5 best email marketing agencies to work with

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January 4, 2022

5 best email marketing agencies to work with

There are A LOT of email marketing agencies out there, with more and more entering the market on each breath we take. And lots of them do a *good enough* job. But, hey, you want more than "good enough." You want great--dare I say, the "best?"

With the sheer multiplicity of email marketing companies out there, it wasn't easy to cull down to just 5 email marketing companies for a "best" list. Nonetheless, I managed :) After all, being passionate about the email marketing business and my own email marketing agency keeps my attention sharp as to what's going on in the industry.

The thing is, you'll want to choose your ideal digital marketing agency based on YOUR particular needs. Just like the customers on your email list, there are different categories, aka segments, that email marketing agencies fall into.

So we made this list more of a "best in their categories" list. That way, it's bound to be useful to your specific needs. These are the specialists, and, believe me, that's exactly what you want, a digital marketing agency that's smashing its niche. Then, when that niche overlaps with your needs, you'll know exactly who to call.

Below we'll go over the 5 agencies that, to my eye, are your best bets, and examine specialties that these top email marketing agencies offer.

I'll give you the background of each email marketing agency, what's makes them unique, who fits their "ideal customer profile" (or as marketers call it their "customer persona"), and a glimpse at some of their successful email marketing campaigns.

You'll get a bird's eye view of the types of agencies out there, the big players in their corners, and what to look for when you set out to work with a digital marketing agency.

Why Email Marketing Services?

Reasons Your Company Might Consider An Email Marketing Agency

First let's get this off the table: email marketing is one of the most effective ways for a brand to connect with its customers. Email has a higher conversion rate than social media, direct mail, or SMS, according to recent data. It's not going anywhere, either. It's arguably the best form of marketing, and it's certainly one of the most cost-effective. So your company NEEDs email marketing to stay competitive.

Proof That Email Marketing Works:

If you're like me, and you like to see the numbers, check out the data below. It should shed light on why email marketing is so effective and why a brand should invest in creating solid email marketing strategies:

  • With an estimated 4.3 billion email addresses globally, and an average of just over 2 email accounts per human being, about 2 billion people use email globally.  It by far has the greatest reach of all marketing.
  • So you thought Facebook and Twitter are where it's at when it comes to acquiring new customers? Think again: Email is 40x more effective than those social media platforms.
  • About  72% of customers prefer to be contacted by brands via email. The customer is always right, and emails are what they want!

What Email Marketing Needs To Do

Email marketing needs to drive consistent, repeat traffic to your website. A third of e-commerce brands' traffic comes from returning customers, according to MarketingSherpa. And where does this huge bulk come from? Email!

Email gives brands the opportunity to build value and engage with current and potential customers-- 40% of people say they sign up for a brand's email list because they are interested in receiving deals and discounts. With effective email marketing campaigns, brands can nurture relationships and deliver on that promise.

The existing customers a brand has are the customers that are most likely to buy from them again (see our blog on Retention Emails for more facts about this). Email marketing keeps these important relationships in play.

Typical Services From Email Marketing Agencies

Now that you see the light, so to speak, and are fully on board with email marketing services, you want to find the best email marketing agency for your brand or company. But before you plunge into finding a top email marketing company, you'll need to know what exactly full-service email marketing agencies do.

A full-service email marketing agency allows you to outsource your email marketing services by providing a team of people that can take over your email marketing campaigns. A digital agency will typically set strategy, create content, handle design, integrate with your other systems or website, automate your campaign flows and explain your results to you. Using the metrics and tracking a digital agency can create optimized email marketing campaigns for brands.

Yes, top email marketing companies do a lot! But here's the thing, it's a bit tough to find one agency that does it ALL well. So, for the purposes of this list, I decided to highlight email marketing companies that specialize and do a few things REALLY well.

Take a look at the list below to find 5 of the best email marketing companies. With no further ado, here's the list.

5 Best Email Marketing Agencies

Finally! After that lengthy deposition on all things email marketing, you got to the LIST. Heck, it's the reason you clicked the blog after all. Luckily it's fairly short, at just 5 email marketing companies, because I've curated it to be ultra specific--you'll know exactly which agency to turn to, depending on your company's needs. So without further ado, gentlefolk, the 5 Best Email Marketing Agencies:

1. Best for E-Commerce & Klaviyo: The Email Marketers

The Email Marketers

Hey! This one sounds suspiciously familiar...yes, this IS The Email Marketers website, so you had to expect it would appear on my Top 5 List. But the truth is, we've worked hard to really nail what we do right.

Now we offer a variety of services, but no one does e-commerce and Klaviyo like we do. To my mind, these are the two areas where we are clear frontrunners.

A Bit About Us

Though the company is based in Los Angeles, CA, our team is  100% remote. I made the decision to be remote before it was en vogue because I knew I could assemble the best talent by giving them geogprahical flexibility.

Our team is made up of the very best in design, copywriting, and strategy. We put everyone through a rigorous hiring process and make it clear that we're looking for the Lebron James and Serena Williams of Email Marketing.

By making sure each team member really rocks their niche, building superior processes, ensuring each team member has an appropriate amount of clients (and not 2,392), and last but not least focusing on consistently driving innovation we get the best of email marketing.

Our motto is: We care about our clients and their subscribers. The emails we send consistently focus on whether they are driving value for your subscribers.

On top of that, we look to build longterm partnerships with brands. Most of our clients work with us for 1+ year despite all our contractual obligations being month-to-month.

Our Specialities: Klaviyo

We're at our best working with e-commerce brands--and it helps that we know Klaviyo backwards and forwards. In fact, we're a Klaviyo Gold Partner.

You might wonder, what IS Klaviyo?

Klaviyo is a platform that helps brands tap into their data, with new and better ways of acquiring, engaging, and retaining customers. Klaviyo allows brands to create databases with customer profiles, transactional and browsing history, support queries, website hits, texts—and it's updated in real-time and segmented on the spot.

Klaviyo offers predictive analytics and smart features that improve performance. Gone are the days when a brand needs specialized programmers to create flows. Klaviyo's ultra-advanced platform maximizes email marketing.

Klaviyo also offers SMS capabilities and in our opinion - that is shared by the majority of people in the ecom world - is the best email service provider for e-commerce businesses out there.

Our Process For E-commerce Brands

We begin with a thorough kick-off call to ensure that we truly understand your brand, industry, and marketing mix. From there, we conduct a deep analysis to derive our email marketing strategy which includes your automated email funnel and email content calendar.

It's our job to take the stress out of running email marketing campaigns and we like to plan ahead (about 3 months).

Our email strategist, copywriters, and designers get together to ensure that we not only create the most beautiful, but also the most effective emails that drive sales. We focus specifically on segmenting and sending the most personalized emails we can. Because personalization = revenue.

With our marketing automations we ensure that the right message gets to the right client at the right time. From there, to keep the brand growing, we optimize on-site opt-ins and run list-growth campaigns.

We find this pronged approach works for ALL e-commerce brands, but we currently have a niche in food & beverage, and health & wellness. Maybe because we're food and health nuts?

Great Email Marketing Campaign Case Study From The Email Marketers

There are several case studies of which I am proud, but since I had to choose just one to give you a succinct idea of what The Email Marketers can do for a brand, I'll give you the numbers from our campaign for Llama Naturals. Our work with them included strategy, management, lifecycle automation, and list growth optimization, and they have been a longtime client of ours (and still are).

With Llama Naturals, our email marketing services (using Klaviyo) resulted:

  • +835% revenue from email
  • +522% orders from email
  • +50%  average order from email flow
  • +160% revenue from flow emails.

ROI was huge with Llama, and all from an effective and effectively run marketing campaign for this e-commerce business.

Quote From Llama Naturals CEO Brad Baum

“We worked with The Email Marketers to build our email flows and I cannot recommend them highly enough. It’s always hard to find good teams that can think strategically and also execute on the brand in design and implementation. They spent a lot of time getting to know the brand and really executed flawlessly from tone to design. The flows were super thoughtful and we’re already seeing a huge ROI.”

2. Best for Canadian Brand Insight: Longplay by Jess Chan based in Toronto, Canada.

Longplay Brands
About Longplay And Where They Excel

This Toronto-based digital marketing agency was founded by CEO Jess Chan and a team of DTC e-commerce executives--so they definitely know a thing or two about the industry. They're one of the strongest players in Canada and have a unique insight into brands based in or with large markets in Canada.

They work with clients on strategy, creativity, and operations; and their focus is on lifecycle emails and retention. The full-service Longplay team works as an extension of the client's internal team to manage email & SMS channels, from ideation to launch. If you're a Canadian brand, you can't go wrong here--they will set up your flows and automate + manage them.  

To sweeten the deal, Longplay offers a free consultation: a 90-minute free audit and strategy development call where they show clients how well their account is performing, areas of opportunity, and their unique approach to email marketing strategy to grow the account. Can't go wrong with that, amirite?

Great Email Marketing Campaign Case Studies From Long Play

On Jess Chan's LinkedIn, she shares this about client's they've helped:

  • Just Thrive ($70,066.25 in Black Friday email revenue, $33,347 from 2-day Flash Sale)
  • The Ohm Store (28.65% increase in sales in 60 days, 29% increase in Black Friday sales)
  • Best Self Co. ($218,580.75 from Black Friday campaign $30,729.26 from Post-Purchase Upsell).

Numbers don't lie. Longplay is killing it for these Canadian brands. If you are a Canada-based brand, this agency is a great pick for you.

3. Best for the EU & UK: 10M by Rod Lynn based in London, UK

About The 10M Agency And What They Do

The 10M Agency CEO Rod Lynn started his career as an email marketing freelancer, but grew frustrated because, though his emails were generating revenue for his clients, he felt the emails looked "eh." The problem was that most of his clients were sub 10M brands, and couldn't afford to make huge senior hires for in-house design teams or programmers.

An idea was born that would become The 10M Agency. Rod assembled a group of email marketing specialists and offer email marketing services to these "10M" brands so that they could outsource their email marketing service needs and bypass spending big on an in-house team.

Like Longplay is great for the Canadian market, so is The 10M Agency for the UK and EU ones. The 10M Agency designs an "Email Aesthetic" for brands, automates flows, and then holds monthly campaign planning and delivery with clients. They have an eye on what works for the UK market and are known to deliver. They also have a pretty strong niche in apparel and health & wellness.

Their digital marketing services include Strategy, Optimization, Management, Transactional, A/B Testing, List Growth, and list health, with a digital marketing manager ready to spearhead the campaign.

Case Study From The 10M Agency

On their site, this digital marketing agency highlights its work with Phyto-C, a premium skincare line. Using automated email flows, The 10M Agency had Phyto-C send relevant, personalized, and targeted emails in response to an action taken by their subscribers and customers. These automated emails have driven 23% of the brand’s total sales over the past year. The breakdown goes like this:

  • 23% Average % Revenue from flows
  • 40.10% Average Open Rate
  • 7.57% Average Click Rate
  • $3.60 Average $ per recipient

Not bad at all! UK & EU companies and brands that come under the 10M mark take notice! These could be the guys for you!

4. Best for Self-Learners: The Email Marketing Course by Chase Dimond based in Orange County, CA:

Chase Dimond

The Email Marketing Course From Chase Dimond

I thought I'd sneak a really cool find into this Top 5 list: The Email Marketing Course from Chase Dimond. Though Chase founded the highly successful Boundless Labs digital marketing agency, I'm going to talk about his email marketing course here.

Why? Because the course is a great fit for those of us who may be too small to work with an agency quite yet which is something I see on our initial strategy calls all the time.

Chase's course can turn YOU into a top email marketer! Seriously, though, it's a great resource for digital marketers at every level and gives a solid overview of why email marketing works and best practices.

And, come to think of it, it's never a bad idea for a client to have an idea of what an email marketing company should be up to, so even non-email marketers might take an interest here.

Who's Chase Dimond?

Chase Dimond is a big believer in the power of email--he's a self-professed E-Commerce Email Marketing Nerd. And he's no slouch at it: sending over 1 billion emails resulting in $75+ million in email attributable revenue. You read that right. 1 Billion.

The cool thing about Chase is that he offers courses to help brands and other email marketers leverage the full power of email marketing. In his own words:  

"The reason I gave away so much in this course is because I think it can help a lot of people. I know people that have gone from working at an average day job, to charging $5,000 a month for a retainer (or multiple retainers)." You get the sense he's fully there to serve clients and students.

Chase is also a Klaviyo Partner and as such is posed to teach the platform from inside out. Priced at $749, Chase's Email Marketing Course covers:

  • Klaviyo Account Setup
  • Email Collection via Signup Forms (3 Different Types)
  • Core Email Flows (11 Different Flows)
  • Core Email Campaigns (12 Different Campaigns)
  • List Segmentation (Year Round + BFCM Specific)
  • Best Practices + Helpful Tips (such as A/B Testing)

As you can see, it's a pretty thorough deep dive into email marketing, great for freelancers or email marketers working at email marketing agencies.

Testimonials Praising Chase's Courses

The course seems to be working! There are loads of exciting testimonials online on the course page. Here are a few:

"Wanted to reach out in appreciation. We did $4,759.10 in revenue today. We're improving! About 3/4 of this from email, our best day ever. I’ve been learning so much from you. Thank you!” -Joey Biery

"Your course is now required watching in the SOP for my in-house email team, honestly changed the email education game with this one man. I’m really not trying to gas u up, boost ego, or curry favours man. I’ve literally been thirsting for GOOD email content for 2 years.  It's impossible to find. Email marketers generally keep their info hush." -Dave Nash

Interested? You can learn more here: https://chasedimond.podia.com/

5. Best Freelancer Connection: MarketerHire

MarketerHire And Who Might Need Them

You got me--it's another entry in the Top 5 that isn't exactly a digital marketing company. MarketerHire is the site where you can find top-quality freelancers to serve your digital marketing needs. This might be a good fit for a brand that isn't quite there yet to hire a full agency but also doesn't have the bandwidth to do email in-house. Again, something we see all the time.

MarketerHire makes it easy to hire great marketers. With pre-vetted talent and expert hand-matching, brands searching for digital marketing solutions can add a proven marketer to their team in less than a week.

You can find tons of different business services on the site, including and not limited to:

  • Paid Social Marketer
  • Web Design
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Marketer
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Email Marketer
  • Social Media Marketer
  • Social Media Management
  • CRM Consulting
  • Digital Strategy

So Who Needs MarketHire?

Say you have a designer and copywriter in-house --  then Marketer Hire is a great option to get an Email Strategist alone as a freelancer to round out your in-house creative digital agency, without spending a lot on a long-term hire.

From there, the freelancing strategist can act as a managing director and give your business a hand in business growth, e-commerce development, lead generation, optimizing marketing channels, conversion optimization,  and the like, with targeted marketing strategies for large and small businesses alike.

Raves Re: Marketer Hire

Everyone loves a good review! Before you jump into using Marketer Hire, you want to see some receipts. We pulled these from the site:

  • "We are obsessed with our freelancer Savannah, who we found through MarketerHire. She's been one of the best things that has happened to our team." -Corinne Crockett/VP of Marketing - Outer
  • "Results in the first 30 days blew us away.” -Jeff Haynie/Co-founder and CEO - Pinpoint
  • "You can have an expert spun up almost instantly, which is a rare luxury in the business world.” -Austen Allred/Co-Founder and CEO - Lambda School

Final Thoughts On The 5

I hope you walk away from this blog post with a bit more knowledge about 5 great resources for email marketing services. Each of these entries has made a name for itself by putting in the work and consistently delivering impressive results.

Before you begin working with any agency, you'll want to have a conversation with them in order to make sure your values and objectives match. Most companies will offer a free consultation, and from there you can get a feel to see if their ethic will fit with you. Don't hesitate to ask them to lay out the specifics of what they will do for your companies, have them site case studies, and there's no harm in asking them to pitch themselves. The question "Why should I work with you?" goes a long way.

Whether you're looking for a full-service digital marketing agency, looking for freelancers, or want to dig into the art of email marketing on your own, these companies won't let you down.