The 5 Best Email Marketing Experts in 2023

Melanie Balke
February 28, 2023

With new communication and advertising tools being introduced to businesses every day, email marketing is still one of the most effective methods to reach potential customers. But with all the competition it can be challenging to excel.

Partnering with the correct email marketing expert can do wonders for your business, which leads to success!

Do you have email marketing campaigns sitting in your draft for months? Maybe you’ve been using digital marketing but not seeing the results you hoped for. If so, successful email marketing experts can teach you a thing or two! 

If you’re looking to boost your brand through email marketing, here are the five best email marketing experts in 2023.

1. The Email Marketers

Palm leaves. "Option #1: The Email Marketers."

Email marketing is more than sending high-quality and appealing emails to your customers; you need a team of experts.

The Email Marketers understands that to bring your vision to life, you need talented designers, copywriters, strategists, and technical experts – and that’s what they are here for! 

The company’s remote team comprises marketing specialists and highly talented email and SMS marketers worldwide. Certainly, their marketing specialists with top-notch advertising backgrounds will help you develop an effective email marketing campaign, digital marketing, and email marketing strategy. 

As an award-winning marketer, The Email Marketers offers six primary email marketing services to ensure they can cater to your needs. Some of their marketing services include email & SMS marketing strategy, email campaigns, marketing automation, creative design and copywriting, email deliverability, list growth and opt-ins, and spam prevention and deliverability. 

All the company’s email marketing services and strategies aim to improve customer relationship management, boost digital marketing, and engage with customers to turn them into loyal ones.

Customer Reviews

Andy Patel (Founder, ROVE INNOTECH)

“Reached out to The Email Marketers to build personalized email flows that accurately and beautifully represent our brand and BAMM!

“The Email Marketers took the hard work off of my hand, spent more than enough time with me in meetings crafting the touch we needed in our flows, and BAMM, the emails were done on time and exactly as we wanted. 

“Working with The Email Marketers was an absolute pleasure. The flows they implemented are driving conversions for us every day. We couldn't ask for more, and I highly recommend working with them.”

Ali Manouchehri (Managing Partner, ZIZZO watches of Switzerland)

“The Email Marketers have had a fantastic value on our email marketing. Since email marketing is new to our team, they've helped us with their expertise and advice. They treat our business like their own and are willing to go the extra mile. Working with Email Marketers was among our best business decisions in the last few months.”

2. Mailchimp

"Option #2: MailChimp."

Empowering millions of customers worldwide to start and grow their businesses, Mailchimp is an email marketing agency that aims to be an all-in-one marketing platform for businesses. 

The firm’s email marketing experts and account managers can help you with data-driven marketing with their four main email marketing strategies. This includes design and email templates, email marketing automation, segmentation, email deliverability, and analytics and AI. 

If most email marketing agencies tell you about your marketing performance, Mailchimp tackles email marketing optimization and shows you ways to get more customer engagement and revenue.

Mailchimp“s email marketing strategy works in three ways: transform, convert, and engage. 

  1. Transform your target audience into loyal customers with Mailchimp's customizable email templates with an influential welcome email. 
  2. 2Convert curious customers with the agency’s customizable, drag-and-drop templates that improve customer journeys. 
  3. Engage customers with drip campaigns using Mailchimp’s AI-assisted email design. 

With this email marketing agency, you can enhance your digital marketing game by creating killer blogs, relevant content, and data-driven insights. Indeed, with the help of their marketing specialist and marketing programs manager, your business will dominate the competition with your email marketing strategy.

Customer Reviews

Melissa D.

“I like how Mailchimp keeps track of my audience and helps me categorize them for different types of emails. I also enjoy creating appealing and interactive emails for my viewers.”

Alex P.

“We've used Mailchimp for years with our clients. We generally choose it as the best option because many clients like to control their email marketing trends at certain times. Mailchimp has a relatively short learning curve compared to alternatives, and it's easy on the eye. In that sense, it offers the best of both worlds for our clients and us.”

3. ActiveCampaign

"Option #3: ActiveCampaign."

With hundreds of existing marketing automation that help you customize email marketing campaigns for your email subscribers, ActiveCampaign is the ideal email marketing software for marketing automation. 

ActiveCampaign offers personalized email marketing where you can craft email campaigns and newsletters and set up promotions to connect with your customers - all with the guidance of their marketing specialist.

The agency aims to improve the customer journey of its clients with its great automation features that simplify customer interactions. Generally, ActiveCampaign provides fast customer support for email consultancy, effective email deliverability, and other data-driven marketing strategies to boost your marketing.

Designed to manage constant contact and sales processes, ActiveCampaign offers more than 900 integrations and other marketing strategies. This marketing specialist helps businesses build marketing automation to increase email marketing campaign management and social media presence to boost customer engagement. Take your email marketing campaign to the next level with ActiveCampaign!

Customer Reviews

Beefy Marketing

“ActiveCampaign had the best marketing automation features and was highly intuitive. A real perfect mix of humans and technology.”

Morrow Audio

“Even though I'm the CEO, president, and founder of Morrow Audio, because ActiveCampaign is easy to use - I enjoy doing it!”

4. HubSpot

"Option #4: Hubspot."

HubSpot studies email marketing trends and offer excellent tools for a successful multi-channel campaign across various mobile devices and social media pages. Generally, HubSpot offers customer relationship management tools for free to track customer interactions automatically on different marketing channels and social media pages. 

With its easy drag-and-drop email builder that is mobile responsive, blasting successful email marketing campaigns through search marketing and digital marketing has never been easier.

HubSpot allows you to track your email marketing performance and analyze your sales activity in real time across all your marketing channels. You can access detailed reports on your brand's sales activity and productivity and spot opportunities for growth. 

Boost your content marketing with HubSpot's email marketing tools, where you can create great blogs and personalize your marketing emails without waiting on designers, IT, or a chief content officer.

HubSpot offers powerful features for a great marketing experience, such as email deliverability, database integration strategy, CRM, sales tools, email marketing, digital marketing, content marketing, SMS marketing, and more! One of the main reasons enterprises of varied sizes loves HubSpot is its free plan that allows you to send 2,000 emails and store unlimited subscribers.

Customer Reviews

Tim H.

“The system is so intuitive! Everything from ease of use via the drag-and-drop editor to the simplicity of the interface. Clean, easy on the eye, and relevant. Details of blog open and click-through rates at a glance make it super simple to appreciate the effectiveness of any efforts.”

Nicolette K.

“HubSpot Marketing has become essential to our team's communication with different audiences. We needed a system to separate marketing functions like contacts, assets, and teams. Marketing Hub lets us do that seamlessly, where every group has a unique experience when they log in.”

5. AWeber

"Option #5: AWeber."

Whether you are a freelance email marketer or a business with considerable marketing experience, you probably have heard of AWeber. This email marketing strategist is one of the world's oldest and most famous email marketing service providers. AWeber has powerful email marketing features, such as automatic RSS-to-email for social media marketing, AMP emails, and subscriber segmentation.

Additionally, AWeber’s AI-powered design assistant helps you build great email templates in seconds. You can boost your email marketing and digital marketing strategies using the latest email technology to stand out in the email industry. 

AWeber controls email deliverability from end to end and helps you analyze the results of your email campaigns with its pre-built reports and analytics.

With the help of AWeber’s marketing programs manager, you can grow your email list and ready-made landing pages. You can also add sign-up forms to your website and other marketing channels, and connect to your other tools to grow your list.

Get eyes on your content and boost your social media and digital marketing with AWeber’s campaign management!

Customer Reviews

Jay Baer

“Fantastic. So easy to use and intuitive. We're saving a ton of internal time.”

Jamila Bannister

“It's simple to use. It's easy. And it's like, I know everybody at the company.”

Check Out These Email Marketing Experts Today!

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