5 Best SMS Marketing Agencies in 2022

Melanie Balke
August 2, 2022

SMS marketing is a powerful tool that can help ecommerce businesses reach and engage their customers. There are numerous SMS marketing agencies in the market and it can be difficult for businesses to find, vet and select a high quality SMS marketing provider.

A photo of Los Angeles. Overlaid header text reads, “The 5 Best SMS Marketing Agencies of 2022.”

We've compiled a list of the 5 best SMS marketing agencies by niche along with their services below.

Best for Ecommerce

A photo of a neighborhood street in Los Angeles, California. Overlaid and centered header text reads, “Best for Ecommerce: The Email Marketers.”

The Email Marketers is the best ecommerce SMS marketing agency. Ecommerce companies often leave thousands of dollars on the table with abandoned carts, disengaged customers and a lack of communication with their customers. The Email Marketers helps solve all of these problems with their robust and powerful SMS marketing services. The services include:

  • Conversational SMS marketing: The Email Marketers can help you leverage chatbots and other automations to converse with your customers. With this, you can communicate easily with your customers and automate many parts of your customer service workflow. 
  • Reminders/celebrations: Reminding customers of  their abandoned cart items or sending them a coupon code for their birthday are just a few of the ways The Email Marketers can help you increase sales and loyalty with your customers. You can easily  set up these reminders and celebrations and ensure you develop a relationship with your customers. 
  • Abandoned carts: Abandoned carts are  a huge issue for ecommerce businesses. The Email Marketers can help you recover these carts with their powerful SMS marketing services. You can send cart reminders, shipping reminders, and more to customers who have abandoned their carts. 
  • Shipping status: Another great way The Email Marketers can help you leverage SMS marketing is  by sending shipping status updates to customers. This can help increase customer satisfaction by keeping them in the loop on their purchase. 

Best for Omnichannel Marketing

A photo of an observatory in Los Angeles, California. Overlaid header text reads, “Best for Omnichannel Marketing: The Stable.”

The Stable is one of the largest commerce agencies in the U.S. and they have a variety of SMS marketing solutions for businesses. They have over 400 employees and have worked with some of the leading brands in the world like Hershey's, Spanx, Samsung and Netflix. Their SMS marketing team enables businesses to set up SMS automations and campaigns to engage with their subscribers.


  • Account setup: The Stable team can help start your SMS marketing program for your business. This includes reviewing your customer database, designing opt-in forms and setting up drip campaigns.
  • Ongoing support: The agency offers ongoing support to ensure that your SMS marketing program is successful. This includes help with designing campaigns, analyzing results and providing recommendations for improvement.
  • SMS strategy: With a 98% open rate for campaigns, The Stable can help craft the best SMS marketing strategy for your business. This includes understanding your goals, analyzing your customer data and designing campaigns that will engage and convert your audience.

Best for Retail

A photo of a typewriter keyboard with overlaid header text: “Best for Retail: Text2VIP.”

Retail is one of the most lucrative industries for SMS marketing. With SMS, companies can send promo texts,  flash sales, order updates and more. Text2VIP is the best SMS marketing agency for retail organizations. They've worked with brands like Chick-Fil-A, Hardees and more. They have a software that makes it very easy for retailers to afford SMS marketing.


  • 1 on 1 training: Text2VIP offers 1-on-1 training with a few of their offerings. You can have one of their consultants teach you how to use SMS marketing and craft a strategy that can work with your retail location.
  • Text2VIP software: Text2VIP has software that can automate the entire SMS process. The software starts at $23/month and you can scale your plan as you continue to increase the volume of your SMS campaigns.
  • Up to 50,000 messages per month: Text2VIP allows businesses to send up to 50,000 messages per month. This is great for businesses that want to send out a high volume of SMS messages and need an agency that can handle their scale.

Best for Small Businesses

A photo of Los Angeles with overlaid header text, reading, “Best for Small Businesses: Corberry Digital Marketing.”

Corberry Digital Marketing is a marketing agency that offers SMS services for small businesses. They work with local gyms, law firms, boutique stores and more to offer them with localized SMS services. They help small businesses craft and deploy SMS campaigns to generate more leads and sales.


  • SMS campaigns: Boasting a read rate higher than 8x the average of email marketing, Corberry offers personalized and robust SMS campaigns for small businesses. This includes help with designing the campaign, setting up automation and deploying the messages.
  • Wifi marketing platform: Corberry also offers their Wifi marketing platform that allows you to track customer visits, build customer profiles and measure the direct in-store impact of your SMS campaigns.
  • TargetEveryone: Corberry has a TargetEveryone feature and this enables your business to create engaging campaigns that grab customers' attention and drive them into your store. This allows you to create personalized and engaging campaigns similar to big brands. 

Best for Fundraising Campaigns 

A photo of downtown Los Angeles. Overlaid and centered header text reads, “Best for Fundraising: Tatango.”

SMS marketing is one of the most often used types of marketing for fundraising campaigns. Whether someone is running for the local school board or the senator of their state, SMS marketing allows campaigns to send out mass text messages to their supporters. Tatango is the best SMS marketing agency for this and they offer the following services:


  • Donation management: Donations are crucial to raising funds for any type of campaign. Tatango's donation management system makes it easy to track donations, send thank you messages and keep supporters updated on how their money is being used. 
  • Supporter engagement: Tatango helps campaigns keep their supporters engaged with updates, poll questions and more. This allows campaigns to keep their supporters updated on the latest news and get their feedback on important issues.
  • Mass text messaging: Tatango's mass text messaging system allows campaigns to send out thousands of texts at once. This is great for getting voters to show out, volunteer and more. Additionally, you can track specific analytics within the Tatango platform and it will help you optimize your messaging to improve your key metrics. 

These five agencies are some of the best SMS marketing providers in the U.S. If you're looking for an ecommerce SMS marketing agency, click here to get a free consultation on how you can use SMS to scale your ecommerce brand's revenue.