. My team of specialists are trained to amplify your success.

We’ll handle everything. You can forget about subject line stress and landing page tweaks. Hand us your email campaign idea, and we’ll deliver outstanding results. We go beyond email copy, too. My team tackles your planning, scheduling, and design needs. We’ve worked with countless clients and pride ourselves in our mighty fine copy work.

All it takes is one free strategy session to see how our subject lines can change your business forever. You’ll get a customized plan to fit your needs. I’ll even show you samples of our email copy work! So, hit up that website contact form and prepare to be amazed.

You can even learn more about email marketing while you wait.