The 5 Best Email Marketing Blogs to Boost Your Business

Melanie Balke
February 5, 2024

It’s no secret that email marketing software has come a long way. Similarly, email marketing efforts are expanding. Billions of people use emails daily, and failing to capitalize on that massive potential audience is downright silly!

Naturally, the industry boom has led to countless email marketing blogs. These sites tout their expertise and leverage their experience against yours. They may claim to contain “unknown” email marketing tips or include useful ideas for responsive email templates. However, like most things in business, not every email marketing blog is created equal. Some are more valuable than others. More importantly, some are more trustworthy than others!

So, today, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite email marketing blogs. These blogs have been chosen for their informational integrity and educational value. They’re my go-to sites for industry news.

Why You Should Trust This List of Email Marketing Blogs

That still leaves one question.

Why should you trust this blog?

As the head of The Email Marketers, I have an endless wealth of experience in the industry. I know the ins and outs of this complex marketing channel and have written hundreds of posts on the topic.

You can see it for yourself! My first post covered the complexities of email marketing trends for Gen Z consumers. My latest post tackled the basics of crafting a successful email marketing campaign for chiropractic clinics. And there’s plenty more in between these topics.

Just browse the rest of my blog to learn more!

And when you’re done, be sure to keep scrolling to find the best resources to learn the tricks of the trade!

1. MarTech

A cluttered office at an email marketing agency. “1. MarTech: For All Your Marketing Needs.”

I’ll start with an educational industry leader.

MarTech is more than email marketing. It’s an industry news aggregate. Its experienced staff delivers up-to-date information on email marketing and every other marketing development. More importantly, the MarTech blog focuses on delivering the information you need to craft a multi-pronged digital marketing strategy.

The Perks of MarTech’s Email Marketing Blog

In addition to its diverse topical range, MarTech’s blog focuses on high-quality content. Its articles are well-researched, readable, and accessible to all audiences. Moreover, MarTech produces additional resources to encourage your digital marketing growth, including industry reports, regular newsletters, webinars, and white pages.

However, as this blog post is all about email marketing, I’ll call attention to the industry expertise of its writers. Unlike other blogs, MarTech is staffed by well-known marketers. Its staff understands the ins and outs of email marketing tools, so you know you’ll get trustworthy information.

Selected Blog Posts

As the MarTech blog covers topics beyond email marketing, it can be a somewhat overwhelming resource. You may need to dig a bit to find content that’s specifically about email marketing. Nonetheless, it’s a great resource for learning about marketing trends and practices.

For the sake of simplicity, I’ve also cherry-picked three of my favorite MarTech blog posts! I’ll list each entry by its topic and include a short blurb to further explain its purpose. So, don’t be scared! Take a look at these samples from one of my favorite email marketing blogs on the planet:

2. HubSpot

Statistics for email marketing campaigns. “3. HubSpot: A Marketing Encyclopedia.”

It’s more than an email marketing platform. HubSpot is also one of the best email marketing blogs on the web!

Like MarTech, HubSpot is staffed by experienced writers with industry experience. The platform’s built-in blog focuses on all forms of digital marketing and strives to deliver a holistic understanding of modern practices.

It’s also a familiar face on lists of the top email marketing blogs!

The Perks of the HubSpot Blog

Obviously, HubSpot promotes its services. Readers enjoy email marketing tips alongside other digital marketing topics. Don’t be surprised to find sales automation tips and helpful resources for your content marketing on the HubSpot blog.

HubSpot also sponsors regular industry reports, studies, and white pages.

Selected Blog Posts

Again, I’ll save you the trouble of searching this massive database. While many posts focus on industry trends and news, you’ll also find helpful tips and email marketing information amid the clutter, including:

  • Email Marketing Basics: Ever wondered what a software development brand thinks of email marketing? This post covers your email marketing best practices.
  • Examples of Email Marketing Campaigns: The title says it all! This post includes 30 handy examples of successful email marketing campaigns.
  • Tips, Tricks, and Data: This blog post is a massive compilation of email marketing tips and HubSpot-backed research.

3. Constant Contact

My next unbeatable email marketing blog belongs to an email marketing platform. (No surprise there, right?) Constant Contact is always working on something new. Its email marketing blog is packed with informational content and ideas to amplify your marketing strategy. More importantly, it’s an accessible resource that’s available to anyone.

Why You Need the Constant Contact Blog Bookmarked

Constant Contact has hands-on experience with email service providers and marketing automation. Its staff understands its namesake platform and optimizes articles to boost consumers’ email marketing game. Thus, readers gain an in-depth understanding of the platform as they learn the basics.

Of course, there’s also stuff for experienced content marketing pros. Constant Contact sponsors annual reports, studies, and white pages.

Service subscribers gain access to even more resources, including eBooks, online courses, webinars, and white pages.

Selected Blog Posts

Unlike our last two entries, Constant Contact (mostly) focuses on email marketing. Its primary audience is, after all, its subscribers. Thus, it must outperform other email marketing platforms!

Think of the Constant Contact blog as an email marketing consultant in your pocket. It covers a bit of everything — from email deliverability and templatization to email automation and omnichannel marketing.

Here are my top three picks to get you started with this great resource:

  • Designing Email Footers: How can marketing teams make better email templates? This blog post covers the ins and outs of email footers. It’s also backed by A/B testing data from Constant Contact users!
  • Email List Segmentation: Learn about the complexities of segmentation from an email service provider.
  • Winback Emails: Achieve campaign success by focusing on that tricky “lapsed customer” segment.

4. Klaviyo

A porch. “4. Klaviyo: A Rich Educational Resource.”

As an official Klaviyo partner, it would be silly for me to forget this email marketing blog! Like Constant Contact, Klaviyo focuses on email marketing over other channels. Its blog primarily dabbles in email marketing strategies and amplifies the impact of its namesake email marketing services.

While many of its posts highlight e-commerce brands, you’ll also find success stories from other industries. Don’t be discouraged by its breadth, either! This massive resource is the perfect on-the-go guidebook for modern digital marketers.

The Perks of Klaviyo’s Email Marketing Blog

Many of Klaviyo’s additional features are open to its service subscribers and include everything from webinars to white pages. Users will find detailed guides on setting up marketing automation and integrating the platform with their existing e-commerce framework. The marketing platform even includes tailored lessons for small businesses!

However, its true draw is its adaptability and accessibility. It’s a near-complete email marketing training guide, and it’s available for free!

Selected Blog Posts

You’re getting used to the formula, right?

It’s time to show off three reasons why Klaviyo is one of my top email marketing blogs. These posts highlight the brand’s dedication to reliable news and information. They’re valuable sources of information and guides for your email marketing tools. So, go ahead and click on one!

  • Email Bounce Rates: Learn how to avoid the spam folder and ensure your email campaigns reach their target.
  • Funnel Marketing: No marketing blog is complete without a guide to funnel marketing! This post highlights how to use your email marketing tool to grease your sales funnel.
  • Newsletter Guide: What’s better than 10 examples of email newsletters? 10 examples of profit-driven email newsletters!

Notably, Klaviyo’s blog also comes with service-specific information about developing your email marketing campaigns. You’ll find posts about every aspect of your email marketing journey — from email personalization and General Data Protection Regulation compliance to SMS marketing and spam filters. You’ll also learn about its rich campaign monitor and how to tie its many tools into your omnichannel marketing strategy.

5. The Email Marketers

Overlapping leaves. “5. The Best Blog: The Email Marketers.”

Finally, my favorite blog is — of course! — The Email Marketers. This well-researched site is the de facto gold standard of email marketing blogs. It focuses entirely on your email marketing efforts and makes no attempt to sell you a specific email marketing software. Instead, you get the best email marketing tips from me, an industry pro!

Why The Email Marketers Have the Best Email Marketing Blog

Not to sound full of myself, but I can guarantee you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better marketing blog. My blog tackles every part of your email marketing journey.

You begin by finding the perfect email service provider to manage your campaigns. From there, you venture onward into the wild world of segmentation and personalized emails. You’ll learn the ins and outs of successful email marketing strategies and how to apply that knowledge to your email marketing campaigns.

And, like every other resource on this list, it’s not just talk! My posts are backed by email marketing statistics and years of success.

Selected Blog Posts

It’s hard to narrow this blog down to three posts. All that information is essential for new email marketers. Each post is a building block to success. However, I’ve ultimately found three amazing posts that cover previously uncovered topics!

  • Email Blacklists: Avoid email deliverability problems by adhering to email marketing best practices. This is a must-read for anyone developing a new marketing strategy! You’ll also learn about common sources of spam complaints in email campaigns.
  • Email Marketing Laws: Learn about being CAN-SPAM compliant and how your content impacts your email marketing.
  • List Hygiene: Keep your subscriber list clean by practicing basic hygiene.

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