The 5 Best Email Marketing Agencies to Work With

Melanie Balke
January 4, 2022

There are a lot of email marketing services out there, and the water’s only getting muddier with time. As digital marketing continues its dominating rise, more and more email marketing companies are popping up! This is great for giving business owners plenty of options, but it doesn’t exactly make for an easy search.

A photo of two people working on laptops. Overlaid and centered header text reads, “The Top 5 Best Email Marketing Agencies to Work With.”

Fortunately, as someone who’s been on every side of the digital marketing desk, I know a thing or two about email marketing. I’ve been in the pits working on content marketing, and I’ve been on both sides of the negotiation table.

When you’re trying to hire a new marketing partner, you need the best email marketing services out there. You need someone you can trust to make your business boom.

To help you out, I’ve spent some time scouring the web.

After gorging myself to the point of bursting from reviews, I’ve picked out five of the best email marketing services, so buckle up and get ready for the ride!

Why Work With an Email Marketing Agency

Of course, I can’t make things too easy!

Before I get to the list, I want to highlight a few things about digital marketing. It is, after all, a complex business!

When people come to me and ask for help with their marketing strategy, I always start by asking them one question…

Do you have a digital marketing agency?

Multiple people sitting in a meeting room. The photo has overlaid and centered header text: “Why Your Business Needs a Marketing Agency.”

“But!” I can already hear the naysayers crying, “Don’t you work for an email marketing agency? Obviously, you want small businesses to invest in your services.”

Well, yes. That’s how business works.

But I also want to see other businesses succeed, and that means advising them on what to do. And, if you want to succeed in today’s oversaturated and complex markets, you absolutely need to have a solid digital marketing strategy.

You can build one yourself.

You can spend hours and hours and hours researching constantly changing trends and browsing the latest memes. You can ignore the other aspects of your business to teach yourself everything you need to know about creating email campaigns, Google ads, and search engine optimization.

Or you can invest in a strategic marketing partner.

What Does Good Email Marketing Look Like?

Studies have shown that over half of the world’s population — or, to be a more specific, 65% of the population — remembers more information when it’s presented to them visually. So, let me explain this with an example.

Here’s an email from Squishables, an ecommerce business that specializes in producing adorable, huggable plush toys:

A screenshot of an email marketing campaign from Squishables. The main headline is, “New Squish!” Two plush toys are shown on top and three dinosaurs are shown below. The image has a soft, cool palette. Beneath the photo is legal text and a large salmon pink button labeled, “Go Look!”

That’s some good stuff, right?

It’s bright, eye-catching, and exhibits some lovely web design. The call-to-action is bold, and its bite-sized message makes for a quick read.

Now, what would happen if the brand didn’t have an email marketing team?

What if they simply sent some basic copy and a link?

Well, you’d get something like this:

Our Mini Sparkles in Donut and 15” Coffee Pot plushies have just launched!

We also have three adorable new dinos in the works.

Our 15” Apatosaurus, 15” T-Rex, and 15” Stegosaurus are now available for preorder!

Go look!

Be honest…

Which of these emails would you be more likely to engage with?

The Power of Email Marketing at Your Fingertips

While emails are a powerful marketing tool, you can’t expect to master the art alone. You need to have multiple team members at your service. Good email campaigns are more than text. They’re a combination of visual artistry, copywriting services, relevant information, and web design.

Yes, you can do it all in-house. You can hire a whole team of experts to formulate and execute your marketing strategies. However, that isn’t the most economical option.

If you want your digital marketing to shine, then you need an email marketing agency. With one of these teams at your side, you gain low-cost digital marketing solutions and a group of experts. A full-service email marketing agency will be able to handle every part of your campaign management — from the copywriting and design to the final implementation — and all your business needs to do is find the right team.

What Are the Best Email Marketing Companies?


Now that that’s out of the way, it’s time to get to the part that everyone has been waiting for… the list!

A photo of a keyboard with overlaid header text, which reads, “What Are the Best Email Marketing Companies?”

After careful research and consideration, I’ve narrowed the search to these five agencies. All of these companies offer their clients the tools necessary to succeed in email marketing. They all have amazing teams of email strategy experts, and every single company on this list is backed by plenty of reviews, testimonials, and satisfied customers.

So, enough dawdling!

Let’s get started!

5. 10M: Ecommerce Email Marketing for Europe and the UK

Founded in 2018 by Rod Lynn, 10M is the top email marketing agency to check out if you’re located anywhere in the EU or UK.

A photo of the ocean with overlaid header text: “10M: Ecommerce Email Marketing for the EU and UK.”

Its primary focus is creating, maintaining, and executing high-growth marketing strategies. In addition to email marketing services, 10M’s team is well-versed in project management, social media marketing, and paid media marketing. This means that your dedicated account manager will be able to handle anything you throw their way.

This digital agency is headquartered in London, England, but its service area is absolutely massive! Anyone in Europe who needs an email marketing solution can contact 10M, and its team will work hard to find the perfect strategy.

10M’s Email Marketing Services

So, with all of that hype, what does 10M do?

This digital marketing agency specializes in emails. It’s an all-in-one full-service email marketing agency, and its team is absolutely fantastic!

10M’s team is one of a small number of email marketing firms that only handle emails.

While this may seem odd, it actually has plenty of benefits. Unlike full-service digital marketing agencies, companies like 10M are able to give customers exactly what they need without any extraneous add-ons. There are no extra packages to buy or useless upsells. All you get is solid email marketing for a kick-butt price.

At 10M, clients receive all of the perks of a full-service email management agency, namely:

  • Campaign management services
  • Campaign monitoring reports
  • Comprehensive A/B testing
  • Email marketing audits
  • List health monitoring
  • Reliable email automation
  • Robust email marketing strategy plans
  • Transactional email templates

The Results: A 10M Case Study

At the end of the day, ecommerce businesses need to know about the numbers. How well did 10M perform in a practical setting? How did email subscribers respond to its messaging, and do those numbers justify its place on this list of the best email marketing agencies?

I’ll let you judge for yourself!

Phyto-C’s success story is a case study straight from 10M’s website. After hiring 10M as a marketing partner, this brand saw immediate results. Its revenue blossomed, and open rates were off the charts! To be specific, Phyto-C’s partnership with a 10M email marketing team resulted in:

  • 7.57% click rate
  • 40% average open rates
  • $3.60 average profit from recipients
  • 23% average revenue from email flows

Now, it’s up to you to decide if 10M is worthy of the title. It may be on my list as the best email marketing agency for European audiences, but you need to decide if this brand’s email marketing tools are right for you.

While you mull that over, consider the next entry on the list…

4. The Email Marketing Course: Learn the Skills You Need

Let’s hop back across the continental divide and settle into sunny Orange County, CA. Here, we’ll find The Email Marketing Course. This fantastic email marketing crash-course was started by Chase Diamond, who also created the highly successful Boundless Labs agency.

A photo of the coast of San Diego, CA. Overlaid and centered header text reads, “The Email Marketing Course: Learn the Skills You Need.

Now, this obviously isn’t an email marketing company. It’s a tool. But, you know what? It is one of the absolute best tools out there. This handy lesson plan will teach anyone the skills they need to dive headlong into the deep end of content marketing.

Chase Diamond’s course can be combined with any email marketing service. Regardless of whether or not you have an email marketing company lined up, you can always benefit from knowing a bit more. Understanding how your team creates it digital marketing strategies can help you refine how you speak with your dedicated marketing consultant, which will ultimately help both sides reap better results.

The ABCs of Email Marketing Strategy

For a one-time fee of $749, anyone can learn the ins-and-outs of email marketing.

Chase Diamond’s fantastic lessons are well worth the investment, and you can share them with as many team members as you’d like. In fact, your entire company can benefit from these email marketing strategy boot camps!

As the founder of one of the top email marketing companies in America, Chase Diamond knows a thing or two about marketing. He knows how customers work, and he knows how to turn natural human urges into profit for ecommerce businesses.

The Email Marketing Course is meant to turn anyone into an email marketing expert, and its lessons cover topics such as:

  • Best practices and helpful tips
  • Core email campaigns
  • Core email flows
  • Email collection vs signup forms
  • List segmentation
  • Marketing automation
  • Klaviyo account creation and management

Results Worth Bragging About

The information that you’ll learn from Chase Diamond’s amazing course is absolutely invaluable. It’s packed with years of experience, all of which were gathered by working with many different email marketing agencies.

Reviewers absolutely love this course. It’s constantly receiving praise for its comprehensive coverage of content marketing. Moreover, these lessons are linked back to every marketer’s main goal: creating a complete and effective email marketing strategy.

3. Longplay: Strategy, Retention, and Value

My next email marketing agency pick pops a pin in Toronto, Canada! Here, I’ll take you to the headquarters of Longplay, a full-service email marketing agency founded by Jess Chan.

A photo of the Toronto, Canada skyline. Overlaid and centered header text reads, “Longplay: Strategy, Retention, and Value.”

Longplay is about more than running a successful email marketing campaign. At Longplay, you can expect to receive email marketing strategies that blow your competitors out of the water. And why is that, eh? It’s because Longplay’s marketers are in it to win it, and its email campaigns are built for conversion and retention.

Behind closed doors, you’ll find a team made of direct marketing experts. The staff of Longplay have decades of cumulative direct-to-consumer sales, and that insider knowledge is what makes this my next pick on my list of top email marketing companies.

Longplay’s Email Marketing Services

In addition to having an in-house email marketing software, the Longplay team offers a free 90-minute consultation. This preliminary visit is perfect for testing the waters. You’ll be able to figure out if Longplay’s strategy works for you, and you’ll get firsthand experience from an industry leader.

However, if you don’t have 90 minutes handy right now, I have a quick overview ready.

Longplay focuses on creating one-of-a-kind email and SMS marketing campaigns for its clients. Its primary focus is design and implementation, and both of these services are underpinned by strong strategic knowledge. Its flagship services are:

  • Audits and email strategy sessions
  • Email marketing creation, design, and implementation
  • Flow creation and optimization

Anact’s Longplay Journey

Let’s keep the pattern going and dive into Longplay’s results.

This is the story of Anact, a Kickstarter-turned-direct-to-consumer ecommerce brand.

After the company was founded, its staff quickly realized that its digital marketing services were lacking. Its social media presence was waning, and this sustainable towel company needed a good marketing agency to save it.

Anact turned to Longplay, and this internet marketing partnership would turn out to be the beginning of a prosperous team.

Longplay worked closely with Anact to tie all of its marketing together into a single automated flow. With its powerful campaign management skills, Longplay created an easy hands-off flow for Anact’s customers. Every element of the campaign — the creation, copy, design, and implementation — was handled in-house by Longplay. Anact, meanwhile, had all the time in the world to tweak its social media marketing and essential internal infrastructure.

The end result of this was an extensive network of unique flows, which could easily be carried across multiple email marketing platforms.

This is the power of Longplay, and it’s why Longplay is my pick for the best email marketing company for customer retention.

2. MarketerHire: Find Help for Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Okay, so MarketerHire isn’t exactly an email marketing agency. In fact, it can’t really be considered a digital marketing agency, either. But it’s one of the absolute best ways to find freelancers.

A minimalist office with overlaid header text, reading, “MarketerHire: Find Help for Your Email Marketing Campaigns.”

Sure, you won’t get a full digital marketing agency, but you will be able to cheaply recruit someone to spruce up your email marketing. This is a lot cheaper than investing in a plan with a full email marketing company, which makes it a great way for burgeoning small businesses to get their foot in the door.

At MarketerHire, brands can get in touch with individual email marketing experts, some of whom have worked with the top marketing agencies in the world for years.

Its services also extend beyond the barriers of email marketing. MarketerHire can help you find a pro to refine everything, including your social media marketing plan and search engine optimization.

Why Hire a Freelancer?

This may seem like an odd inclusion for a list of the best email marketing companies, but a freelance website may just be the best option for your brand. A single marketing agent is must less expensive than an entire marketing agency.

Moreover, if you need something else — such as mobile app development or search engine optimization — you can find someone to help. Again, a freelancer from MarketerHire will be much less than a bundled email marketing plan from a standard digital agency.

What People Are Saying

So, what about the results? How does a freelancer from MarketerHire compare to some of the top email marketing agencies in the world?

Well, I’ll let you decide! MarketerHire boasts countless five-star reviews, many of which praise its affordability and ease when compared to working with full email marketing companies.

Some notable clients of MarketerHire include:

  • Anhauser-Busch
  • Buzzfeed
  • Ebay
  • Grindr
  • Hello Fresh
  • Logitech
  • Netflix

One of the most common points of praise is integration. Unlike an outsourced agency, a freelance digital marketing consultant can quickly and easily enmesh themselves into your team. These individuals will get hands-on first-person experiences that the top email marketing agencies in the world will never see. This means that their digital marketing plans will be truly and wholly unique. Everything they do will be made to work for you — and only you.

1. The Email Marketers: Your One-Stop Shop for Ecommerce Email Marketing Services

So, you’ve seen the numbers in the heading. I’ve been counting down, and it’s time for the big reveal.

My top pick for all-around email marketing is The Email Marketers!

The coast of Hawaii with overlaid header text, which reads, “The Email Marketers: Your One-Stop Shop for Ecommerce Email Marketing Services.”

This hand-picked team of experts uses only the best email marketing software, and the results are absolutely stunning. Regardless of what you’re selling, The Email Marketers can make your email and content marketing shine.

The Email Marketer’s Email Marketing Services

Like all of the other entries on my list, The Email Marketers is a digital marketing agency that is dedicated to emails. Its team eats, sleeps, and breathes emails, and everyone is constantly checking in on the industry’s current trends.

This means that you’ll get exactly what you pay for: top-of-the-line email marketing, marketing automation, and implementation. You can also opt into our fantastic SMS marketing. There are no other services to tack on, and you don’t have to worry about waking up to find yourself subscribed to umpteen different (and expensive) software add-ons.

Alongside these paid features, there’s also plenty of content on my blog. (Yes! The one you’re reading right now!)

I’m constantly updating the blog with new information about campaign management, content marketing, email strategy, marketing automation, and more! Here, you can learn about a wide range of topics, including:

Llama Naturals’ Email Marketing Strategy Boom

I’ll wrap things up by telling one of my favorite stories!

Llama Naturals is an absolutely amazing brand, and we love working for them. When they first came to us, they were in desperate need of some email marketing services. Their content marketing wasn’t living up to modern standards, and we — the team at The Email Marketers — needed to do something fast!

So, we brainstormed.

We quickly found a way to target customers and optimize this brand’s content, which resulted in some massive payoffs.

How big were these payoffs? Well, how about…

  • An 835% increase in revenue from email marketing
  • 522% more orders from emails per week
  • An additional 50% lifetime value for every order
  • 160% more revenue from flow emails

That’s a lot of growth, and I’m proud to say that The Email Marketers made it happen!

If you’re ready to upgrade your marketing strategy, then it’s time to give me a call! Consultations are free, and they include a fantastic 90-minute marketing strategy session. It’s time to make your email marketing shine, and I’m always ready to tackle a new challenge.